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New Stuff This Week


The Pitchfork Review #2 Apr 14 $19.96 – Unprintable Since 1996.

Zines & Zine-Related Books
Dig Deep #6 by Heather $1.00
It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology vol 1 by LB Briggs (Mend My Dress Press) $19.00
It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology vol 2 by LB Briggs (Mend My Dress Press) $23.00
Eat My Shorts by Emily Schulert $5.00
Straight Talk by H Melt $3.00
Knowsgay #3 Portraits by Paul Moreno and Charlie Welch $20.00
Whoops by Michael Conway $10.00
Smells Fingers vol 1 #4 Tubes by Alicia Rose $2.00
Gorgeous Attitude Ramblings Win 14 by Kisston $1.00
Always and Forever: A Zine About Friendship by Heather and friends $2.00
EG Sausage Delivery Man by Matt Davis $4.00
KerBloom #107 Mar Apr 14 by ArtNoose $2.00

Comics & Comix
Tenderness #1  by Matt Crabe $8.00
Cankor #1 by Matthew Allison et al. $5.00
various issue of Tales of the Night Watchman by Dave Kelly and friends.
Invisible Wounds by Jess Ruliffson (So What Press) $4.00
Empty Grave Part 1 Daddys Little Girl by Warwick Johnson & Dan Hale $5.00
Taddle Creek Comics Supplement #32 by Ethan Riley and Joe Ollman $2.00
Teenage Mutant Celebrity Impersonator Rats #1 by Justin Becker $1.00
Guy Gardeners – Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW)by Jon Drawdoer $5.00
Macrogroan #4 by Slautman $8.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Over Easy by Mimi Pond (D&Q) $24.95
Jim Curious: A Voyage to the Heart of the Sea by Matthias Picard $19.95 – 3D vision!
Bintel Brief Love and Longing in Old New York by Liana Finck $17.99
Operation Margarine TPB by Katie Skelly (Adhouse) $12.95
Daytripper Deluxe by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (Vertigo) $34.99
Dr. Grordbort Presents Triumph, Unnecessarily Violent Tales of Science Adventure for the Simple and Unfortunate by Greg Broadmore $19.99
Goon vol 11 The Deformed of Body and the Devious of Mind by Eric Powell $16.99
Rachel Rising vol 4 Winter Graves by Terry Moore $16.99
On The Grind vol 1 The Worst Day Ever by Geroge Gant $10.00
On The Grind vol 2 Electric Brewgaloo by Geroge Gant $20.00
Public Therapy Buses, Information Specialty Bums, Solar Cook-A-Mats and Other Visions of the 21st Century, Unabidged 2nd Edition by Steven M. Johnson $19.00

Art & Design Books
Extinct Entities Publication $10.00 – The publication created following the Extinct Entities festival at Links Hall documents and gives theoretical treatment to the works presented and tells a collective history of Chicago’s alternative spaces and collectives, while making their generative presence visible in the present. Designed by artist Melisa Morgan, the book features essays by Jason Foumberg, Steve Ruiz, Thea Liberty Nichols, and Caroline Picard.

Weird Chicago: Strange Legends and Mysterious Hauntings by Troy Taylor, Adam Selzer and Ken Melvoin-Berg (Whitechapel) $19.95
The Templar Treasure: An Investigation by Tobias Daniel Wabbel (Trine Day) $19.95 – The mystery of the legendary treasure of the Knights Templar.
Cabinet of Curiosities A History of the Supernatural In 20 Objects by Troy Taylor (Whitechapel Press) $18.00
Cabinet of Curiosities II Americas Unexplained In 20 Objects by Troy Taylor (Whitechapel Press) $20.00
Natural Torture, Then Execution Before Your Eyes, The Brutal Story Told In Photographs by Ted Sweeney and Omar Gonzalez $20.00
A Pale Horse Was Death: More American Horrors by Troy Taylor & Rene Kruse (Whitechapel Press) $20.00
The Ghost Hunters Guidebook: The Common Sense Guide to Paranormal Research, Unlock the mystery Search For Spirits Contact the Dead by Troy Taylor (Whitechapel) $17.00

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself by Jen Kirkman $15.00
Workers Write: More Tales From the Cubicle ed. by David LaBounty (Blue Cubicle Press) $10.00

