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New Stuff This Week

2 new Johnny Sampson thingies! Christmastime: A Love Story Greeting Card $4, Sticker: Lance from his “Creative Differences” strip $3


Crap Hound #9 Sex and Kitchen Gadgets by Sean Tejaratchi $15 – “Fair Use” collage-y awesomeness!

Against Amazon: Seven Arguments One Manifesto by Jorge Carrion $5

I Had My Time of the Month on Your Face and Made America Great Again $2

Did I Wake Up With a Headache or Wake up Because of My Headache? by Madeline Veitch $4

Abandoned Signs by Temporary Services $7 – A melancholic tale of ruin and neglect. Happy holidays!

stuff from Megan Kirby:
Every Time Mini $1
issues Meanwhile: #1 Apartments, #2 Beach, #3 Internet $5 each


Love and Rockets Comics vol 4 #4 $4.99

Anna Sellheim comics, various prices, including There For Us with Tillie Walden $5

Barely Legal #3 Holiday Edition by Hannah Chavez $3


Madman’s Eye: The Art of Mac Blackout (Hozac Books) $32 – Around Chicago, his art has become inescapable, always peeking out from a storefront, a doorway, an alley, or one of his beloved garbage cans, his aesthetic has become an unofficial pock mark on the face of the city. As his direction has drifted across so many projects over the years, he’s gone from respected graffiti artist, into the world of fine art, and into pen & ink, collage, & multi-media painting. Not to mention his numerous world-renowned punk bands, Functional Blackouts, Daily Void, Mickey, New Rose Alliance, and his solo material with Mac Blackout Band, Mac has always been at the center of a rogue nervous system that needed to come to life on it’s own in the form of his art.


Punk Women vols 1 and 2 by David Ensminger (Left of the Dial Books) $10 each – Get volume 2 here! — An incredible array of powerful, potent, and and particularly inventive women, from off-the-radar local acts to legacy bands of all stripes, from first wave punk to melodicore and garage rock. It includes profiles of many, but it also features several women discussing their own lives, histories, and band anecdotes.


Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson: An Inquiry into the Life & Death of the Master of Gonzo by Warren Hinckle & friends (Last Gasp) $39.95 – Candid memories and appreciations by many of his closest friends and co-conspirators. Contains: transcripts of his rants and idiosyncratic phone messages, The Gonzo Master’s Midnight Faxes, The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved, and a humungous introduction (a book in itself!) by Warren Hinckle III.


The Brunist Day of Wrath by Robert Coover (Dzanc) $18.95

Wire #406 $10.99
Shock Cinema #53 $5
Modern Farmer #18 $7.99
Little White Lies #72 $12.99


Various Field Notes restocks and some new stuff, including the “Haxley” Jay Ryan edition $12.95

Ball Gag Nun Enamel Pin by Corinne Halbert $8

New Stuff This Week

New & awesome! #quimbys #quimbysbookstorechicago

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Moetorhead Patch $6 & Black Coffee Enamel Pin $4

KAPOW! Poetry & Comix by Juliette Torrez (Manic D Press) $15.95 – In the final days of the ’90s, poetry activist Juliette Torrez paired underground writers with up-and-coming comix artists, publishing their works in twenty-seven hand-stapled mini-zines brimming with gritty urban stories and comedic poetry, accompanied by quirky comic art. Yes, we sold them here. Excerpts from each mini-zine feature early works from Shappy (who worked at Quimby’s!), Greg Gilliam (friend of Quimby’s!), Sam Henderson, Jordan Crane, Ivan Brunetti, and many others.


Hope That Clears Things Up by Jim Joyce $3

Dance Dance Party Party Zine Zine: Appreciating Ten Years of DDPP Chicago by Liz Mason $2 – Remember jumping up and down on the bed to your favorite music, or dancing with your friends when you were a kid to your favorite song? That’s what Dance Dance Party Party is. Read about it in this artifact that’s part cultural preservation of a culture, part description of a successful autonomous zone, and ALL DANCE PARTY.

