New Stuff Aug 23rd 2008

Everybody recovered from lugging huge piles of free swag out of Printers Ball last night? Good! Sidewalk sale going on today in the hood, come browse the table or better yet come hang out inside we got the AC bumpin’!!!!!!!

New Stuff Aug 23rd 2008

Cometbus #51 $3.00
Fort Mortgage #1 Punx Buyin A House $3.00
McSweeneys #28 $24.00 Four mini books in one…big surprise or the standard you decide?
Juxtapoz #92 Sep 08 $4.99
Harpers Magazine Sep 08 $6.95
Work #8 $3.00
Greenwoman #2 $3.00
Video Watchdog #142 $8.95
10000 Tons of Black Ink #2 $10.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Where Demented Wented by Rory Hayes $22.99 This dude is nutz!
Tales Designed to Thrizzle #4 $4.50 Protect your funny bone
How to Love $29.95 Graphic Novellas by Actus Comics
Delphine #3 by Richard Sala $7.95
Achewood The Great Outdoor Fight by Chris Onstad $14.95
Abandoned Cars by Tim Lane $22.99
Herbie Archives Vol 1 $49.95 Make Way For the Fat Fury
Mome #12 Fal 08 $14.99
SOS edited by Meathaus $30.00
Jack of Fables #24 $2.99
Never Land by Dave K $6.00
Scud The Disposable Assassin by Rob Schrab $29.99 Whole Shebang
Ninjatown #1 $6.50 Adventures of Wee Ninja
MySpace Dark Horse Presents $19.95

New Books
Concrete Inspection by Crispin Hellion Glover $28.00
Zombie Movies $22.95 The Ultimate Guide
Mute Magazine Graphic Design $35.00
Posada Mexican Engraver $25.00
Shock of Modernity Criminal Photography from Mexico $40.00
Original Xeropraphies by Bruno Munari $22.00 This book is beautiful
Bad Idea Anthology $17.95
Benefit of Farting $19.95 An Essay upon Wind
X Films by Alex Cox $17.95 True Confessions of a Radical Filmmaker
Lady Q The Rise and Fall of a Latin Queen HC $24.95
Pretty Vacant A History of US Punk $16.95
Mythic Obsession The World of Dr Evermor HC $26.95
No Speed Limit by Frank Owen $14.95 Highs and Lows of Meth
After 911 Americas War on Terror 2001 thru today $16.95
Cyberpunks Cyberfreedom $12.95
Take Another Little Piece of My Heart A Groupie Grows Up $14.95
Beer Blood & Cornmeal by Bob Calhoun $19.95

Porn and Erotica
Femmes Fatales of the 1950s by Bunny Yeager $19.99 Vintage Cheesecake!
Picture This Holly G by Jim Balent $25.00 Pinup Book Signed by the Photographer

Gifts and Stuff

Ed Rosenthals Big Buds 2009 Calendar $13.95