Forest Feast: Simple Vegetarian Recipes From My Cabin in the Woods by Erin Gleeson $35.00

Music Books
Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave – Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s by Lori Majewski et al. $19.95
There Goes Gravity: A Life In Rock and Roll by Lisa Robinson $27.95
Sex, Drugs, Ratt and Roll My Life In Rock by Stephen Pearcy $16.00

Good Inn by Blanck Francis et al. $23.99
Look Who’s Morphing by Tom Cho (Arsenal Pulp) $16.95
Old Neightborhood by Nill Hillmann (Curbside Splendor) $15.95
You Are The Friction (Sing Statistics) $20.00 – Anthology of collaborative short fiction and illustration.
Reverence Library vol 1 Galleons Nikola Tesla Trans Siberian Railway  (Sing Statistics) $10.00

Kids Books
Big Meals For Little Hands by Virginie Aladjidi et al. (Nobrow/Flying Eye) $17.95

Juxtapoz #160 May 14 $5.99
Hand #4 Apr 14 $10.00
Bizarre #212 May 14 $10.50
American Atheist 2nd Quarter 14 $4.95
Eye Magazine #87 vol 22 $30.00
Flow #1 Book For Paper Lovers $24.99
Muff #2 $14.50
Good Game #1 $10.00
Lodown #90 $16.99
Raw Vision #81 $14.00
IDN Extra 09 Red Thread $29.90
Colors #89 $16.95
Girls Like Us vol 2 #5 $12.00
IdN vol 20 #6 $19.95
Another Man #18 Spr Sum $14.99
High Times Jun 14 $5.99
Gothic and Lolita Bible #49 Fall 13 $35.00
Filter Good Music Guide Apr May Jun 14 $2.99
Maximumrocknroll #372 May 14 $4.00
Wax Poetics #58 $11.99
AdBusters May Jun 14 $12.95
Harpers Magazine May 14 $6.99
Tattoo Energy #88 $9.99

Poetry & Lit Journals
McSweeneys #46 Thirteen Crime Stories From Latin America $26.00
Midwestern Gothic #13 $12.00
N Plus 1 #19 Spr 14 $13.95
Normal School vol 7 #1 $5.00
Granta #127 Spr 14 Japan $16.99
O Human Microphone by Scott McFarland $13.00

Sex & Sexy
BelleSf #1 $10.00
In My Bed Magazine vol 4 #4 $9.95

New Stuff This Week


tomine-boxNew York Postcards Box Set by Adrian Tomine (D+Q) $14.95 – 30 illustrations from the pages of the New Yorker and beyond.

Zines & Zine-Related
So As Not to Suicide – A Survival Manual $2.00 – Suffer from anxiety? This might help you.
Bookstores and Baseball 6th Inning $6.00
I’m Really Really Scared – On Social Anxiety by Sylvia $1.00
You Must Always Have a Secret Plan (Little Tricycle Red Guide) $3.00 – Thoughtful and beuaitful one pager, folds out so you can hang it, if this were the holidays we’d say, “What a great stocking stuffer!”
Last Night at the Casino #7 Apr 14 by Billy $3.00 – Former Chicago zinester in Vegas as a casino dealer.
index A to Z: Art, Design, Fashion, Film, and Music in the Indie Era $45.00

Comics & Comix
Cosplayers #1 by Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics) $5.00
Riled Up #2 Trick Or Treat by Pete Hassett and Labotka $10.00
Life In Bodies of Water by Julia Von De Bur $4.00
Ten Minicomics by Alex Nall $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Climate Changed a Personal Journal Through the Science by Philippe Squarzoni $24.95
100 Bullets Brother Lono by Brian Azzarello $16.99
Flight by Dave McAwesome (The Vorspiel Ltd.) $5.00

Art Books
Kenzine $35.00 – A collaboration between Toilet Paper the photo magazine and Kenzo, the Parisian clothing store.
Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge by Manuel Lima $29.95 – Enticingly arty look at semantically mapping out knowledge.
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Arigato Everyone $65.00

Panther In the Hive by Olvia A. Cole $15.00 – Apocalyptian adventure based in Chicago.