Sick Muse #9 $5

Chronicles of Roo #1 Anxious Thoughts $5

Fairy Tales for Cynical Girls vol 2 by K8 $2

National Teenset Outsider #33 $1

Hall Pass #2 $5


Sewer Cats by Jess $5

Tales of the Night Watchman vol 1 #7 It Came From the Gowanus Canal by Dave Kelly $8

Rabbit Who Fights #1 & 2 by Tim Hamilton $6 each

Fifty Flip Experiment #21 by Dan Hill $5

Eat to Survive Fall 17 by Jeff Mahannah $5

Issues of Laskimooses, $7 each: #36 by Kullan Kirkastuminen, #37 by Sisimmassa Sisimmyydessa + #38 by Haarautuva Risteys

Rollerblade Dan and the Puddle by Jillian Sander $5

Avoid Situations: An Autobiographical Collection by Lily Reeves $4

various mini-comics by Kirt Burdick, various prices

Cankor Calamity of Challenge #3 by Matthew Allison $5

various comics & zines by Billy Bridwell, various prices

Free Fantasy #2 by Kane Shirley $10



Why Comics?: From Underground to Everywhere by Hillary Chute $40 – An indispensable guide revealing the history of comics with analysis, as well as fascinating portraits of the fearless creators behind them. Focusing on ten major themes—disaster, superheroes, sex, the suburbs, cities, punk, illness and disability, girls, war, and queerness—Chute explains how comics gets its messages across more effectively than any other form.

World War 3 Illustrated Presents Fight Fascism! $12 – Founded by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper in 1979, WW3 Illustrated has been publishing cutting-edge, political comics. Now it’s a book series. Contributors include: Erik Drooker, Sue Coe, Isabella Bannerman, Kevin Pyle, and more.

Angels and Magpies: The Love and Rockets Library vol 3 by Jaime Hernandez (Fantagraphics) $19.99 – Various stores from L&R New Stories and Jaime’s NYT serial.

Satania by Fabien Vehlmann & Kerascoet $24.99 – Charlie searches for her missing scientist in the underground of Hell, which hides another world that exists beyond anyone’s expectations.

Blocked: Stories From the World of Online Dating by Ally Shwed & friends $25

2001 by Blaise Larmee (2dcloud) $24.95

Cats on Cats on Cats by Ally Shwed $15

Lady Killer vol 2 by Joelle Jones &? Laura Allred $17.99 – She’s a homemaker, wife, and mother–but she’s also a ruthless, efficient killer!

Acedia by Andre Coelho $10


Undocu-Ally: A Guide on How To Be a Good Ally for Undocumented Immigrants $5 – Pointers, tips and resources. Folds out into a ledger sized poster with emergency numbers, contact info and a big “Protection for ALL” Sign.

Global Discontents: Conversations On the Rising Threats to Democracy $18 – Noam Chomsky in convo with David Barsamian.

The Age of Jihad: Islamic State and the Great War for the Middle East by Patrick Cockburn $19.95


Chicago Yippie ’68 by Justin O’Brien $15 – A self-published, personal account of the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention riots, when the author was just 17, caught up in the anti-war protests in the streets and parks of Chicago. Plus, words from other participants, 3 original maps and more than 150 photos.


The Dark Book by Kuang Chu (Gingko Press) $35 – A survey of 30 international artists working in a variety of mediums, portraying our darkest fears, that of pernicious scenes of life gone wrong and graphic images of inhuman monstrosity.

2 crazy, fantastical, made-up flora and fauna art books from Chilean artist Claudio Romo (from Ginko Press, $24.95 each): The Book of Imprudent Flora & A Journey in the Phantasmagorical Garden of Apparitio Albinus

Drew Friedman’s Chosen People (Fantagraphics) $19.99 – People chosen to be rendered by the man BoingBoing calls “The greatest living portrait artist.” Cartoonists, comedians, musicians and more.

Vintage Modern: Design with a Past (Sandu Publishing) $45 – A look at designers who blend vintage retro clip art influence and period colors. Logos, packaging & more!

Mix & Match: Exploring Contemporary Collage (Sandu Publishing) $45 – Featuring selected works from over 30 leading artists in the field, including Lola Dupre, Boris Peianov, Kris Tate and more!

Sword of Whatever: Stories and Artwork for and Inspired by Payton Leonard $24.99

The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog, illustrated by Mark Andresen, based on the poem by Eugene O’Neill (Gingko Press) $12.95 – This illustrated eulogy is a balm for anyone whos recently lost their dog, or a perfect gift for a friend in their time of loss.


How Not to Kill Yourself: A Survival Guide for Imaginative Pessimists (Good Life) by Set Sytes and Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $9.95

Protest Knits: Got needles? Get Knitting by Geraldine Warner $16 – From pussy hats to yarn bombing, knitting and handicrafts have a long history in protesting. Here are 15 projects for some crafty therapy revolution.

