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New Stuff This Week

Dave Sheridan: Life With Dealer McDope, The Leather Nun, And The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers by Dave Sheridan and Mark Burstein (Fantagraphics Underground) $35 – Dave Sheridan collects the best of the legendary underground cartoonist’s tripped-out comic strip hilarity. It includes Sheridan’s solo comics, many reprinted for the very first time, and his collaborations with Fred Schrier and Gilbert Shelton (who writes the foreword), along with his record covers, beer labels, and advertisements for more…cough, cough…organic products. The book includes a biography and reminiscences from fellow artists, friends, and family members.


Mineshaft #35 $9 – Mineshaft #35 is now available! This is the Jay Lynch Memorial issue with new work by Jay and front cover art and design by Robert Crumb. And more!!!

Work in Progress by Dan Gleason $3 – He might be a work in progress but by God, what a piece of work. – M.C.

Junk Drawer #10 Guide to Time Travel $5

KerBloom #131 Mar Apr 18 by Artnoose $2

Loud and Queer: Queer Voices of Now, various issues $10 each

zines by Kara Comegys: Plump Up For Hibernation #3 A Vegan Bears Baking Guide $5, Clumsy #11 $3 & more!

Smudge vol 2 #4 by Clay Hickson $5

Portion of the Lincoln Highway Through Illinois by Jessica Brewer Prugh $8

Rain Drops and Broken Hearts by Leanna Perry $15

Comics & Minis

Wakaikami by Kyle Arends $3

Quarter Vomit Version 2.0 by Otto Splotch $10

Patchwork by Steve Schaberg $8

Graphic Novels

Land Of The Sons by Gipi (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – Two brothers try to discover the secret of their father’s diary.

Blackbird Days by Manuele Fior (Fantagraphics) $22.99 – Fior showcases his versatility and mastery of the form in this collection of short literary comics fiction.

Die Laughing by Andre Franquin (Fantagraphics) $19.99 – A collection of visual gags and gag-inducing visuals by a trailblazer of Belgian comics.

Godhead vol 1 by Ho Che Anderson (fantagraphics) $24.99 – Chaos ensues after a powerful corporation creates a device to communicate with God. Is this humanity’s salvation or the equivalent of a Doomsday machine?

Art & Design Books

Signs of Resistance: A Visual History of Protest in America by Bonnie Siegler $17.95 – 240 images from British rule and women’s suffrage to the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War; from women’s equality and Black Lives Matter to the actions of our forty-fifth president and the Women’s March and more!

The Feminist Revolution: The Struggle for Women’s Liberation by Bonnie J. Morris and D-M Withers $34.95 – Collection of essays, oral histories, and illustrations depicting the feminist revolution.

Love Sucks: The Truth About Romance From the World’s Greatest Cynics, Written by Daria Summers, Illustrated by Emma Munger $12.95

Politics & Revolution

A Girl’s Guide to Joining the Resistance: A Feminist Handbook on Fighting for Good by Emma Gray $16.99 – Executive Women’s Editor at HuffPost interweaves personal experience and journalism to offer how to info on choosing good media sources, instructions on getting involved, how to creat female centric work spaces, how to stay involved without exhaustion, numbers to call, orgs to contact, scripts for reaching out as well as interviews with activists.

Gore Capitalism by Sayak Valencia (Semiotext(e) / Intervention Series) $16.95 – An analysis of contemporary violence as the new commodity of today’s hyper-consumerist stage of capitalism.

Music & Film Books

More 33 1/3 books! $14.95 each:
Fugazi’s In on the Kill Taker by Joe Gross – Features new interviews with all four members of Fugazi and members of their creative community.
Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy by Ronen Givony – Touches on issues such as toxic authenticity, the question of “selling out,” and asks whether we today are enriched or impoverished by that debate becoming obsolete.
Lou Reed’s Transformer by Ezra Furman – Explores Reed’s and Transformer’s unstable identities, and the secrets the songs challenge us to uncover.

That Movie Book: Awesome, Weird and Wonderful Flicks for Every Weekend of Your Year by Marc Fennell $19.99 – From the very funny film critic on triple j, chat show The Circle & reporter on ABC1’s Hungry Beast! 260 movies to fill every weekend of the year, each with a theme – a genre, filmmaker, actor or trend. Disney’s most racist characters! The many disturbing faces of Santa! You get the idea.

