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Quimby's Bookstore


Did you know that July is International Zine Month (IZM)? It’s true. How are we celebrating it? Well, for one, we sell zines. Hello! But! Then! Also! July 17th we’ll celebrate the release of a TOUCH & GO Hardcore Punk Zine anthology, details below. And of course, we wish the folks in MN a happy Twin Cities Zine Fest 2010.

Yes, we will be open on Sunday, the 4th of July,
with abbreviated hours, noon to 5pm.

Introducing Quimby’s t-shirts!

Neil, Mini-Comix Sommalier

All the time people ask us if we sell Quimby’s t-shirts and are sad when we tell them we don’t. Well guess what? We decided the time has come for us to cave in to the public’s demands. And we’re glad we did, because these shirts are super cool. We have them in all manner of sizes! It features our logo, designed by Chris Ware, printed on black pre-shrunken cotton. It’s sweet, simple and to the point: QUIMBY’S! Available in the following sizes: Ladie’s: X Large, Large, Medium, Small – Men’s: XX Large, X Large, Large, Medium, Small – Youth: Size 2, 3, 4, 5/6. $14.99 each. Come on in and geddit! Or order one here. And while yer at it, get a Quimby’s totebag. We have those too! They’re $12.99. You may as well get a tattoo with our logo too, just to help us increase our brandocitinessesqueness. Yeah.

July Events at Quimby’s

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Eugene Nelson Jr. Reads From Covert Operations Alpha
Thursday, July 1st, 7pm

When asked about his influences, Eugene Nelson Jr. points to three enduring sources: growing up on the Southside of Chicago in the 1970s and 80s, playing Role Playing Games with people all over Chicago, and loving my family everyday. Not a likely combination for a writer, but one that has brought forth Covert Operations: Alpha (AuthorHouse Publishing), a debut book that is filled with action, love, friendship, death, mystery, humor, magic, betrayal, technology and vengeance. All set here in the back drop of Chicago. Fast paced and intriguing, Covert Operations: Alpha’s science fiction marks the difficulties of everyday life in a world that has evolved into a powerful society filled with powerful beings. This book will wake up every brain cell you have in an effort to understand each character and their actions. Just when you think you understand something, everything will change and so will your understanding. This is the thinking man’s book and you will enjoy every moment of it. So check your equipment at the door and get ready for the time of your life as you are introduced to the world of Covert.

Bad attitudes meet sophisticated intelligence, and underground crime meets big business in this involving debut book. Eugene Nelson Jr.’s complicated characters and rude cut offs in Covert Operations: Alpha evoke a self-absorbed population. Eugene Nelson Jr., who still lives in Chicago, works from home now and spends most of his time creating new and exciting tales from his role playing game by the same name of Covert Operations.

For more info: http://covertoperationsalpha.com/

Poetry From Nicole Wilson,Kate Dougherty and Patrick Culliton
Tuesday, July 6th, 7pm

Nicole Wilson is the Assistant Programs Director of Poetry and Literature at Columbia College Chicago. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Coconut, Fifth Wednesday, RealPoetik, pacificREVIEW, Rabbit Light Movies, and Another Chicago Magazine, among others.

Kate Dougherty’s e-chapbook, We Trundle We Ignite, is forthcoming from Scantily Clad Press. More poems are published or forthcoming in The Carolina Quarterly, Cannibal, SIR! Magazine, Used Cat, and Action Yes. Kate holds an M.F.A. from Columbia where she served as editorial assistant on Court Green.

Patrick Culliton’s chapbook Hornet Homily is available from Octopus Books. Recent work has appeared, or will soon, in Another Chicago Magazine, Beeswax, Conduit, Eleven Eleven and elsewhere. He teaches at UIC and Loyola.

For more info: http://www.octopusbooks.net/

Mike Faloon, James Jay and Jonathan Messinger
Saturday, July 10th, 7pm

Mike Faloon, editor of the world-famous Go Metric! zine, celebrates the launch of his new book of stories, The Hanging Gardens of Split Rock: Stories, out now on Gorsky Press. Faloon is on tour with fellow Gorsky-ite James Jay (The Undercards), and will be joined by Chicago guy Jonathan Messinger (Hiding Out).

According to conventional wisdom some goals are best not pursued. The characters in The Hanging Gardens of Split Rock have yet to learn this. Pocket Hercules taps into the power of the ancient wonders to mend a broken heart, with some heavy metal to help. Little League coach Gary Shouldice probably goes too far in motivating his son. Leon Rayner serenades a girl he barely knows with his week-old punk band. From small town watering holes to veterinary clinics to jam band festivals the people portrayed in The Hanging Gardens of Split Rock are undeterred in the pursuit of their dreams. And maybe they should be. Deterred, that is.

The Performers:

Mike Faloon has paid the bills as a DJ, dishwasher, drummer, and school teacher. He is the publisher of two zines (Go Metric, Zisk) and a contributing writer to magazines such as Chunklet, Razorcake, and Roctober. His work has also appeared in The Zine Yearbook (Soft Skull) and The Overrated Book (Last Gasp). He lives in Brewster, New York with his family.