Sex & Sexy
FEDS presents Sweets vol 8 #23 $7.99

2600 Hacker Quarterly vol 31 #1 $6.95
Girls and Corpses #8 Spr 14 $8.95
Craft Beer and Brewing #1 Spr 14 $9.99
Little White Lies #52 $12.99
Dwell May 14 $5.99
Mojo #245 Apr 14 $9.99
Monocle vol 8 #72 Apr 14 $12.00
Dissent Spr 14 $10.00
In These Times Apr 14 $3.50
The Fifth Estate vol 49 #1 Spr Sum 14 $4.00
Skin and Ink Jun 14 #151 $6.99

Lit Journals & Chap Books
Tweeds #1 $15.00
DRK DUV by Ag Davis $6.00

Kids Books
Oddfellows Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin $7.99

New Stuff This Week

greatestmosttraveling_lgThe Greatest Most Traveling Circus by Jonas $10.00 – A new book from Jonas of “Cheer the Eff Up” zine! It’s is an anthology of stories about vampires and superheroes, gypsy curses, giant killer robots, psychics, love potions, bar fights over stolen angel wings, imaginary monsters, magical traveling pants and the devil as a red-headed con man. But it’s also a novel about overcoming depression, struggling with suicide, handling loss, and trying to find meaning in a world where the supernatural isn’t the hardest part of life to accept. Above all, it’s about finding friendship when it is least expected–but most needed.

Regional: Examination of American Cuisine #8 Soda Pop by Cassie Tompkins and Carl Krause $8.50
Sorry Mom #1 by Megan Karson $5.00
Caboose #9 Masons On Masons: How to Start a Secret Society by Liz & Joe Mason $1.00
Frontier #3 Youth In Decline by Sascha Hommer $8.00
Salted Mischief by Katrin Hagen $11.00
Creative Evolution #6 $1.00
Dirty Hands #4 by David Alvarado $5.00
From What I Can Tell Things Were Good #1 by Corrine Butta $6.00
Cheer Up Mr Fish vol 1 vt Arak Frans $1.00
Zisk #24  $2.00
Bad Liver and a Broken Heart by Carrie and Jonas $2.00
assorted weirdo Paul Nudd zines, various prices
Post Punk Parenthood: An Alternative Parenting Zine by Dustin Seelinger, issues #1-3, $2.00 each
Piltdownlad by Kelly Dessaint, various issues, various prices
Judas Goat Quarterly #61 by Grant Schreiber $1.50
Mineshaft #30 Spr 14, 15th Anniversary Issue by Everett Rand, with contributions from Crumb etc. $9.00
Six Zero Six by Elizabeth S. Tieri $4.00
Andina by Ines Estrada $4.00

Comics & Comix
Pedagogy As Dissent: Autobiographical Comics of Nicole Schulman by Fiona Avocado $6.00
Sandman Overture #2 of 6 by Neil Gaiman $3.99
Laskimooses #16 KeskeyttamisVaikeuksia by Herra Matti Hagelbergin $7.00
Drive Thru Plus, Color Edition: Contains Three 1/48 Scale Paper Models by Gary Kachadourian $8.00
Conditions on the Ground #9 by Kevin Hooyman $5.00
Mudforest Books 1-3 by Ian Desnford, various prices
Surviving Winter by Shellie Lewis $2.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Outside the Box: Interviews With Contemporary Cartoonists by Hillary L. Chute (U of Chicago Press) $26.00 – Don’t miss Hillary here at Quimby’s to talk about this book on April 19th!
Fatima: The Blood Spinners by Gilbert Hernandez (Dark Horse) $19.99 – Includes #1-#4 Fatima the Blood Spinners, about a heroine attempting to save the world against a drug people are just “dying” to try!
Undertaking of Lily Chen by Danica Novgorodoff (First Second) $29.99
Monster and Titans: Original Art From the Battling Boy Touring Exhibition by Paul Pope $24.99
Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol (First Second) $9.99 – Now in soft cover.
Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza by James Kochalka (First Second) $12.99
Sleep of Reason: An Anthology of Horror $30.00 – With a cover by Michael DeForge.
Aama vol 1 Smell of Warm Dust by Frederik Peeters (Self Made Hero) $19.95
Neuropolitique by Dr. Hana Ros and Matteo Farinella (Nobrow Press) $24.95

