Daily Archive for November 6th, 2010

New Stuff This Week

We skipped a week of posting new stuff since our monthly e-mail went out last Saturday. Perhaps you didn’t receive it? If so, you can right to quimbys.com and put yourself on the list.

Aaron Hughes by Temporary Services $3.00
Lowbrow Reader #8 $3.00
KerBloom #86 Sep Oct 10 by Artnoose $2.00
Book of Cut and Fold Objects by Gary Kacahdourian $4.00
East Village Inky #45 by Ayun Halliday $3.00
Assortment of Poems and Drawings #1 by Paulina Pajak $1.00
Broken Pencil #49 $5.95
Bend Over Magazine #4 $10.00
Soapzine #3 $10.00
Things That Make Panic Attack Etc.by Samantha Duncan $3.00
I Had a Great Ride #1 $.50
Internet by K Abigail Walthausen $5.00
On The Shoulders of The Bear by Therra Webb $3.00
So Me and You Are Reading This Zine #2 and You’re All Like Whoa This Is Great by Justin Michael Valmassoi $3.00
Community in Transition 40 Years of Struggle by The Transgender Oral History Project $3.00
Roctober #48 $4.00
Its Curtains #5 $2.00
Songs of Peace and Food by Michelle Yacht $5.00
Seripop New Mutantes – Floating World Comics $5.00
Brilliant Mistake #2 by Carrie $1.00
Samantha Dorsett Tribute Zine $6.50
Scam #7 The Return of Miami Spr 10 $3.25
Guide to Picking Locks #2 by CrimethInc $4.50
Book Bindery Microcosm Edition by Sarah Royal (Microcosm) $5.00

Gaylord Phoenix #5 by Edie Fake $4.00 – New issue from our famed Edie Fake! Who will be celebrating the release of his Gaylord Poenix book Dec 9th!
Trubble Club vol 4 $3.00 – New issue from Chicago’s mini-comics allstars!
Gaijin Vampire – 48 Days In Tokyo by Asif Gill $3.00
Night Business #1 by Benjamin Marra (Sparkplug) $3.00
Look Out Monsters #1 Geoff Grogan $10.00
Shaky Kanes A Men by Shaky Kane (Wishbone) $5.00
Berlin #17 by Jason LUtes (D+Q) $4.95
Summer 2009 Copenhagen – Direktor P Rasmussen Cirkus Variete by Michael Williams (Picturebox) $3.00
Karate Gods by James Kirkpatrick (Sparkplug) $3.00
How Dry I Am by Amy Suha Kuttab (Sparkplug) $3.00
Rambo 3.5 by Jim Rugg (Sparkplug) $2.00
Wouldbe Bridegrooms by Shawn Cheng
How Life Became Unbearable by Julia Gfrorer (Sparkplug) $6.00
Ramble On #1 by Calvin Wong (Sparkplug) $3.00
Piece Meal #2 by Nate Beaty $4.00
Choose Your Own Adventure Zombie Apocalypse Edition #1 by Rachel Swanson $2.00
Legend of Avenger R #1 $4.00

Acme Novelty Library #20 by Chris Ware (D+Q) $23.95
If N Oof BY Brian Chippendale (Picturebox) $29.95
H Day by Renee French (Picturebox) $30.00
Toys in the Basement by Stephane Blanquet (Fantagraphics) $14.99
Bent by Dave Cooper (Skyhorse) $22.99
Sweeter Side of R Crumb by Robert Crumb (Norton) $17.95 – Soft cover edition now with a new introduction by guess who? R. Crumb.
Mome vol 20 Fall 10 (Fantagraphics) $14.99
My New New York Diary a Film Book by Julie Doucet with Michel Gondry (Picturebox) $24.95
Che Guevara: A Manga Biography by var. (Penguin) $15.00
Gary Book 1 by Tyrell Cannon $7.00
Selfish Pigs: Adorably Awful Little Swine by Andy Riley (Three Rivers) $10.00
Denis Wortmans New York Portrait of the City In the 1930s and 1940s by James Sturm and Brandon Elston (D+Q) $29.95
Boys vol 7 the Innocents by Garth Ennis (Dynamite) $19.99
Inkstuds vol 1 Interviews with Cartoonists by Robin McConnell (Conundrum) $20.00
How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less by Sarah Glidden (Vertigo) $24.99
Lone Pine by Jed McGowan (Adhouse) $15.00
Rise and Reason of Comics and Graphic Literature Critical Essays on the Form by var. (McFarland) $35.00