Poet and essayist James Jay lives in Flagstaff, Arizona where he has worked as a bartender, fire fighter, dish washer, janitor, furniture mover, and the like. He has taught poetry in high schools, jails, and universities. Currently, he is the Executive Director for the Northern Arizona Book Festival and the Managing Editor for Two Dogs Press.

Jonathan Messinger is the co-founder of Featherproof books, co-host of the Dollar Store reading series, Books Editor for Time Out Chicago and author of the short-story collection Hiding Out. He’s currently at work on Hiding Out 2: Hiding In, and Hiding Out 3: Don’t Stop Hiding.

For more info:
Mike Faloon: http://www.gometric.typepad.com/
James Jay: http://jamesjay.org
Jonathan Messinger: http://featherproof.com

Off-Site Event! Quimby’s Co-Sponsors Dating for Nerds Singles Trivia Night at the Holiday Club
Tuesday, July 13th, 7pm, Not at Quimby’s! At Holiday Club, 4000 North Sheridan, 773-348-9600, www.holidayclubchicago.com

Think the brain really is the sexiest organ? Find out with other unattached smarties during a singles trivia night featuring a video quiz by local filmmaker and critic Collin Souter (“Breakup Date” and “Meet the Monkeys”), an audio quiz by staff from Record Breakers music store and guest rounds by staff from Quimby’s Bookstore, American Science and Surplus, G-Mart Comics and Abraham Lincoln Book Shop.

How it works: Singles mingle over moderate-level trivia questions in a variety of general interest categories, including books, music and movies, with a different round dedicated to each subject. Each round, the winners score prizes and all attendees get the chance to win a themed giveaway inspired by the topic. Singles meet by rotating tables and forming new teams every round. Includes a cocktail.

Price: $20 advance/$25 door
Registration: nerdsatheart.com or 312-265-6085
For more info: http://nerdsatheart.com

Tesco Vee and Steve Miller from TOUCH & GO: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine ’79-’83
Saturday, July 17th, 7pm

Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson launched Touch and Go fanzine in Lansing, MI, in 1979, and set out to chronicle, lambaste, ridicule, and heap praise on the new punk happenings. In laughably minuscule press runs by today’s standards, T & G was made by guys within the Midwest scene strictly for the edification of scenesters and pals in other cities like DC, Philly, Boston, LA, SF, and Chicago. Inspired by Slash and Search and Destroy and writers like Claude Bessy and Chris Desjardines, TV and DS pumped out twenty-two naughty, irreverent issues, spawned a legendary independent record label of the same name, and brought fame and fortune to the best bands in the land, including:  Black Flag, Minor Threat, the Misfits, Negative Approach, the Fix, the Avengers, the Necros, Discharge, Die Kreuzen, Poison Idea—any punks worth their weight in glorious black and white. Performers include Tesco Vee, singer of legendary punk band the Meatmen and co- creator of T & G magazine and Steve Miller, singer for T & G band the Fix who currently thrives as a true-crime author and investigative journalist.

“I was inspired by how fearless and together Touch and Go were. They were really wild and extremely funny.”—Henry Rollins

“It was really one of the first times anyone outside of Washington really paid us any mind. The fact that Touch and Go took an interest in us really blew us away.”—Ian MacKaye

“Anyone who’s ever published a true DIY fanzine owes at least a small debt to Touch and Go.”—Decibel

For more info: http://www.touchandgobook.com

After the event at Quimby’s, make your way over to see a show of Tesco Vee’s Hate Police with Fester and White Flag at the Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace,773-478-4408, www.abbeypub.com.

Off-Site Event! Quimby’s Co-Sponsors Clockwork Vaudeville
Saturday, July 17th, 10pm at Exit Club, 1513 W. North Ave, 773-395-2700

Clockwork Vaudeville is Chicago’s Premiere Steampunk Dance party, featuring among other things, a magician, dancers, the DJ group The Chaotic Good and even a hypnotist!  Also, fashion and invention contests, with prizes! And Quimby’s will be there with swag! For more info: steampunkchicago.com/

Dear Dear Wolf Bear Shark and Little Brother
Friday, July 23rd, 7pm

One and a half years ago, in an attempt to overcome his nigh crippling shyness and to get out of the basement, Brayton J. Cameron began the zine Dear Deer Wolf Bear Shark (Long Reach Publishing) so he wouldn’t just sit in the corner of venues silently weeping in the dark while on tour with local rock band Geronimo!  This kind of worked.    Issue 5 is Brayton’s celebrated final issue.  Some said it was funny, others said it was stupid, he just said the same as issue one, it was the “World’s best content.  World’s worst zine.”

Shaylah Kloska and Lauren Hunter teamed up early this year to create Little Brother, a zine about, well anything, their first issue contained stories, poems, comics, and drawing ranging in topics from actual brothers, to strangers, to an octopus with a typewriter.    Throughout this year Shaylah and Lauren have worked across the ocean, but this event brings the two of them together once again to officially release their 2nd delightful issue and, of course, read a bit from it.