Let Go and Go On and On by Tim Kinsella (Curbside Splendor) $14.95
Lexicon by Max Barry $16.00 – Now in soft cover.
Shadows the Sizes of Cities by Gregory W. Beaubien (Moresby Press) $14.95
Kali’s Day by Bonny Finberg (Autonomedia) $15.95
River of No Return by Bee and Ridgway $16.00 – A novel of love and time travel.
The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer $17.00 – Now in soft cover.
Down Where The Devil Don’t Go by Paul Bingham $10.00

Outer Limits
White House Call Girl: The Real Watergate Story by Phil Stanford (Feral House) $17.95
Theban Oracle: Discover the Magic of the Ancient Alphabet That Changes Lives by Greg Jenkins PhD (Weiser) $18.95

Music Books
The Hippest Trip In America: Soul Train and the Evolution of Culture and Style by Nelson George $27.99
Confidence or the Appearance of Confidence: The Best of Believer Music Interviews ed. by Vendela Vida (Believer Books) $15.00
Harley Loco: A Memoir of Hard Living, Hair, and Post-Punk, from the Middle East to the Lower East Side by Rayya Elias $16.00
A Broken Hallelujah: Rock and Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen by Liel Leibovitz $25.95
Nothin’ to Lose: The Making of KISS (1972-1975) by Ken Sharp, Gene Simmons, & Paul Stanley $17.99
Ziggyology: A Brief History of Ziggy Stardust by Simon Goddard (Ebury Press) $27.95
Daft Punk: A Trip Inside the Pyramid by Dina Santorelli $24.99

Gender Politics
Gender Failure by Raw Spoon and Ivan E. Coyote (Arsenal Pulp Press) $17.95
Against Equality: Queer Revolution Not Mere Inclusion by Ryan Conrad (AK Press) $15.00

Politics & Revolution
Direct Struggle: Against Capital, A Peter Kroptkin Anthology ed. by Ian McKay (AK Press) $24.95

Valerie Solanas: The Defiant Life of the Woman Who Wrote SCUM (and Shot Andy Warhol) by Breanne Fahs (Feminist Press) $22.95
Painted Cities by Alexai Galaviz-Budziszewski (McSweeney’s) $24.00 – About growing up in Pilsen.
Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream by Thomas Dyja $18.00
Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach $15.95 – Now in soft cover.

Kids Books
I Like Animals by Dahlov Ipcar (Nobrow/Flying Eye) $17.95
Tippy and the Night Parade by Lilli Carre (Toon Books) $12.95

Koshka #3 by Kaitlin Kostus $5.00
Tom Tom Magazine #17 Magazine For Female Drummers $6.00
Hi-Fructose #31 $7.95
Skeptic vol 19 #1 14 $6.95
True Detective Spring Special 2014 $10.99
True Crime Mar 14 $8.99
Gothic Beauty #43 $6.95
Rolla Coaster #11 Feb 14 $8.50
Gentlewoman #9 Spr Sum 14 $14.99
Iron and Air #13 $15.00
Via Publication #2 Navigation $12.00
Worn #18 Fashion Journal $17.00
Maximumrocknroll #371 Apr 14 $4.99
International Review #152 International Communist Current $3.00
Inked Apr May 14 #62 $6.99

Lit Journals
The Paris Review #208 $20.00
Rock and Sling vol 9 #1 Spr Sum 14 $10.00
Parody vol 3 #1 $5.00

Other Stuff
Serial Killer Culture DVD by John Borowski $20.00

New Stuff This Week

Tokyo Adorned by Thomas C. Card (Booth Clibborn) $40.00 – The neon, pastels, bows, and vibrant prints of Tokyo’s fashion tribes are unmistakable, outrageous, and fun. Recognized around the world, with huge online followings, the city’s style icons are photographed here against white backgrounds, revealing a new dimen­sion of personality and emotion in these remarkable individuals.