Runnin’ with the Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen by Noel Monk (with Joe Layden) $19.99 – By Noel Monk, the manager who shepherded Van Halen from obscurity to rock stardom.


The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.: A Novel by Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland $17.99 – Magic stopped working altogether in 1851, at the time of the Great Exhibition at London’s Crystal Palace—the world’s fair celebrating the rise of industrial technology and commerce. Something about the modern world “jams” the “frequencies” used by magic, and it’s up to Tristan to find out why.

Census by Jesse Ball $25.99

Guardian Angels and Other Monsters by Daniel H. Wilson $16 – Stories that explore complex emotional and intellectual landscapes at the intersection of artificial intelligence and human life.

Books by by Brian Alan Ellis (House of Vlad) $10-$12: Something To Do With Self Hate, Drunken Heap of Trouble Every Week: The First Three Books

Outer Limits

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer by Michelle McNamara $27.99 – An account of the unsolved Golden State Killer case, written by the late author of the TrueCrimeDiary.com website and featuring an afterword by her husband, comedian Patton Oswalt, traces the rapes and murders of dozens of victims and the author’s determined efforts to help identify the killer and bring him to justice.

Acid West: Essays by Joshua Wheeler $17 – A trip through the muck of American myths that have settled in the desert of our country’s underbelly.

Another Man #26 $18.50
Tom Tom Magazine #33 $10
Mojo #294 $11.25

Chap Books & Poetry

Your Glass Head Against the Brick Parade of Now What’s a Beautiful Nice Poem by Sam Pink (House of Vlad) $10 – You might have thought you didn’t like poetry but you’ll like Sam Pink: thoughtful musings, wistful superheroes, different types of eye contact and the grace of the beat-down. At turns elegant and hilarious. -LM

Survival Guide 2018 by R. Browning $25

New Stuff This Week

Goblinko patches, stickers & wrapping paper!

The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman’s Extraordinary Life in the Business of Death, Decay, and Disaster by Sarah Krasnostein $26.99 – Remember Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction? Pankhurst is like that. But before she was a trauma cleaner, Sandra Pankhurst was many things: husband and father, drag queen, gender reassignment patient, sex worker, small businesswoman, trophy wife. . . But as a little boy, raised in violence and excluded from the family home, she just wanted to belong. Now she believes her clients deserve no less. A woman who sleeps among garbage she has not put out for forty years. A man who bled quietly to death in his living room. A woman who lives with rats, random debris and terrified delusion. The still life of a home vacated by accidental overdose.


Chickfactor #18 $15 – Issue #18 is here of the legendary indie nerd fanzine edited by Gail O’Hara, who cofounded CF with Pam Berry in 1992 (yes, Belle & Sebastian wrote a song about it). This issue features big, fun interviews with Kendra Smith, The Softies, Alvvays, Lindy Morrison & Amanda Brown (The Go-Betweens), Girl Ray, Frances McKee (the Vaselines), Gerard Love (Teenage Fanclub, Lightships), Governess, Marisa Anderson, Tanita Tikaram, A Jukebox Jury with Kathy Foster, Rebecca Cole & Joanna Bolme; and the usual polls, loads of reviews & other stuff!

Awesome Things #2 by Liz Mason $3 – A continuation of the list all things awesome: Einstein-Rosen bridges, loop libraries, nudging the cat’s belly so it pendulum swings, or co-worker quotes like, “That guy seems like a warlock. Not like a cool warlock. Like an alcoholic warlock.”