For more info: http://www.ddwbs.com & http://heylittlebrother.tumblr.com

Work In Progress
Wednesday, July 28th, 7pm

The rumors are true, our monthly social get together, Work In Progress is tons of fun! It happens that last Wednesday of the month, and involves free snacks, and working on projects in a social atmosphere.
You can either present something your working on, and get feedback, or just hang out and work on your project and not feel so all alone for one night.

New Stuff!
For weekly updates about new stuff at Quimby’s, see


This Preferable Hell #1 $8.00
Dodgem Logic #2 Feb Mar 10 $4.25 – As in a zine. From Alan Moore. For reals.
Welcome to Flavor Country #19 by Kurt Morris $2.00 – With stories by Amy Adoyzie.
We Are Hardly Alone #1 Moon 3476 by Adrian Rew $1.00
Humble Humdrum Cotton Frock #2 A Twilight Teeter Into Oganic Esoterics by var. $3.00
Zine Columbia Win 09: Rusty Clutch Boom Boom and Inky Ruin $10.00 – Made in class at Columbia, here in Chicago
Serial Killers Unite #1 by S K U $2.00 – Serial Killers Unite is a super interesting zine that starts to live up to its sensational name. This debut issue hinges on real letter excerpts from correspondence with serial killer Harrison Graham, who left his 6 victims’ corpses rotting in his living room. The author also puts out there that there’s tons more serial killer letters where that came from, just in case you’re interested. Reading through a few pages of sick fuck writing like this makes me glad some other weirdo is keeping these archives so I don’t have to. -EF
NUMBx #1 (Bukowski Ironhide Poe and More) $2.00
Parts for Making a Fence a Booklet for Creating the Illusion of a Backyard Anywhere There’s a Wall by Gary Kachadourian $3.00 – This is the guy who does amazing black and white patterns of grass, plants and the like. Now he’s got all these other wonderful patterns! Decorate in style.
Brief Survey of Video Game Landscapes by Gary Kachadourian $1.50
Drawings From a Heroic Fantasy World by Gary Kachadourian $1.50
Motors Revised 05/28/10 192 illustrations by Gary Kachadourian $2.50
Welcome to Bend Basic No Frills Edition Population 80995 by Laura Walker $1.50
MAP (Manual of Architechtural Possibilities) #2: Quarantine $6.50
Carousel of Progress by Max G. Morton $8.34 – From the author of such titles as 23, Indestructible Wolves of the Apocalypse, Looking For Magic and more! Also, see his new titles Knights In Satans Service, also a strangely-priced $8.34. And also by Max Morton!: Knights In Satans Service – Engrossing tales of wanting to rock n roll all night and party every day.
Portage vol 1 #1 Jun 10 by var. $5.00
Scheming As Always – Hungry as Always $2.00
Watch the Closing Doors #51 by Fred Argoff $2.50
Shannon Keller Fold Out Drippy Bone Books $3.00
Coloring Book for the Deranged Mind Government Issued 2nd Edition by Kennan Marshall Keller $6.00
Sonic Bonk #2 Grey Cover by var. $4.00
Rescreened by var. $4.00
Whore Eyes #3 by var. $10.00
Secret Beach #2 Gay Issue by Liam Warfield $3.00
Somethings that Dont Ever Help by DGW $1.00
Duplex Planet zine #187 $2.00
Black And White #1 Independent Thought for Your Entertainment by Jim Simmons and Dennis Hurt $3.00
No More Bummers #5 by var. $3.00
Dirty Hands #1 by David Alvarado $5.00
Muse the News the Noose #7/Endless Escalators Megabus Split by John Wawrzaszek and Monica Anderson $1.00 – What do you mean I can get a Megabus bus ticket from Chicago to Detroit for two dollars on the internet? Is there some kinda catch – like enduring 10 hours of sleepless septic hell bus leaky bathroom fast food breakdown with 50 other drunks, thieves and collicky babies? Ah well, at least people aren’t being beheaded, like if I was riding Greyhound or something. -EF

musenewsnoose7Genderfuck is My Boyfriend Polyamory Is My Girlfriend $1.00
Coelacanth Journal #4 $4.00
Transmission A Zine Exploring Some of the Ways in Which We Communicate by Christine M. Rose $1.25
Dissemination by Christine M. Rose $5.00
Maximumrocknroll #326 Jul 10 $4.00
McGriddle Defense: Select Short Works About the Breakfast Sandwich by var. $3.00 – Not since the Baja Chalupa have I felt like a fast food menu item so deserved 40 pages of art, comics, short prose and (yes) poetry devoted to capturing its essence. This zine is so McGriddlin’ you can practically smell the McMapleSausage steam rising off the charming cross-stitched cover art. -EF