G.P.O. versus G.P-O: A Chronicle of Mail Art on Trial gathers a collection of materials from the archives of Genesis P-Orridge relating to the legal battle regarding Great Britain’s General Post Office’s 1975 case against P-Orridge for disseminating pornographic postcards through the mail. These postcards collaged imagery from hardcore pornographic magazines onto pictures of Queen Elizabeth II. When the Post Office launched their case, P-Orridge seized the opportunity to turn the case into another performance, disseminating further mail art (including invitations to the trial) and recruiting the support of the international mail-art community. The case was ultimately dismissed. A reprint of Ecart Publications’ 1976 edition, G.P.O. versus G.P-O collects ephemera, legal documents, correspondence and articles about the case and P-Orridge’s mail art practice with Cosi Fanni Tutti as COUM Transmissions.

It was Chicago Zine Fest last week! So that means all sorts of new stuff. And this is but a sample! You really do have to come into the store to see it all — it’s really quite amazing! Thanks to everybody that came out!
Lil Buddies Magazine #2 by Edie Fake $4.00 – This issue! Teeth!
Butch Nor Femme #9 Stuff I Love by Lynne $1.50
Just Make Pictures Zine #3 Parade Photographs by Michael Jarecki $4.00
Proof I Exist #17 Mar 14 by Billy $2.00
No Better Than Apples #9 by Late Larson $3.00
Yeahntiques by Benjamin Boyd Austin
I Have Faith In the Human Race by Jess Garten $5.00
Local Tongue #1 Deplacement $8.33
Incandescent, A Color Film Zine, issues #4 and #5 $14.00 each
Eighteen Corners by Alexander Stewart $5.00 – Risograph Printed Drawings Edition of 100.
Base Spirits Round 2 $5.00
Show Me The Money #39 $2.50
Let Down #2 by Blake Karlson $3.00
Time To Shine $2.00
Smells Fingers vol 1 #3 Thanks Smells Fingers by Alicia Rose $2.00
Meat #12 $20.00
Yeahntiques by Benjamin Boyd Austin $.75
Secret Bully #2 by Cynthia Anne Schemmer $4.00
Reverse Cougar Years #5 by Maxx $1.00
Let It Sink #7 $2.00
Motor City Kitty zines by Bri: #19 $2.00, #22 $1.00
Peace Is Not Real But The Fight Is by Sayuri Gomez $1.00
Enchanted Waters  $3.00
Operations Manual vol 11 $3.00
It Has Been a Long Time Since I Felt This Way $1.00
I’m Totally In Love With You $1.00
Deuces: A Short Collection of Comics From 2013 In Diary Form by Alisa Rae $3.00
Pansy #8 and #9 by Laura A. Garland $3.00 each
Cranky Vegan 19 Recipes From the Bottom of My Black Little Heart $3.00
Fear and Self Defeating Prophecies by Patience Young $6.00
Cabin Time Green River $15.00
Dirty Snow by Megan Major $10.00
Drawings About Black Holes by Pat Perry $20.00
Abstract Door #3 $3.00
Middle Finger Book by Robert Norman & Tracis Watkins $4.00
Notes to Girls 9 Letters That Were Not to You $5.00
Alex Wrekk zines: Brainscan #24 ($1.00), Brainscan #25 ($4.00) and Brainscan #31 ($2.00), Coachella Zine Works 2012 A Brainscan Adventure Zine Nos 1, 2 Jul 12
Travelscan Brainscan 24 Hour Zine $2.00
Place To Rest My Head by Melissa Kagerer $7.00
Static Zine #9 Mar 14, Torontos DIY Magazine Mental Health Issue by Jessica Lewis $2.00
Sprouted Ink Zine #3 Transitions and Recovery by Sprout $2.50
Under Current #2 Zine About Kansas City $3.50
Haletant #2 by Daisy Noemi $5.00
Hate Zine – Life is Fucked Up $1.00
Stink Eye vs Operations Manual, Split by Jess and Marc $3.00
Everydaypants #3 by Ramsey Beyer $3.00
Hand That Rocks the Cradle #1 A Zine About Nannying Made By Nannies $3.00
Hoax #9 Feminisms and Vulnerabilities $3.00
Youve Got a Friend In Pennsylvania #8 Memory Loss Queerifying Growth and Teen Advice and #9 Two Years of Sobrietyby Sari $2.50 each
All I Want Is Everything #5 by Caitlin $2.00
Chicago Haunts #1 by Jillian Barthold $1.00
Black Metal of the Americas #6 by Ed and Patrick $5.00
Racial Activity Coloring Book by Ben Blount $4.00
Kawai’s Guide to Falling In Love With Innappropriate Persons by Kawai Shen $5.00
Zine Crush #3 $2.00
What Happened by Little Lie $4.00
Sonnet Reducer #1 Punk Sonnets by RBJ $1.00
Food Zine by Lauren Jordan $10.00
Visitor In Myself #3 Win 2014 by Nichole Baiel $1.00
I’m Sorry I Have Nothing Special to Draw #2 LA Zine Fest Feb 14 by Eryca $1.00
Swan The Vulture #5 by Anna Vo $3.34
Fix My Head #3 Rad Punx of Colour $6.67
Frontier #3 Youth In Decline by Sascha Hommer $8.00