Old Haunts #1 by Dan B $2

Chomp #5 A Hard Man is Good to Find $15

Inspect Connection $5

Trauma Is Really Strange by Steve Haines, art by Sophie Standing $13

Rick Astley Zine by Allison Felus $3 – Allison decontructs “Never Gonna Give You Up” and the Stock Aitken Waterman production team behind a few of Astley’s hits, and includes a testament in personal defense of his oeuvre (for the first two albums anyway). Rickroll this zine into your life. You had to know someone was going to make that joke, right? -LM

Punk Around #1 Nizhny Life $3

Comics & Minis

Moonlight by Cole Johnson $5 – Delicious fragments and tidbits of an artist’s life, or anyone’s life really. Each strip possesses a magical, pensive nostalgia full of familiarity and mystery all at once. It’s easy to get swept away in the dreamlike narratives Johnson weaves for us. ~CH

Revolution Channel #1 Towers on the Moon by Erik Thompson $10

Phantasmagoria by Rafael Huerta $10

Black Bean Zine #0 by Simone Simone $1

Malcolm-10 by Turtel Onli $2

Migratory Patterns by Kane Shirley $10

Exes #1 Comics by Dave K and Cole J $2

Isle of Flotsam #2 by Caleb $3

Moments of Adventure #1 & #2 by Colin Mathieson $4.95 each

Just Encased vol 1 $7

Graphic Novels

R. Crumb Sketchbook Jan 1975-Dec 1982 (Taschen) $40 – Combines volumes 5 and 6 from the second R. Crumb Sketchbook boxed set. 444 pages about his move to CA, his marriage to Aline, birth of his daughter, further adventures of Mr. Natural, mischievous Snoids, Arcade comics strips and more!

The Art of Edena by Moebius (Dark Horse) $34.99 – A companion to the World of Edena graphic novel, this collects four fantastic Edena-related short stories and a motherlode of Moebius illustrations.

Big Planet Comics Red anthology (Big Planet/Retrofit) $6 – Anthology featuring artists from or working in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, such as Robin Ha, Jared Morgan & more.

The Hookah Girl: And Other True Stories by Marguerite Dabaie (Rosarium Publishing) $6.95 – Semi-autobio of a childhood as a Christian Palestinian in America.

Dark Garbage by Jon Michael Frank $15

Forward by Lisa Maas (Arsenal Pulp) $18.95 – Two women, both of whom are unable to move “forward” and put the pieces of their lives back together.

Prisoner 155 Simon Radowitzky by Agustin Comotto (AK Press) $ 26 – The first English-language book devoted solely to the Ukranian expat, assassin, prisoner, and Spanish Revolution veteran, who died a factory worker in Mexico City.

Lucy & Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold Age 2 by Jeffrey Brown $7.99 – Paleo pranks between neanderthal siblings!

The Bridge: How the Roeblings Connected Brooklyn to New York by Peter J. Tomasi $24.99 – Would you jump off a bridge if we told you to? Perhaps the Brooklyn Bridge? Would you buy this book about the making of it?

Algeria Is Beautiful Like America by Olivia Burton $24.99

Politics & Revolution Books

May Made Me: An Oral History of the 1968 Uprising in France by Mitchell Abidor (AK Press) $20

Outer Limits

How to Swear: An Illustrated Guide by Stephen Wildish $14.95 – Fuck yeah! This visual guide to this fine art employs quick-read charts, diagrams, explications and strategies while offering guidance, history and etymology, quips, insults, answers to lingering questions, and much more.


The Disco Days Trilogy books by by David F. Ross – Adventures about music in Scotland in the 80s and 90s.

Lit Journals & Poetry

McSweeney’s 52: In Their Faces a Landmark: Stories of Movement and Displacement edited by Nyuol Lueth Tong $26

Breakbeat Poets vol 2: Black Girl Magic edited by Mahogany L. Browne, Idrissa Simmonds & Jamila Woods (Haymarket) $19.95 – Anthology to celebrate and canonize the words of Black women across the diaspora.

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #37 $5 – New issue of the occasional outburst of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and chocolate.

Paper Darts vol 7 $20

RFD #173 Spr 18 First Time $11.95
Taproot #26 Heal $12

Local Interest

West by Southwest to Stickney: Draining the Central Area and Exorcising Clout by Richard Lanyom (Lake Claremont Press) $21.95