Comics/Comix/Mini Comics
Galactic Breakdown #1 AKA Space Battleground 666 by KMK $8.00
Library by Jessica Penfold $7.00
Snowday by Jessica Penfold $10.00
Bottlenecks by Jesse Harold $6.00
Jumbly Junkery #9 by L. Nichols $5.00
Jerks in Space Manifesto by John Karnes $3.00
You Don’t Get There From Here #14 by Carrie McNinch $2.00 – An all-around life affirming issue of this nice diary series. Lots of intense dental work is offset by a jaunt to Oaxaca and plenty of coffee, coyote sightings and hangouts.
Papercutter #13 w/ Mat Wiegle, Tim Root, Jonas Madden Connor, Greg Means, Nate Beaty (Tugboat Press) $4.00
Nice to Meet You Love You by I Endsley $1.00
I Dont Understand Farming #1 by I Endsley $1.00
Drawn to You A Conversation Comic by Lucy Knisley and Erika Moen $15.00
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #11 by PKD & Jonathan Lethem (Boom) $3.99
Taffy Hips #7 by var. $3.00
Peter the Insect Boy Special Collectors Edition Chapters 1 2 and 3 by Leslie Bloomfield $8.00
Peter the Insect Boy #4 Home by Adele Moss $2.75
Rotten by Oto Splotch $5.00
Quarter Vomit #1 by Otto Splotch $5.00
Long Distant Grunts by Josh Doster $6.00
Shaman Man #1 Dairy Aisle by Brett Muller $2.00
Shaman Man #2 Dewey Decimal System by Brett Muller $2.00
Bottle of Rum by Melanie Carson $3.00
Persimmon The Loneliest Little Unicorn by Melanie Carson $2.00
Phi I Dont Actually Own a Persian Rug GG Allen $4.00
Life As Art by Matt Bloomstrand $1.00
Herman The Manatee vol 3 Goes to Jail by Jason Viola $3.00
Tales Designed to Thrizzle #6 by Michael Kupperman (Fantagrphics) $4.95 – For schizzle.
Wowee Zonk #2 by var. $3.00
Black Mass #’s 1-3 by Kyle Patrick (prices of each range from $3.00 to $4.00). But check out this!:
Black Mass #1 by Kyle Patrick – B.ad M.oon R.ising! This comic is brilliant- modern magician Turdswallo Blackteeft and reformedcrust Dingball truck through fuct fortunetellin’, redlobster loveloss, punkguru timetravel and a hellbus to Memphis in a parallel universogram of Transylvanian fishylips. Highly recommended. -EF
Video Tonfa Feedback #7 Split $2.00
Killing Time Before the Party Comics About Playing in a Band by People Who Play ed. by Justin Melkmann (Melkmann Comics) $3.00 – Exactly what you want it to be. With contributions from lots of artists.
Attack of the Zombie Soy Bot #7 and #8 $1.00 and $2.00 respectively.
No More Fall by Lisa Cline $3.00
Chronicles of Edgebright & Leofwyn #1 the Gift by Jim Terry $3.00 Pizza Time by Joe Vermilyea $5.00
Sundogs #9 Sum 09 & Sundogs #10 by Adam Pasion $3.00 each – Can’t get enough Snakepit? Leave Ben alone and peep on someone else’s life for a change! Adam Pasion’s Sundogs diary comic comes direct to us from his life teaching and drawing in Japan and has that charming day-by-day feel y’ know and love. -EF

Werewolf #1 and Werewolf #2 by Josh Rosen and Penina Gal $5.00 Hairy-ass werewolf comics anthology. Swardlick’s piece is especially good, including this one highly poetic panel wherein the vegan werewolf protagonist declares “Aaah. I have Vomited all my human teeth!!” Werewolf #2 continues some of the full-moon fever from Werewolf #1 and also adds an onslaught of new folks – Denis St John, Laura Terry, Matt Aucoin, Mark Bilokur, Nick Patten, Betsey Swardlick, Joshua Rosen, Stephen Bissette and David Yoder -Comin’ at you like a silver bullet. -EF


Chutzpah by Nomi Kane $5.00 – This issue is a homespun origin story of the heroine’s humble beginnings and empowering superpowerment. Do yourself a mitzvah, check it out.chutzpah

Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks

Werewolves of Montpellier by Jason (Fantagraphics) $12.99
Transition TPB: Phase 7 #10 and #11
by Alec Longstreth $11.00 – Heartfelt comics about discovering comics, obsessing over comics, making comics- Very much taking a McCloud expository approach, sort of like if “Understanding Comics” was redone as “Understanding Longstreth.” This book is also the reason, detailed examination AND convoluted-but-understandable explanation as to why Mr. Longstreth’s Phase 7 series has the most convoluted issue numbering system in minicomics today. -EF