Comics & Comix
Baby Birch by Grant Reynolds $3.00
Stew Brew #4 17 Good Names for Weiner Dogs by Kelly Froh $2.00
Clear Water by Alex Nall $7.00
Dust Garbage by R. Burns $2.00
Party That You Missed by Ana Cristina Valles $6.00
Elsewhere Red Blue by Nicolas Menard $15.00
Someone Please Have Sex With Me BY Gina Wynbrandt $5.00
Parcel Ghost Cant Sign For That $3.00
Mors Ultima Ratio #1 by Lane  Milburn $3.00
Blindspot #3 by Jospeh Remnant $5.00
Ascendant #1 and #2 by Mark C. Frankel and Christopher Hanchey $3.99 each
To Do by Erik Schneider $2.00
Camp Comics Sum 13 by M. Davis $3.00
Unarmed by MJ Robinson $2.00
Miss Sequential #6 Winter Thoughts by Marissa $2.00
Surgical Amphitheater #1 by Matthew Chandelier $5.00
Invert #1 Comics By Queers $5.00
Gimme Pizza #3 $3.00
Eyesore vol 4 $2.50
You’re Under Arrest by Amos Leager $3.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Tell It Like It Tiz by Nicole J. Georges and Marc Parker $12.00 – Illustrated tales of older folks. Think Duplex Planet Illustrated.
Saga TPB vol 3 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples $14.99
Nemo: Roses of Berlin by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill (Top Shelf) $14.95 – From the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series.
Death TPB by Neil Gaiman (Vertigo) $19.99 – Collected stories of Death from Gaiman’s Sandman series. Includes Death High Cost of Living and Time of Your Life selections from Endless Nights.
Hellboy the First 20 Years  by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse) $19.99 – Covers, art and more!
Kids Are Weird and Other Observations from Parenthood by Jeffrey Brown $14.95
Snowbird Book 1 by Erin K. Wilson $15.00
Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem by Steve Niles et al. (Dark Horse) $14.99
Crossed vol 8 Badlands $19.99
All Star by Jesse Lonergan (NBM) $13.99
Cannon by Wallace Wood (Fantagraphics) $35.00 – CANNON by the legendary Wallace Wood (Mad, EC Comics, Daredevil) appeared every week for two and a half years in Overseas Weekly, a newspaper distributed exclusively to U.S. Military bases around the world. Uncensored by commercial editorial restrictions, brutal violence and titillating sex all in an effort to boost morale and support our troops!
Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection, Featuring 20 Removable Framable Prints $19.95

Art & Design
Art & Design
Sneakers the Complete Limited Editions Guide by UDox $29.95
Learning by Doing at the Farm: Craft, Science, and Counterculture in Modern California, ed. by Robert J. Kett and Anna Kryczka (Soberscove) $20.00
Adventures in Letterpress by Brandon Mise $24.95
You Are Beautiful: A Decade by Matthew Hoffman $40.00
Don 1 The King From Queens Life and Photos of a NYC Transit Graffiti Master by Louie KRONE Gasparro (Schiffer) $29.99
Soviets: Drawings by Danzig Baldaev. Photographs by Sergei Vasiliev. (Fuel) $32.95 – The same publisher and editor that brought you Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia series and Drawings from the Gulag.