Joyful Militancy: Building Thriving Resistance in Toxic Times by Carla Bergman (AK Press) $16

Elements of Healing: A Self-Care Primer and Workbook by Mender $5


Psychopaths: Up Close and Personal: Inside the Minds of Sociopaths, Serial Killers and Deranged Murderers by Christopher Berry-Dee $15.95

Hollywood Obscura: Death, Murder, and the Paranormal Aftermath by Brian Clune $16.99

The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective by Patricia Cori $18.95 – Cori traveled intergalactically outside of her body. Twenty years later, the transmissions she received affirm the prophecies these beings communicated.


Homesick for Another World: Stories by Ottessa Moshfegh $16


Untypical Girls: Styles and sounds of the transatlantic indie revolution by Sam Knee (Cicada Books) $29.95

The Unsinkable Bambi Lake: A Fairy Tale Containing the Dish on Cockettes, Punks, and Angles by Bambi Lake (Manic D Press) $15.95

Evil Dead 2 Adult Coloring and Activity Book by various $14.99

Gumby Imagined: The Story of Art Clokey and His Creations by Joan Rock and Joe Clokey $34.99


The Baffler #37 $14
Gather Journal #12 $19.99
AdBusters #135 #14.95
ID Magazine #350 $18.50
Corridor Journal #1 Bridgeport, Connecticut $15
Soft Magazine #3 Creative People and Their Day Jobs $16


Blue Ivy Carter: A Little Big Story by Tes Mekonnen $7

Fifty Feminist Mantras: A Yearlong Mantra Practice For Cultivating Feminist Consciousness by Amelia Hruby $15

Zizobotchi Papers vol 2 $13

Brick #100 $16

New Stuff This Week

Alternative Scouting Patch For Boys and Girls by Luke Drozd $5 – So many kinds! Bribery, Grave Robbery, Money Laundering, Necromancy, Immortality & more!

More stuff from Breakdown Press! Various issues & prices: Beserker #1, Conditioner by Liam Cobb, Windowpane by Joe Kessler, Joyride by Zoe Taylor, Klaus, Generous Bossom #1 by Conor Stechschulte, Mumu and the Silky Road by Brie Moreno, Escape to the Unfinished by Dash Shaw, Palace by Antoine Cosse, Klaus & more!


Stoked by Anneli Sanaye Henriksson $15

Red Sun by Kaelyn Becker $10

Delayed Journey by Ariel Pedatzur $12

Album of Lost Moments by Eric Bartholomew $6

Sikh Ladies in Sick Fashion $10 – A beautifully printed drawing zine filled with illustrations of bad-ass ladies of the Sikh persuasion donning some pretty dope threads. Jasyot Singh Hans’ line is delicate, yet confident and his printing skills aren’t too bad either. This mini is deftly risograph printed in a limited black, red, and white palette, and it’s a real delight to the senses. -M.C.

Genevieve and the Hydra Anti Fascist Fairytale $15

Lurkin Hard #4 $10


You Don’t Get There From Here #44 by Carrie McNinch/split with Snakepit by Ben Snakepit $7 – This issue of You Don’t Get There from Here is a split with Ben Snakepit as two worlds of diary comics collide in a most auto-bio fashion. Double your content and get twice the bang for your buck from these two diary comics pioneers. M.C.

Life Defining Moments by JJ McLuckie $10 – Through a series of diverse vignettes J.J tells us about memories and situations that made him who he is today. Through his reflective, lyrical yet clinical narration, patterns start to form, and a picture of the author is effectively painted by the end. Printed in bright pink and federal blue, it’s a treat for your mini-comics shelf. – M.C.

Happy Slappin Dancin’ by Max Morris $2 – Max Morris uses his expressive gestural drawing to bring to life some real happy, slappy dancin’ An exercise in movement, I like to imagine Max had to do some extensive dancing himself in studying for this mini. One of my favorite final panels in recent history. – M.C.

Comix Skool USA #9 by Kevin Huizenga $5 – A new entry in the “Comix Skool USA” from the brain of Mr. Kevin Huizenga himself (Ganges, The Wild Kingdom.) Based off the syllabi designed while teaching at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he shares tips on narrative, pacing, panel composition, and more! Get a peek into the process of one of the more interesting cartoonists working today, and maybe you’ll pick up a thing or two. – M.C.

University of Octypero to a Degree #1 by Puck Saint $5

Wet Ghost Country #4 by Tom McHenry $5

Santa Cruz Comics Manga #1 Fall 2017 Fairy and Troll $7.99

Caroline Paquita 2018 Calendar (Pegacorn Press) $12.00


I am Not Okay With This by Charles Forsman (Fantagraphics) $14.99

The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors by Elizabeth Beier $24.99 – Elizabeth Beier chronicles true-life romantic tales as she breaks up with a long-term boyfriend and navigates a brave new world: dating women.