Octopus Pie There Are No Stars in Brooklyn by Meredith Gran (Villard) $17.00
Life and Times of Martha Washington In the Twenty First Century by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons (Dark Horse) $29.99
Daredevil Man Without Fear by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (Marvel) $34.99
Oddly Compelling: The Art of Denis Kitchen by Denis Kitchen (Dark Horse) $34.99 – With an introduction by Neil Gaiman
Criminal vol 5 The Sinners by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Icon) $15.99
Jam: Tales From the World of Roller Derby, Co produced with the Rose City Rollers (Oni) $19.95
FI Fuck It #1 by Ashley Wood and TP Louise (IDW) $9.99
Book of Mr Natural HC Profane Tales Of That Old Mystic Madcap by R. Crumb (Fantagraphics) $19.99
Artichoke Tales by Megan Kelso – Kelso’s coming-of-age story about a young girl named Brigitte whose family is caught between the two warring sides of a civil war, a graphic novel that takes place in a world that echoes our own, but whose people have artichoke leaves instead of hair. 13f038e557d1cbe7951e844665245678
Billy Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird by Tony Millionaire – Billy Hazelnuts is back for the first time since his acclaimed 2006 Eisner Award-winning debut.
Make Yourself Happy by Lucy Knisley $15.00
Hellboy vol 10 The Crooked Man and Others by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse) $17.99
Somewhere by Daniel Murphy $12.00
Conan Spear and Other Stories TPB by var. (Dark Horse) $14.99
Chew vol 2 TPB International Flavor by var. (Image) $12.99
Seven Soldiers of Victory vol 1 HC by Grant Morrison (DC) $39.99
Batman RIP TPB by Grant Morrison and TOny S. Daniel (DC) $14.99
Meat Cake Compilation SC by Dame Darcy (Fantagraphics) $22.99
Neil Young’s Greendale by var. (Vertigo) $19.99 – Yes, as in a hardcover graphic novel of Neil Young’s Greendale, a concept album and film the musician released in 2003. Yup.
Moving Pictures by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen (Top Shelf) $14.95
Golden Collection of Klassic Krazy Kool Kids Komics, ed. by Craig Yoe (IDW) $34.99
Doom Patrol vol 1 We Who Are About To Die by Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark (DC) $14.99
Hellboy vol 10 The Crooked Man and Others by Mike Mignola (DArk Horse) $17.99
Temperance by Cathy Malkasian (Fantagraphics) $22.99
How I Made it to Eighteen A Mostly True Story by Tracy White (Roaring Brook) $16.99
FunnyMan the First Jewish Superhero From the Creators of Superman by var. (Feral House) $24.95
Stuck Rubber Baby HC by Howard Cruse (Vertigo) $24.99 – New edition. Of the book. Um, not the band New Edition.
Freakangels vol 4 TPB by Warren Ellis (Avatar) $19.99
Made With 90 Recycled Art Basic Instructions by Scott Meyer (Dark Horse) $10.99
Criminal vol 4 Bad Night by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Icon) $14.99
Ex Machina Deluxe Edition vol 1 (Wildstrom) $29.99
Sleeper seasons 1 and 2 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Wildstorm) $24.99 each.

Fiction/Poetry Books
Generation A SC by Douglas Coupland (Scribner) $15.00 – As in, Gen X but like, in the digital now. Or whatever.
Mesopotamia SC by Arthur Nersesian (Akashic) $15.95
Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake HC by Aimee Bender (Doubleday) $25.95
Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann (Spiegel) $26.00
Her Fearful Symmetry SC by Audrey Niffenegger (Scribner) $15.00 – Now in soft cover.
Citrus County HC by John Brandon (McSweeneys) $22.00
Audition by Ryu Murakami (WW Norton) $13.95 – The inspiration for the movie of this title directed by Takashi Miike. Now translated in English and in a nice looking soft cover volume.
Demons in the Spring SC by Joe Meno (Akashic) $17.95 – Now in soft cover. Still with all the wonderful illustrations as the hard cover had.
Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link (Penguin) $9.99 – Now in soft cover.
Invisible by Paul Auster (Picador) $15.00 – Now in soft cover
Transformation of Bartholomew Fortuno by Ellen Bryson (Holt) $26.00
Zeitoun by Dave Eggers (Vintage) $15.95 – Now in soft cover.
Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead (Anchor) $15.95
Tough Skin by Sarah Eaton $16.00
Doorway Unto Darkness by Owen Keehnen $15.00
Slut Lullabies by Gina Frangello $15.00
New Fuck You Adventures in Lesbian Reading $13.95 – This amazing, badass, randy and rowdy lesbian literature anthology came out in the dirty, dirty 90’s and features amazing poems and prose by Sapphire and Laurie Weeks. Semiotext sez: “Currently in its 4th printing, this LAMBDA-award winning anthology crosses all boundaries of taste and style, to bring together stories by writers as diverse as Sapphire, Joan Larkin, Linda Yablonsky, Honor Moore, Carmelita Tropicana, Dodie Bellamy, and Laurie Weeks. The book’s thirty-nine contributors cover virtually the entire range that lesbians do: having a baby, buying heroin, watching a parent die, walking a dog. But unlike other lesbian anthologies that either exclude or fetishize sexuality, sex in The New Fuck You erupts as anarchically as it does in life, rejecting all “thematic consistency” and drawing from the new capitals of de-centered America, from DC riot grrls to Sin City, Louisiana, to white-girl flashbacks into a black reformatory in Ohio. More brawl than mall, this compilation asserts a new form of female underground culture that is as formless, interesting and as surprising as lesbian life today.”