New Stuff This Week

Pansy Beat by Michael Economy & friends (KrimsKrams Island LLC ) $35 . . Pansy Beat was a short-lived fanzine published by Michael Economy in New York from 1989 to 1990, totaling five quarterly issues. Each issue’s 50-some black-and-white pages documented the exuberant downtown gay and drag club scene of that era and included one free condom. The zine offered a glimpse into an exhilarating alternative universe during the darkest years of the AIDS crisis. Interviews profiled downtown personalities on the verge of global stardom, many still working to this day. Artists such as Lady Bunny, Billy Erb, Connie Fleming, Kenny Kenny, Lady Miss Kier and Larry Tee first shared their memorable selves in print on the pages of Pansy Beat. The zine also featured interviews with Edwige Belmore, Leigh Bowery and Quentin Crisp. This book celebrates Pansy Beat’s brief but influential life, including a reprinting of all five issues in their original format, previously unseen photographs by staff photographer Michael Fazakerley, new full-color artwork by some of the original contributors, plus new essays and interviews. . . #pansybeat #fanzine #zinecollection #quimbys #quimbysbookstore #quimbysbookstorechicago

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Pansy Beat by Michael Economy & friends (KrimsKrams Island LLC ) $35

Reefer Madness, edited by Crag Yoe (Dark Horse) $19.99 – Degradation! Crime! Madness! Hysteria surrounded marijuana as a perceived gateway drug from the 1930’s to the 1950’s and beyond. Adventure Comics, by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and works by Frank Frazetta, Jerry Robinson, Jack Kirby, and many more, reveal the social reaction to this era of “Reefer Madness”. Like the anti-drug propaganda film, these stories range from comically misinformed to soberly concerned about the influence of Mary Jane on the youth of America. Eisner and Harvey Award winner Craig Yoe brings us his newest collection of wacky, wild, and culturally relevant comics. See how marijuana was perceived in the days of ignorance before it was legalized by the visionary people of Oregon, Washington, and Colorado! See marijuana demonized as a “Satan’s cigarettes” in 1950’s comics!


Pound the Pavement #18 God Bless Graffiti Coalition by Josh MacPhee and Daniel Tucker $6 – Essays and information on the legality/criminality of graffiti, Graffiti as civic engagement & more!

Penises Are Confusing #36 $2.50

Welcome to Magnum Pleasure #7 $2.50

Mantid Mania #1 Origins by Mike Smith $5

Dave Zine #14 Davezine the Bad Roommates Issue by David G. Cookson $4

Comics & Minis

Laskimooses #40 Here Comes Trouble by Tohori Matti Hagelbergin $7

Three Loops by JJ McLuckie $10

Star Beasts #1 The Mighty Menace by Stephanie Young & Allison Lassiter $7

Graphic Novels

Your Black Friend and Other Strangers by Ben Passmore (Silver Sprocket) $20

Head Lopper Volume 2: Head Lopper and the Crimson Tower by Andrew MacLean & friends $16.99

Copra Round 5 by Michel Fiffe (Bergen Street Press) $21.95

Paper Girls Volume 4 by Brian K Vaughan & friends $14.99

Stripburger #70 Twenty Five Years $10

Art & Design

Metamorphosis by Tavar Zawacki (Urban Spree Books) $39.95 – He took the world by storm with his iconic ABOVE arrow icon, painting in over 100 different cities spanning 50 countries across the globe.

Desperately Seeking Banksy by Ian Castello-Cortes (Gingko Press) $16.95 – Streamlined for the casual Banksy fan. Features 2017s Bridge Farm Primary School and The Walled Off Hotel, as well as up-to-the-minute artwork selection.

Skateboarding Is Not a Fashion: The Illustrated History of Skateboard Apparel by Jurgen Blumlein, Dirk Vogel & Cap10 (Gingko Press) $59.95 – Neither it is a crime! Hang Ten, Jams, Vans, Jimmy’Z — it’s all here. Original commentary from designers, company founders, and pro skateboarders who have defined skateboarding’s look for entire generations. Comments from Stacy Peralta, Lance Mountain, Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, and many more, talking about safety gear ranging from helmets to kneepads and gloves, not to mention accessories such as bags.

Handstyle Lettering: From Calligraphy to Typography by Victionary (Gingko Press) $35

Blank State: An Architectural Coloring Book by Fundamental.berlin (Gingko Press) $14.95

Store Front II (Mini): A History Preserved: The Disappearing Face of New York by Karla L Murray and James T Murray (Gingko Press) $29.95

Mayhem & Outer Limits

The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple by Jeff Guinn $17

The Phantom Atlas: The Greatest Myths, Lies and Blunders on Maps by Edward Brooke-Hitching $29.95 – This richly illustrated book shows a world of ghost islands, invisible mountain ranges, mythical civilizations, ship-wrecking beasts, and other fictitious features introduced on maps and atlases. A cartographical beauty!

Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence by Nick Caruso & Dani Rabaiotti, illustrated by Ethan Kocak $15

What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves by Benjamin K. Bergen $16.99

Secret Chicago: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure by Jessica Mlinaric (Reedy Press) $20.95

A People’s History of Civilization by John Zerzan (Feral House) $13 – Essays ranging from the beginning of civilization to today’s general crisis.


True Detective Mar 18 $9.99
Fortean Times #364 $12.50
Earth First vol 37 #4 $6.95


Meat #26 $14

New Stuff This Week

UFO Presences by Javier Arcenillas (Editorial RM) $35 UFO Presences explores the places where UFO sightings have taken place across America: in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and of course the infamous Area 51, along South Central Nevada’s State Route 375?the so-called Extraterrestrial Highway, where so many travelers have reported UFO observations and other bizarre alien activities. Spanish photographer Javier Arcenillas (born 1973) has diligently photographed these locations, and sequenced them in this book as a visual road trip, mixing his photographs with news clippings and other relevant ephemera. . . #quimbysbookstorechicago #ufopresences #quimbys #quimbysbookstore #photobook #outerlimits

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UFO Presences by Javier Arcenillas (Editorial RM) $35


Client and Co-Conspirator: A Dialogue Between Two Sex Worker Advocacy Activists $3

No Bad Whores, Just Bad Laws, Support Hose Year One $5

Pussweek #3 by Bexy McFly $11.99 – By cats for cats!

Suitable 4 Framin #12 Jan 18 All Oakland Issue $10 – Graffiti zine.

Everything’s Fine Chinatown by Iqvinder Singh $10

Hard to Love #6 Lung Static by Sara McHenry $3

How I Became a Butterfly by Nathan Margoni $5

Happy Tapir #4 Tom Cruise and Jim Harbaugh Had Sex In My Second Apartment by Johnny Masiulewicz $3

Lane With by Michael Solomon $12

tracts from PM Press, various prices:
Young CLR James: A Graphic Novelette by Paul Buhle
Events and Victims by Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Edited by Jon Curley
Heart X-Rays: A Modern Epic Poem by Marcus Colasurdo

Comics & Minis

Cool Girls Doing Things by Caroline Cash $5

Dentures in the Sink #1 by Sofia Diaz $7.50

Infinite Wheat Paste #4 by Pidge & Chase Hutchison $5

Crackle vol 1 by Phillip Maira $3.50

Isle of Flotsam #1 by Caleb $3

Agency by Tom McHenry $5

Graphic Novels

Flayed Corpse And Other Stories by Josh Simmons & friends (Fantagraphics) $24.99 – Brutal, deeply unsettling, and often hilarious stories from a master of modern horror comics. Also collects collaborations with artists like Anders Nilsen, Tara Booth, Eroyn Franklin & more!

Kaleidoscope City by Marcellus Hall (Bittersweet Editions) $14.99

Glass Walker by Antoinette Lavin $15

Blazing Combat (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – Expanded edition reprint of the all-star war-comics anthology featuring all of Frank Frazetta’s painted covers and exclusive interviews with Archie Goodwin and publisher James Warren. Plus work by John Severin, Alex Toth, Wallace Wood and many more.

ISNXO by Ivan Gugel Dawson $15

Art Books

Signal 06 A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture, edited by Alec Dunn & Josh MacPhee $14.95 – International subversive graphic design edited by Justseeds folks.

We Are Not Alone vol II Beings and Creatures from Somewhere Else by Brett Manning $20

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Politics, Revolution & Current Events

Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life: A Tar Sands Tale by Matt Hern and Am Johal with Joe Sacco (MIT Press) $19.95

Yugoslavia: Peace, War, and Dissolution by Noam Chomsky, Edited by Davor Džalto (PM Press) $19.95


The Scooter Chronicles: A Southern California Modyssey by Shahriar Fouladi $19.99

Atheist In the Attic by Samuel R. Delaney (PM Press) $14

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Inseparable: The Original Siamese Twins and Their Rendezvous with American History by Yunte Huang $28.95

Insects: An Edible Field Guide by Stefan Gates $16.95

Spring has Spring! #quimbysbookstore #quimbys #quimbysbookstorechicago

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Music Books

My Ramones: Photographs by Danny Fields (Reel Art Press) $39.95 – 200+ photographs from 1975-1977 taken by manager Danny “pulse of the underground” Fields.