Celebrate Peoples History: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution by Josh MacPhee (Feminist) $24.95 – Don’t miss Josh MacPhee here at Quimby’s on Thurs, Nov 11th! And also, if you’re into that, check out:
Signal 01: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture by Alex Icky Dunn by Josh MacPhee (PM Press) $14.95
Self Reliance Library by Temporary Services $4.00
Don’t Know If You Can Get There From Here $20.00
Mushroom Collector by Jason Fulford (Soon) $65.00
Green Patriot Posters Images For a New Activism by var. (Metrop) $30.00
Festus by Jason Logan (JandL) $30.00
Why Are You Surprised Im Still Here by Billy Kaufman (Loudmouth Publishing) $29.95 – Photos of homeless people with their hand made cardboard signs.
Cadence and Slang by Nick Disabato $40.00
Asian Graphics Now by Wiedemann (Taschen) $39.99
I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me: Emblems From the Pentagons Black World by Trevor Paglen (Melville) $16.95 – Now in soft cover.


White Hand Society the Psychedelic Partnership of Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg (Citylights) $16.95
Aunt Sandys Medical Marijuana Coolbook Comfort Food For Body and Mind: Official Course Book Oaksterdam University by Sandy Moriarty (Quick) $18.95
Vegan Cookie Connoisseur: Over 140 Simply Delectable Recipes to Treat the Eyes by Kelly Peloza (Skyhorse) $17.95
Baked 35 Marijuana Munchies to Make and Bake by var. (Ten Speed) $12.99
The Black Apple’s Paper Doll Primer: Activities and Amusements for the Curious Paper Artist by Emily Winfield  Martin (Potter) $19.99

Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories In 25 Words or Fewer by Robert Swartwood (Norton) $13.95
Collected Stories of Lydia Davis (Picador) $19.00
Undivided Self HC Selected Stories by Will Self (Bloomsbury) $30.00
Unwelcome Guest Plus Nin and Nan by Eckhard Gerdes $17.50

Raw Vision #70 $14.00
Fortean Times #268 Dec 10 $11.99
Girls and Corpses #4 Win 10 $8.95
True Detective Oct 10 $4.00
True Crime Oct 10 Detective Monthly $8.99
Meatpaper #13 Fall 10 $7.99
Mojo #205 Dec 10 $9.99
Monocle vol 4 #38 Nov 10 $10.00
Harpers Magazine Nov 10 $6.99
In These Times Nov 10 $3.50
Progressive Nov 10 $4.95
Z Magazine Nov 10 $4.95
Jacques Fall 10 $9.00
Tattoo Society #24 $7.99

Zine Columbia Sum 10 Moustache Safari $10.00
St Petersburg Review vol 3 $15.00
Benefactor Sum Fall 10 $10.00
Six By Six #21 A Man Walks Into a Bar $5.00

Joy Division by Kevin Cummins (Rizzoli) $45.00
Ska: An Oral History by Heather Augustyn (McFarland) $58.50
Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd Dark Globe by Julian Palacios (Plexus) $19.95
Mr. Manchester and the Factory Girl The Story of Tony and Lindsay Wilson by Lindsay Reade (Plexus) $19.95

Verso Book of Dissent from Spartacus to the Show Thrower of Baghdad by Andrew Hsiao (Verso) $19.95
Dancing With Dynamite Social Movement and States In Latin America by Benjamin Dangl (AK) $15.95
Gaza In Crisis: Reflections On Israel’s War Against the Palestinians by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe (Haymarket) $16.00
Modern Utopian Alternative Communities of the 60s and 70s – Nick Tosches and the Underground Press Syndicate by var. (Process) $19.95

Thee Psychick Bible: Thee Apocryphal Scriptures ov Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Thee Third Mind ov Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (Feral House)$29.95 – According to author Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, “This is the most profound new manual on practical magick, taking it from its Crowleyan empowerment of the Individual to a next level of realization to evolve our species.”
Upside of Undertaking by Catherine Olen (Schiffer) $12.99
What To Do When You Meet Cthulhu A Guide to Surviving the Cthulhu Mythos by var. (Elder Sign) $14.95
Listverse.com’s Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists: Fascinating Facts and Shocking Trivia On Movies, Music, Crime, Celebrities History and More by Jamie Frater (Ulysses) $14.95
Complete Book of Spells Curses and Magical Recipes by Dr. Leonard Ashley RN (Skyhorse) $14.95
Tattoos Tatouages Tatowierungen Tatoeages by Pat Diman (Booqs) $14.95
Onion and Philosophy, ed. By Sharon M Kaye (Open Court) $21.95
Tawdry Knickers and Other Unfortunate Ways to Be Remembered by Alex Novak (Perigree) $13.95
Cigarette Book the History and Culture of Smoking by var. (Skyhorse) $22.95
Changing my Mind: Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith (Penguin) $16.00

Lickety Split #7 Smut Zine Beyond Human $8.70


Cthulhu Mints $2.50
Bacon Soap $6.00 – Is this kosher with you if I use it in your shower?