Steampunk, Speculative and Science Fiction
Doorway Unto Darkness by Owen Keehnen $15.00
Dr Grordbort Presents Victory Scientific Adventures Violence For Young Men…by Greg Broadmore (Dark Horse) $19.95
The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling (Bantam) $7.99
Diamond Age Or a Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson $15.00
Mainspring by Jay Lake (Tor) $7.99
Steampunk ed. by Jeff and Ann Vandermeer (Tachyon) $14.95
Steampunk Style Jewelry Victorian Fantasy and Mechanical Necklaces Bracelets… by Jean Campbell (Creative P) $24.99
Souless: An Alexia Tarabotti Novel by Gail Carriger (Orbit) $7.99

DIY, How-to & Food
When There Is No Doctor: Preventive and Emergency Home Healthcare in Challenging Times by Gerard Doyle S MD (Process) $16.95
Ripe From Around Here A Vegan Guide to Local and Sustainable Eating No Matter Where You Live by Jae Steele (Arsenal Pulp) $23.95
New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook by Louise Hagler (Book Publishing Co.) $12.95
Mycelium Running How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World by Paul Stamets (Ten Speed) $35.00
To Teach: The Journey In Comics by William Ayers, illustrated by Ryan Alexander-Tanner (Teachers College Press) $15.95 – Event here with both author and artist June 19th!
When Commas Meet Kryptonite: Classroom Lessons From The Comic Book Project by Michael Bitz (Teachers College Press) $23.95
Barolo by Matthew Gavin Frank $24.95 – The author learned how to be a chef in Italy. While living in nothing but a tent. Here are his adventures.
How to Recycle Paper by Sean Hernandez $1.00 – A nice 10-step how-to zine of basic papermaking. Sean’s drawing style reminds me a bit of Lynda Barry’s here- full of grit and dustballs and perfect for illusrating messy crafts projects. recyclepaper

Art & Design Books
42 x 12 Cult of the Fixed (ProActif) $29.95
Eccentric Design (CYPI) $39.95
Vivid the Allure of Color In Design 102 Color Projects (Gingko) $39.95
20th Century Travel 100 Years of Globe Trotting Ads by var. (Taschen) $39.99
The Selves by Sonja Ahlers (D+Q) $19.95 – Collageria of of well brushed merkins and precious patchwork womanhood. -EFKathleen Hanna said this feminist scrapbook memoir was “seductive, familiar and very funny.” It tells the story of different selves in a lifetime starting from baby to lady. The ‘character’ grows up throughout the pages. The cast includes: Hollie Hobbie, Drew Barrymore, the Olsen twins, Camille Claudel, Alice Munro, Degrassi kids, Angelina Jolie, and Stevie Nicks and Judy Chicago. These selves appear by way of collage, illustration and poetry.
Trio Magnus Equally Superior, VERY Limited Edition $5.00
London Burners by Jete Swami (Prestel) $24.95 – A unique collection of London’s most dazzling high-speed train art.
Street Art New York by Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington (Prestel) $24.95 “a must-have for anyone with serious interest in street art today”- Juxtapoz.
Lord of the Logos: Desigining the Metal Underground by Christophe Gzpaidel (DGV) $55.00
Impressive Print Making: Letterpress and Graphic Design (DGV) $69.00
Urban Interventions: Personal Projects in Public Spaces (DGV) $69.00
Graphics Reloaded (Promopress) $34.95 – 200 street art-esque motifs translated into a book and onto a CD, compiled over the span of 10 years by Stargraficos, a group of young group of designers. Street signs, fonts, graffiti — all in there. Use for your own projects! Cooler than most clip art. -LM
Do The Speak by Rick Boven $20.00
When I Die Bury Me In the Clothes of My Youth by var. $15.00
The Art of McSweeneys (Chronicle) $45.00
Fatal Distraction by Sonja Ahlers (Insomniac Press) $16.95 – Pop culture-influenced collage. Like My Little Pony goes to hell.
Typeforce: The Annual Chicago Show of Emerging Typographic Allstars and Firebelly Design by the Public Media Institute $5.95 – Word, Nerd. From the annual show of this title at Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere. Getchyr font on.