Street Fighting Men vol 1 by Spain Rodriguez (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Geis II: A Game Without Rules by Alexis Deacon (Nobrow) $18.95

Moomin and the Brigands by Tove Jansson (D&Q) $9.95


Fetish of Pain by Marcos Raya $25


Fascism Today: What it is and How to End it by Shane Burley (AK Press) $15.95


Aleister Crowley in America: Art, Espionage, and Sex Magick in the New World by Tobias Churton $40


The Speed of Sound: Breaking the Barriers Between Music and Technology: A Memoir by Thomas Dolby $16.99 – No in soft cover!


Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology edited by Martha Bayne $20 – Fiction, essays, poetry, journalism and more from over fifty writers about the city of big shoulders and its near neighbors.


Improv Nation: How We Made a Great American Art by Sam Wasson $28


Taddle Creek #40 $6.95

Subject to Change: Trans Poetry & Conversation edited by H. Melt $17

Bitch Win 18 $7.95
Kitchen Toke vol 1 #1 Cooking with Cannabis $16.95
Juxtapoz Win 18 $9.99
Mojo Dec 17 $10.99
Drift vol 5 Melbourne & vol 6 Mexico City $24 each – Every issue devoted to coffee in a different city.
Apartamento #20 $24

Mornings Are Grim Coffee Mug $12 – From Dark & Somber Greetings who make those black metal greeting cards — mre of those in stock too!
Chili Lix Suckers in 3 different spicy flavors! $2
Efrutti Hot Dog Gummi Candy $.50

New Stuff This Week

Small Business Saturday! Yes, we’re open! #shopsmall #quimbys #quimbysbookstore #quimbysbookstorechicago

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#ShopSmall? How about #ShopTiny?


Ennui photo zine by Dongyi Wu $12.00

Heels by Jeffrey Cheung $6.00

Confusion Droppings #20 by Max Nordile $5.00

Crochet by Jordan Taylor $5.00

Giorgio and Dimitrius Fast Food Colorin’ Book by Leif Goldberg $6.00

Algeria – Notes on an Unfamiliar Place by Gene Bedient $5.00

House by George Wylesol (Tan N Loose) $12.00 – A collection of sparse digitized images in an American idiom: gas stations, truck stops, bars. Text fragments tell a surreal story of a transforming neighborhood. Truly unsettling, beautiful, and strange. -Lane


Forlorn Funnies #1 by Paul Hornschmeier (Fantagraphics) $8.00

Dead Flame by Chloe Perkis $10.00 – A stunningly designed and deeply felt meditation on love and loneliness. Worth it alone for the way Chloe draws hair! Highly highly recommended. -Lane

Cats of the White House by Danny Noonan $3.00

Panthor #2 $9.00

Marjorie #1 by Josh Reinwald $3.00

Otto Splotch titles:
Quarter Vomit by Otto Splotch $15.00 – Get back to the grimestone with the latest collection from Otto Splotch. Three friends drink and embark on a Mardi Gras adventure. This one brings the yuks and & yucks. -Lane
Wake Up and Knurl $7.00
Granny Candy $15.00

Of Love and Books by C. Kardambikis $10.00

Views From the Gutter #1 $10.00


The Green Hand and Other Stories by Nicole Claveloux $24.95 – Claveloux’s whimsical intoxicating short stories (murderous grandmothers! bad-tempered vegetables!) from the 70s in French, now translated into English. Book designed and with an intro by Daniel Clowes.

The Doomster’s Monolithic Pocket Alphabet by Theo Prasidis $12.99 – Bongs, goats, amps, and a lot of naked nuns! In five decades of wretched existence, doom metal has evolved into a vast orchard of unearthly delights. Explore its unholy rites with this illustrated lexicon of all things doom.

The Graphic Canon of Crime and Mystery, Vol. 1: From Sherlock Holmes to A Clockwork Orange to Jo Nesbø by Russ Kick

Cold Cube #003 by Aiden Fitzgerald & friends $25.00

How 2B King by Taylor H. Dow and Alexandria Vickery (Cold Cube Press) $20.00 – A beautiful collaborative narrative experiment from Alexandria Vickery and Taylor Dow. These two best friends built their comic story from the center outward, each contributing panels color-coded in red and blue. Endearing and lovely! -Lane


2018 Indicator Species Calendar by Leif Goldberg $24.00 – Enjoy each month of 2018 with Leif Goldberg’s screen-printed spaceships, pizza, critters and assorted madness. And then when the year is over, continue to marvel at the colors.