Bellies and Buffalos by Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad/Black Hill Press) $10.00
All-American Horror of the 21st Century: The First Decade 2000-2010, ed. by Mort Castle (Wicker Park Press) $19.95 – A compilation of the best short horror fiction published by magazines, anthologies, and websites between 2000 and 2010.
Most Beautiful Rot by Ocean Capewell $12.95

F This Test: Even More of the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson $9.95
X Vs Y: A Culture War, A Love Story by Eve Epstein & Leonora Epstein $18.95
Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh $17.99 – Now in soft cover.

Marijuana Nation: One Man’s Chronicle of America Getting High, From Vietnam to Legislation bby Roger Roffman (Pegasus) $27.95

Outer Limits
Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas by Cass R. Sunstein $26.00
Chicago History: The Stranger Side by Raymond Johnson $16.99
Forgotten Promise: Rejoining Our Cosmic Family: A Story of a Life Long Interaction With Beings From Another World by Sherry Wilde (Weiser)$16.00
The Girl With No Name: The Incredible Story of a Child Raised by Monkeys by Lynne Barrett-Lee, Marina Chapman and Vanessa James (Pegasus) $15.95

The Home Brewer’s Guide to Vintage Beer: Rediscovered Recipes for Classic Brews Dating from 1800 to 1965 by Ronald Pattinson (Quarry) $24.99
Citizen Farmers: The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food, Build Thriving Communities, and Give Back to the Earth by Daron Joffe and Rinne Allen $24.95
BiblioCraft: The Modern Crafter’s Guide to Using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects by Jessica Pigza $27.50

Politics & Revolution
Justice Justicia vol 1 and the Chicago Hate Message Murder Epidemic for Affordable Power and Justice by Curly Cohen $20.00
Shadow Warfare: The History of America’s Undeclared Wars by Lary Hancock (Counterpoint) $30.00
Black Panthers Speak ed. by Philip S. Foner (Haymarket) $19.00

Music Books
Scene In Between: Tripping Through Fashions of UK Indie Music 1980-1988 by Sam Knee (Cicada) $24.95
Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the Rise of Independent Music by Mark Baumgarten (Sasquatch) $17.95
A Man Called Destruction: The Life and Music of Alex Chilton, From Box Tops to Big Star to Backdoor Man by Holly George-Warren (Viking) $27.95
Rock She Wrote: Women Write about Rock, Pop, and Rap by Evelyn McDonnell and Ann Powers (Plexus) $19.95

Bitch #62 $5.95
Headmaster #6 $20.00
Ancestry Quarterly #2 $19.85
Apology #3 Win 14 $18.00
Bust Apr May 14 $5.99
Invitation Annual #1.0 Win 14 $20.00
Shots #123 Spr 14 $6.95
Capricious #15 $20.00
Open Minds Apr May 14 14 $6.50
Make vol 38 $9.99
VMan #31 Spr Sum 14 $6.95
Flaunt #133 $15.95
iD Magazine Pre-Spr 14 #329 $12.99
Hunter Fashion Magazine #24 $24.99
AnOther Magazine #26 Spr Sum 14 $14.99
Cannabis Now Magazine #9 $7.99
Fuel #15 Magazine $16.99
Laphams Quarterly vol 7 #2 Spr 14 $16.00
Taproot #9 $9.00
Paper Apr 14 vol 30 #6 $4.00
Frank151 #55 Chicago $10.00
Cinema Retro vol 10 #28 $11.99
Horror Hound #46 Mar Apr 14 $6.99
Fangoria #331 $10.99
Maximumrocknroll #369 Feb 14 $4.99
Shindig #37 $12.99
Mojo #244 Mar 14 $9.99
Tape Op #100 Mar Apr 14 $4.95
Razorcake #79 $4.00
Wire Mar 14 #361 $11.25
Hip Mama #54 $5.95
International Socialist Review #92 Spr 14 $10.00
Radical Philosophy #183 Jan Feb 14 $13.00
Radical Philosophy #184 Mar Apr 14 $13.00
Monocle vol 8 #71 Mar 14 $12.00
Harpers Magazine Apr 14 $6.99
Jacques #8 $15.00
All American Guys #5 $9.99
RFD #157 Spr 14 $9.95
Freshly Inked vol 4 #2 May 14 $6.99