Outer Limits
Down and Derby: The Insiders Guide to Roller Derby by Jennifer Kasey Bomber Barbee & Alex Axles of Evil Cohen (Soft Skull) $14.95
Convalescent by Jessica Anthony (Grove) $14.00 – Now in soft cover.
Queen of the Ring: Sex Muscles Diamonds and the Making of an American Legend by Jeff Leen (Grove) $15.95 – Amazingly, what they don’t mention anywhere in the title or the subtitle the name of the woman this book is about: Mildred Burke.
I Hate Chicago by Nick Vandermolen $8.00
Lombardo Barnyard Level Up by Nick Vandermolen and Nick Jarmo $15.00
I Just Lately Started Buying Wings: Missives From the Other Side of Silence by Kim Dana Kupperman (Graywolf) $15.00
Fire In The Hole: A Year in the Life of the World’s Sorriest Stuntwoman by Colleen Kelli $17.95
World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers Schemers Anarchists and Secret Age by Alex Butterworth (Pantheon) $30.00
Hyperthericals 50 Questions for Insane Conversations Card Set by Chuck Klosterman (Potter) $14.99 – From the cultural critic of Fargo Rock City and Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs fame.
2012: Science or Superstition DVD (Disinformation) $19.98
Cult of the Suicide Bomber: Ex-CIA Agent Robert Baer Uncovers the Mystery of This Weapon of Terror DVD (Disinformation) $19.98
Cult of the Suicide Bomber 2: Inside the Hidden World of Women and the Western Suicide Bombers DVD (Disinformation) $19.98
Search of the Great Beast: Aleister Crowley The Wickedest Man In the World DVD (Disinformation) $19.98
T 100 Under 140 by Gordon Meyer $10.95 – The time has come. Twitter as vehicle for humor.
Social Organization of The Computer Underground by Gordon Meyer $8.95
Field Guide to Identifiying Unicorns by Sound a Compact Handbook of Mythic… by Craig Conley $14.75
One Minute Mystic By Professor Oddfellow by Craig Conley $14.75
Hitlers Occult War by Michael Fitzgerald (Roberthale) $17.95
Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology Werewolves Dragons Skyfish Lizard Men… by Deena West Budd (Weiser) $14.95
Last Words of the Executed HC by Rob Elder (Univers of Chic) $22.50, forward by Studs Terkel – As seen in Time Out. Last Words Cvr

Magazines/Literary Journals
Tattoo Society #22 $7.99
Dwell Jul Aug 10 $5.99 Reason Jul 10 $3.95
Frieze #131 May 10 $10.00
Mojo #200 Jul 10 $9.99
STOP #1 Start Thinking of the Possibilities $2.00
Venus Zine #43 $4.50
Believer #72 Jun 10 $8.00
Bizarre #163 Jun 10 $10.50
Wax Poetics #41 $9.99
Shook Magazine vol 1 #8 $7.99
Hip Mama #46 $5.95
True Detective vol 2 #21 $4.49
Eye Spy #67 $6.50
Murder Most Foul #76 $9.99
In These Times Jun 10 $3.50
Camera Obscura vol 1 Sum 10 $12.00
Extra vol 23 #6 May 10 $4.95
Tattoo Life #64 $6.99
Progressive Jun 10 $3.95
Black Clock #12 $13.00
GLQ vol 16 #3 Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 2010 $12.00
Skunk vol 6#2 $5.99
UFO Magazine #153 vol 23 #12 $5.99
Rebel Pink Jul 10 $8.99
Radical History Review spr 10 $14.00
Big Takeover #66 $5.99
Hobart #11 $10.00
Adbusters #90 Jul Aug 10 vol 18 #4 $8.95
Monocle vol 4 #34 Jun 10 $10.00
Shindig vol 2 #16 May Jun 10 $9.99
Fogged Clarity #1 2010 w/ Benjamin Percy, Joe Meno, and more $15.00
Paper Sum 10 $4.00
Artforum Sum 10 $10.00
Aorta #3 Radical Art Magazine $12.00 – Formerly artxx magazine.
Nelson Quarterly Journal vol 1 #2 Apr 10 $8.00
True Crime Jun 10 Detective Monthly $8.99
BlackBook #77 Jun Jul 10 $4.50
Scootering #288 Jun 10 $8.99
Under the Influence #7 Spr Sum 10: The Thatchers Children Issue $19.50
Wallpaper Jul 10 $9.50
Shots #108 $6.50Fortean Times #263 Jul 10 $11.99
Literary Review vol 53 #3 Spr 10 $8.00
Shots #108 $6.50
Tiki Magazine vol 6 #1 Sum 10 $4.99
Pleiades vol 30 #2 $8.00
Tattoo Revue #147 $6.99
Spread Artculture #5 $6.95
Skeptic vol 15 #4 $6.95
Scoot Magazine #56 Jun 10 $5.95
Rethinking Schools vol 24 #4 Sum 10 $5.95
Laphams Quarterly vol 3 #3 Sum 10 $15.00
Juxtapoz #114 Jul 10 $5.99
Harpers Magazine Jul 10 $6.99
Fader #68 Jun Jul 10 $5.99
Cavalier vol 1 #1 Literary Couture $10.00
Canteens Win 09 10 Youth Edition $6.00
Amass #36 $4.95
Paris Review #193 $12.00
Open City #29 $10.00
Mother Jones Aug 10 $5.95
Rolling Thunder #9 Spr 10 (CrimethInc) $6.00
RFD #142 $7.75
Dazed & Confused #86 Jun 10 $9.95
Wire Jun 10 #316 $10.99
Ninth Letter vol 7 #1 $14.95
First Line vol 12 #2 $3.00
Exquisite Corpse Annual, Journal of Letters and Life #2 2010 by Andrei Codrescu $19.99
Kilter Journal of Gothic Art Chicago #8 Sum 10 $5.00
Tokion vol 3 #5 $6.99
High Times Aug 10 $5.99
Signal to Noise #58 Sum 10 $4.95
Green Teacher #88 Spr 10 $7.95
Versal #8 $15.00