Beautiful Days by Chris Uphues 12.00

Dark Sand by Alain Vonck (Bronze Age) $14.00


Revolutionary Yiddishland: A History of Jewish Radicalism by Alain Brossat & Sylvie Klingberg (Verso) $18.95


Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars by David Hepworth $30.00

The Essential Fan Guide to RuPaul’s Drag Race by John Davis & Libby VanderPloeg $19.95


Headmaster #8 $20.00

Poisonous Berries (Bronze Age) $12.00

The Believer Jan 18 $12.00
Wicked Vision Magazine vol 8 $18.00
Sometimes Magazine #1 Made in the Kitchen $10.00
Harpers Magazine Dec 17 $6.99
Paper Magazine Win 17 $10.00
Tape Op #122 $4.95


Overtime Hour 46 The Clean Room by Joe Cappello $2.00

Fools Journey by Sara Duff $4.00

Go to Hell the Game $22.00
Bravery Bandages $6.00
Glow Cats Toys $.50
Cat Scarf $19.98
Finger Cat Paws $2.00
Cat Bowtie For Posh Cats $6.00

New Stuff This Week


Happy Local Comic Book Shop Day! OK, so technically we’re a bookstore, but if you’re in Chicago, we’re local. And we do have comics! For example: Edie Fake’s new Gaylord Phoenix Issue #8, which travels the path to call on connections too thick to be broken, in Fake’s award-winning, abstract-o queer comic series. Under (over)cover world (re)building, convening in the coven, best represented with the introduction that says, “A storm has hit hard and much damage has been done. In a broken hall, what heals? What helps?” Made in an edition of 800 copies. Fight the elements and come get it in the store or buy it at Quimbys.com here!


Truckface #18 We’re In This Together by LB $3.00 – LB is a gender-questioning punk rocker in a band in the summer, and a  dedicated, grant-winning high school teacher with their tattoos covered up during the school year.

The Day McDonalds Fell by DW Seckinjerk $10.00

Art Scab and How to Pick it Off $2.00

Rent Is Theft Radical Alternatives to the Housing Crisis #1 $2.00

Flux 0001 by RH Borre $5.00

Countersignals vol 2 Hieroglyphs of the Anti-Conformity by Jack H. Fischer $15.00

About Some Dragons by Dylan Kyung Lim $5.00

Earth Has No Blank Spaces Only Razed Surfaces $5.00


Futile Comics #6 by Mike Centeno $6.00

Homunculus the Refuser No Man #12 by Rod Binnion $20.00

Total Lunarcy by Natalie Dupille $10.00


I Don’t Like You by Kevin Scalzo $11.95 – “Sugar Booger” artist Kevin Scalzo returns with his first long form comic, and it’s hilarious.

As the Crow Flies by Melanie Gillman (Iron Circus Comics) $30.00

Dialogues Conversations About the Nature of the Universe by Clifford V. Johnson $29.95


How Will Capitalism End?: Essays on a Failing System by Wolfgang Streeck $16.95


Geek Tattoo: Pop Culture In the Flesh by Issa Maoihibou (Cernunnos) $40.00


David Bowie Made Me Gay: 100 Years of LGBT Music by Darryl W. Bullock $35.00

The History of Rock & Roll, Volume 1: 1920-1963 by Ed Ward $19.99 – Now in soft cover.

Florence Foster Jenkins: The Life of the Worlds Worst Opera Singer by Darryl W. Bullock $15.95 – Now in soft cover.

David Bowie: The Man Who Fell to Earth by Paul Duncan (Taschen) $19.99

We’re Going to be Friends by Jack White and Elinor Blake (Third Man Books) $16.95 – White Stripes-flavored kids book.


Psychedelic Medicine: The Healing Powers of LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin, and Ayahuasca by Dr. Richard Louis Miller $16.95

Bust #108 $9.95
Tape Op #122 $4.95
Wicked Vision Magazine vol 8 $18.00
Skeptical Inquirer vol 41 #6 $5.99
Make vol 60 $9.99
Horror Hound #68 $6.99
Under the Radar #62 $5.99
Raw Vision #95 Fall 17 $14.00
Kill Pretty #4 Unsuitable Periodical $10.00
Cherry Bombe #10 $20.00
Fortean Times #359 Witch Bottles $12.50
Toilet Paper #15 $16.00

NA Literary Magazine vol 1 #10 No Assholes $5.00
Flicker World by Jack Ghost $7.00
Imitating Intimacy by Meggi Lampen $5.00