Lit Journals & Chap Books
The Believer #106 Mar Apr 14 $12.00 – The 2014 Film Issue, comes with a DVD.
Granta #126 Win 14 Do You Remember $16.99
The First Line vol 16 #1 Spr 14 $3.00
Hobart #15 $11.95
NA Literary Magazine vols 1 #3 and #6 $4.00 each
Accidental Falls by Christina Murphy and Francisco Orazzini $2.00
Torn by Sahar Mustafah  and Mark Park $2.00
Sense of Humor by Cynthia Scott and Timothy Tang $2.00
Girl Who Wished a Folk Tale  by Eric Charles May and Geoffrey Grisso $2.00

Kids Books
100 Bears by Magali Bardos (Nobrow/Flying Eye) $19.95
May the Stars Drip Down by Jeremy Chatelain and Nickki McClure $17.95
Bodie Troll by Jay Fosgitt (Red 5) $9.95
Benny and Penny in the Big No No by Geoffrey Hayes (ToonBooks) $4.99
Food Face by Carrie Solomon (Soberscove) $10.00
Animals Dreaming by Jessie Mott $10.00

Other Stuff
Copy and Destroy vinyl 10″ by The Copy Scams $10.00 – The band equivalent to a 24 hour zine, 7 pop-punk songs about zines by folks who make and love zines, including Alex “Stolen Sharpie Revolution/Brainscan.”

New Stuff This Week

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 9.21.39 PM

Thanks to everybody that came out to the Trauma Zine release event tonight! And why yes! We are on Instagram!

East Village Inky #54  by Ayun Halliday $3.00
Ben Matlock Review #1 Win 14 The Premier Matlock Fanzine (Failure of the Free Press) $4.00 – Silly!
Moire #2 Other Formats by various $10.00 – Sonnenzimmer and friends!
Live Punk #1 Five Shades of Pop Punk by Jonas $3.00
Sound of One Hand Flapping by AA Lam $1.00
Butch Nor Femme #8 by Lynne Monsoon $1.50
Caveat #1 by Aumaine Gruich & Elizabeth Martin $5.00
Woodwasp #1 by various $3.00

Comics & Comix
Windowpane #2 by Joe Kessler (Breakdown Press) $20.00
Man I Hate Zits Classics by M. Poland $5.00
Fred The Mustard Packet, Forty Eight Flavorful Moments, Condimented Cartoons by Tommy Cannnon $2.00
Big Z a 24Hr Comic by Rick Larsen $2.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag by AK Summers (Soft Skull) $17.95
Perfect Nonsense HC the Chaotic Comics and Goofy Games by George Carlson (Fantagraphics) $49.99
On Loving Women by DIane Obomsawin (D&Q) $16.95
Bacon is a Vegetable Coffee Is A Vitamin Diesel Sweeties vol 2 by R. Stevens $19.99

Art & Design
Signal 03 A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture by Alec Dunn and Josh MacPhee (PM Press) $14.95
Lost Chicago by John Paulett and Judy Floodstrand $18.95
Isolated Building Studies by David Schalliol $20.00
Box Girl: My Part Time Job as an Art Installation by L. Snellings $15.95

Bedrock Faith a Novel by Eric Charles May (Akashic) $16.95

Outer Limits
Mafia Court Corruption in Chicago by Dr. John Russell Hughes (Trine Day) $19.95
TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction by D. Estulin (Trine Day) $24.95

I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp: An Autobiography by Richard Hell $14.99 – Now in soft cover.

Lucky Peach #10 Street Food Win 14 $12.00
Monsters and Dust #4 Pink Punk by Aay Preston Myint and Joe Proulx $25.00
Kinfolk vol 11 Discovering New Things to Cook Make and Do $18.00
Mojo #243 Feb 14 $9.99
Wire Feb 14 #360 $11.25 – Yes! The interview with Jandek is here! Come and get it!
Harpers Magazine Mar 14 $6.99
AdBusters Mar Apr 14 $12.95

Hip Lit & Chap Books
Best of McSweeneys Internet Tendency ed. by C. Monks and J. Warner $20.00
Literary Review vol 56 #4 Late Fall 13 Artificial Intelligence $8.00
O Pioneers Hot In Nebrska by Ian Hubert $4.00
Mail Man by Michael Paul Lopez $3.00

Politics & Revolution
Stop Thief: The Commons Enclosures and Resistance by P. Linebaugh (PM Press) $21.95