Chap Books
Woods by Brian Wallace $5.00
End of the City A Book of Afterwards by Oso Arcilla $4.00
Woods by Brian Wallace $5.00
Sagittarius Agitprop by Matthew Gavin Frank $14.00
Usual Beast Poems and Lyrics by Chris Besinger $10.00
Here by David Mabi $10.00
Nouveau Bored by Marc Gaba $6.00

Current Events, Politics & Revolution
Revolution and Other Writings A Poltical Reader by Gustav Landauer (PM Press) $26.95
Drawing the Line Once Again Paul Goodmans Anarchist Writing by Paul Goodman (PM Press) $14.95
New Reformation Notes of a Neolithic Conservative by Paul Goodman (PM Press) $20.00
Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti State Forces by Raul Zibechi (Enigma) $15.95
Nazi Palestine: The Plans for the Extermination of the Jews in Palestine by var. (Engima) $22.00
Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers (Feminist Press) $8.95
Marx in Soho CD by Brian Jones and Howard Zinn (Haymarket) $16.00

Sex Guides & Culture & Art, And Then Sexy Too

In Our Control The Complete Guide to Contaceptive Choices For Women $21.95
Vivas Pinups Bullet Bras and Backseat Betties: The Photographic Art of Viva Van Story (Korero) $39.95
Spread vol 5 #3 $5.95
Pinups #12 Guillermo $14.00
OP Original Plumbing #3 Trans Male Quarterly Health and Safer Sex Issue $8.00
Cinema Sewer #23 $4.00 – Cinema Sewer is the direct heir and foremost survivor of decades of mayhem-trash-film fanzines and Robin Bougie has proven time and again that there’s still meatballs to be pulled out of the gravy. His tastes are extreme but also interestingly ecclectic, and this issue includes a rundown of his favorite noir films and a review of a Betty Dobson feminist masturbation video along with plenty of <dare-I-say> thoughtful reviews of rare smut and grindcore. -EF
Housewives At Play Mother Knows Best by Rebecca (Eros) $9.95
Cumming of Jizzus DVD Chelsea Chainsaw $18.00 – Another fine film from Cinema Sewer autour Robin Bougie.
Sleazy Slice #4 by Robin Bougie $6.00
Maximum Superexcitement #3 by Robin Bougie $4.00
Dear Mr Bougie #2 by Robin Bougie $4.00
Cinema Sewer #23 by Robin Bougie $4.00
Sex is Fun Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex by Kidder Kaper (Avery) $20.00
Nightlife by var. (Bruno Gmun) $33.99

Creepy Christian Cinema DVD 16mm films from the AV Geeks Archive $15.00
School A Delic DVD 16mm films from the AV Geeks Archive $15.00
Mouse Forgets DVD 16mm films from the AV Geeks Archive $15.00
Modern Housewife DVD 16mm films from the AV Geeks Archive $15.00
C is For Comunist Atomic Age Classics DVD vol 5 $15.00
Abombs Fallout and Nuclear War Atomic Age Classics: Archival Collection Public Ed DVD $15.00
Lady Q The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen SC by var. (Chicago Review) $16.95
Cover Story vol 2 Obscure and Outrageous Album Art, curated by Wax Poetics (PowerHouse) $24.95
RIP: A Remix Manifesto (Disinformation) DVD by Brett Gaylor $19.98 – About mashup music culture
Gadabout Traveling Film Festival DVD Five Years of Driving Around and Breaking DVD $10.00
Shelter Offset Print by Jennie Smith (Little Otsu) $10.00
First Gear DVD An Introduction To Bike Safety by The Bicycle Transportation Alliance $25.00
I Love Public Transportation Button $1.50
Mr Bacons Big Adventure Board Game: Mad Dash Through Meatland $19.95
Dr Sneezerights Contagion Suppressors Tissue Box $3.00
Cthulhu Water Bottle $12.00 – Evil Elixir Drink Cannot Described Cthulu
Absinthe Lip Balm $3.00
Itty Bitty Rubber Chickens $.50
I Was Looking for a Street by Charles Willeford (Picturebox) $15.95 – Memoir of the writer most known for his Miami-based crime novels featuring hardboiled detective Hoke Moseley, including Miami Blues and Sideswipe.
Coma by Pierre Guyotat [Semiotext(e)] $17.95 – The famous French writer of Eden Eden Eden fame writes about his coma.
Renegade Sportsman Drunken Runners Bike Polo Superstars Rollerderby Rebels by Zach Dundas (Riverhead) $15.00
Satiristas Comedians Contrarians Raconteurs and Vulgarians by var. (Harper) $29.99
Pink Noises Women on Electronic Music and Sound by Tara Rodgers (Duke) $23.95
Rockabillies by var. (Center) $50.00 – Fancy photo book of the rockabilly subculture.

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