Bust #110 $6.99

Hiss Mag #2 $20

Chap Books

Overtime Hour 47: The Death of DemiVer Data Services by Julie McNeely-Kirwan (Blue Cubicle Press) $2 – Georgia, a “good child”-type employee, has just discovered the truth about the company she works for.

Impressions In the Language of a Lanterns Wick by Jake Syersak (Ghost Proposal) $7

Fallout by Jose Nateras $5

New Stuff This Week

The Clown Egg Registry by Luke Stephenson and Helen Champion $16.95 – For more than 70 years, Clowns International—the oldest established clowning organization—has been painting the faces of its members on eggs. This mesmerizing volume collects more than 150 of these portraits, from 1946 to the modern day! Step right up!


Fixer Eraser #2 by Jonas $3 – Thoughtful thoughts from local zine celeb Jonas.

Reasons to Live by Bex Shea $1

Well Never Have Paris #15 America True Stories $6

Bald People Against by Nathan Margoni $5

Glou Glou Magazine #1 $12 -Arty n conversational zine about wine.

Two Fisted Librarians vol 8 #1 $4


Helio Press, a whole mess of awesome risographed stuff like these, including work by Ashley Ronning!

Berlin #22 by Jason Lutes (D&Q) $5.95 – Final issue of this 20 year saga!

Baby Wave Karaoke by Nicole Michael Brunel Couvilllon $5

Three Days in Paradise by Michael Wynne $10

Florence by Rachel Bard $5

Tales From the Wolf Bus by Allie Allan D. Caesar $7

Fizzle #1 by Whit Taylor $6

Frankie Comics #1 through #4 SPX Special by Rachel Dukes


Graphic Novels

Gwar: Orgasmageddon by Matt Miner & friends $17.99 – Banished to the past by the cold and calculating Mr. Perfect, the heroes of GWAR trample through time like a deranged Bill and Ted on bath salts – antics ensue!

Politics & Revolution

POST-TRUTH: Why We Have Reached Peak Bullshit and What We Can Do About It by Evan Davis $26.99

Art Books

Deep Mapping by Brett Bloom and Nuno Sacramento (Breakdown Break Down Press) $8 – SELF-NAVIGATION NOW! Don’t map your shit like an old fuddy duddy! Use your own contradicting narrative! -LM

Posters for Change: Tear, Paste, Protest: 50 Removable Posters by Princeton Architectural Press $25 – Nearly 300 designers from around the world answered the call to create this collection of 50 tear-out posters for people who want to make their voices heard in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and apprehension.

Outer Limits

Hoax: A History of Deception: 5,000 Years of Fakes, Forgeries, and Fallacies by Ian Tattersall and Peter Névraumont $27.99 – Loch Ness, Ponzi schemes, spirit photographers and more, from a team that includes a curator emeritus at the American Museum of Natural History.

My Father, the Pornographer: A Memoir by Chris Offutt $16 – After inheriting 400 novels of pornography written by his father in the 1970s and ‘80s, critically acclaimed author Chris Offutt sets out to make sense of a complicated father-son relationship in this carefully observed, beautifully written memoir.

Film, Music & Media Books

Black Aesthetic #2 by Zoe Samudzi (Wolfman Books) $12

Hit So Hard: A Memoir by Patty Schemel, Drummer of Hole $27


Gentlewoman #17 $15.99

Mojo #293 $11.25

Monocle #111 $12

Maximumrocknroll #419 $4.99

Lit Journals & Chap Books

The Believer #117 $12

First Line vol 20 #1 $4

Wolfman New Life Quarterly by Jacob Kahn $12

Sex Guides & Culture

The Wonder Down Under: The Insider’s Guide to the Anatomy, Biology, and Reality of the Vagina by Nina Brochmann & Ellen Støkken Dahl $26.99