Weekly Top 10

Local Quimby’s fave Corrine Mucha’s new comic is at #4
1. Lose #4 by Michael Deforge (Koyama Press) $8.00 – Tremendous! DeForge’s well-oiled line skates through the Stud File, each story shedding it’s snakeskinnery onto the next. From leather terror to royal lace to Stacyface, this issue is an ode to the body as a husk and an assault on the idea of corpus control. Flesh, rendered alternately as vampirically smooth and bacterially roccoco is bound up in narratives of contemporary methods of “information sharing” and “social networking” and the effect is straight up cut-to-the-bone sci fi plastic surgery. Witty, sly and lovely to hold exuding a warm Canadian glow. -EF

2. By This Shall You Know Him by Jesse Jacobs (Koyama Press) $15.00

3. King Cat #73 by John Pocellino $3.00 – Porcellino goes cuckoo for cuckoo birds, plus cats at the movies, plus a South Beloit Top 36, plus a recurring spermophile theme.

4. Buzz #4 Joke Comics by Corrine Mucha $3.00 – Funnyuns! Buzz #4 is a new collection of hilarity unleashed from Mucha’s potent joke arsenal: crazy 8-balls, breakfast shorthand, bad dates, beauty tips and ideas, all special for you.

5. The Infinite Wait and Other Stories by Julia Wertz (Koyama) $15.00 – Three short stories or graphic novellas from the artist of Fart Party and Drinking at the movies. Filled with the sometimes messy, heartbreaking and hilarious moments that make up a life.

6. My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf $17.95 – Backderf puts together a memoir of high school in the washed out suburban seventies when he was classmates and comrades with grisly serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

7. Lucky Peach #4 Sum 12 American Food Issue $12.00 – The McSweeney’s food rag rampages on. Less cranky then issue 3, this round has a sprawling Tex-Mex choose your own adventure, plenty of odes to diners and, unsurprisingly, the movie Diner, Cambodian American doughnut culture, Harold McGee being typically delightful and loads of recipes looking that scrummy kinda yummy you know tastes fine. -EF

8. Paper Oct 12 vol 29 #2 $4.00

9. Real Life: A Magical Guide to Getting Off the Internet by Dave Cave and Maranda Elizabeth $3.00 – Be ironic! Buy it on our website!

10. Fag School #4 New Fiction – Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger by Brontez (Pegacorn Press) $5.00 – Fag School is in session and I suggest you try to handle the full course load. This zine is fucking brilliant and amazing – always has been, and I think it might always will be. -EF