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New Stuff This Week

new stuff 082215


When the Crash Meets Something Solid #13 And I Had to Start Somewhere So I Started Right Here by Gabrielle Congrave $3.00

Hardcore Architecture Photo Zine $8.00

Hardcore Architecture Les Evans Cryptic Slaughter $5.00

Hardcore Architecture Bill Daniel $5.00

KerBloom #115 Jul Aug 15 by Artnoose $2.00


Comics & Minis

32 Drawings by Dylan Jones $7.00

Molasses vols 1 & 2 The Worlds Finest Funny Animal Anthology $5.95 each

Laid To the Bone by Mike Burridge $10.00

Son Of a Glitch by Guillaume Artis $5.00

Time to Decorate Your Squat by Mary Lucile Miller $10.00

Comics Machine #1 by Gene Kannenberg Jr. $3.00


Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

My Wife, the Tinder Spam-bot by Alec Robbins $6.00

So Buttons: Man of Like A Dozen Faces by JOnathan Baylis $20.00



All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews (McSweeneys) $16.00

Anglerfish Comedy Troupe Stories From the Abyss by Colin Fleming (Dzanc Books) $15.95

Rising Stories by Don LePan (Broadview Press) $16.95


Politics & Revolution

Trouble In Paradise by Slavoj Žižek (Melville House) $24.95


Music Books

Underground the Subterranean Culture Of DIY Punk Shows by Daniel Makagon (Microcosm Publishing) $14.95 – Don’t miss author Daniel Makagon here at Quimby’s on Tues, September 15th at 7pm with Photographers Patrick Houdek and Craig Kamrath!
Smiths FAQ All Thats Left To Know About The Most Important Band of the 1980s by John D. Luerrsen (Backbeat Books) $24.99


DIY Culture

Pedal Zombies: Thirteen Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories by Elly Blue (Microcosm Publishing) $9.95



Naked At Lunch: A Reluctant Nudist’s Adventures In the Clothing-Optional World by Mark Haskell Smith (Grove Press) $25.00



Homegrown Marijuana: Create a Hydroponic Growing System In Your Own Home by Joshua Sheets $24.99

Sex Guides, Culture, Erotica

Bondage Bites 69 Super Short Stories Of Lust and BDSM by Alison Tyler (Cleis) $15.95


Politics & Revolution

Because We Say So by Noam Chomsky (Open City Books) $15.95



The Point #10 Sum 15 What is Travel For $12.00

Harpers Magazine Sep 15 $6.99

Little White Lies #60 Truth and Movies $12.99

Majestic Disorder #5 $18.99

Kinfolk vol 17 Family Issue $18.00

Chap Books, Lit Journals & Poetry

Overtime Hour 37 Something LA by R Dean Johnson (Blue Cubicle Press) $2.00

Rattling Wall #5 $18.95



Other Stuff

TOPPS 2015 30TH Anniversary GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Packs $2.95 each

New Stuff This Week


The Technological Singularity by Murray Shanahan (MIT Press) $15.95 – The machines are taking over! You best be downloading kung-fu to fight ’em off!



Sub/Verse #1 by Chloe $5.00

Selfish Magazine #2 Just One More $22.00 – Don’t miss Selfish #2 release event here at Quimby’s on Sept 3rd with publisher Taylor Yates!

The Vellum Underground #3 $3.00 – Featuring Quimby’s and more!

Paramnesia $5.00

Serio #4 Social Justice Zine Based In Chicago by Luz Magdaleno $3.00


Comics & Minis

Comics by Amy Peltz: Release, Everybody Else, Expectation, Houses (various prices)

Terrarium vol 1 by Nicholas Burrus $10.00

Crass Sophisticate #34 $3.00

Blue Boy $2.00 by Brendan Kiefer $2.00

Roo Comix by Boone Graham $5.00

Plant Plant #2 by Alex Webb $5.00

Comics by Suzette Smith: Ce/Ze, Mournals March Journals, Man Who Dies, Queen Who Dies Sequel to the Man Who Dies (various prices)

Ghoulanoids #1 $6.00

Exquisite Malaise #1 by Keenan Marshall Keller (Yeah Dude Comics) $5.00 – A romance comic seen through the eyes of the wastoid that brought you Galactic Breakdown. Weird and wordless, 2 color Riso.


New Comics from Krystal DiFronzo: Just Like Old Faithful A Stream of Grief, Virago, Good Hodgkins, Car is Parked on the Side Street by the House of Venus (various prices)


Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Rough House vol 3 $20.00

Windmill Dragons: A Leah and Alan Adventure by David Nytra (Toon Books) $18.95

Shirtlifter #5 by Steve Macisaac $14.95

Various comics and graphic novels by JC Menu and Dominique Goblet (pictured below) who visited us earlier this week!

Goblet Menu


Art & Design Books

Here Kitty Kitty by Mallory McInnis $12.95 – Contemporary artwork of the internet’s favorite animal by today’s up-and-coming indie art and illustration darlings.



Dryland by Sara Jaffe (Tin House) $14.95


Sex Culture

Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution by Rachel Moran $15.95

Asking For It: the Alarming Rise Of Rape Culture and What We Can Do About It by Kate Harding (Da Capo) $15.99



Acid Test LSD, Ecstasy and the Power To Heal by Tom Shroder $18.00



Have a Little Pun: An Illustrated Play on Words by Frida Clements $14.95




Lucky Peach #16 The Fantasy Issue $12.00

Maximumrocknroll #388 Sep 15 $4.99

Brownbook #51 $14.99

Frankie #66 $14.95

Uncut Ultimate Music Guide: The Sex Pistols $14.99

New Philosopher #4 Fall 15 $9.95

Inked Sep 15 $6.99

Creative Quarterly #38 39 Spr Sum 15 $9.00

Flash Art #303 vol 48 Jul Aug Sep 15 $15.00

Under the Radar #54 Aug 15 $5.99

Fate #727 $5.95

Atlantis Rising #113 $6.95

Girls and Corpses vol 9 Summer 15 $8.95

Farts vol 3 Let It Be Loud $18.00 – Yes, this is for real. It’s a fashion and culture mag out of Korea.



Lit Journals & Chap Books

N Plus 1 #23 Fall 15 As If $14.95

Anthology of Chicago – The Collection $10.00

Dear S by Rachel E. Hyman $10.00


Other Stuff

2015-2016 Weekly Notebook Diary Planner 18 Months Hardcover (Moleskine) $22.50 – Starts in July 2015 and goes through December 2016. Comes in classic black hardcover.

New Stuff This Week

25lives25 Lives by Lisa Carver $14.95 – 25 of the most unusual people Lisa Carver (Drugs Are Nice, Rollerderby) could find to talk to. A murderess, a serial killer escapee, a millionaire, a nillionaire, an underwater man, a happily untreated schizophrenic, a woman who is like a doll, a tiny man with one eye and hearing aides who finally got treated like a human being only when he crossdressed and more.

Lesbian Lexicon 3rd Edition (Pegacorn Press) $5.00 – The Lesbian Lexicon documents words invented to describe previously unnamed queer phenomenon, words already used in popular queer vernacular, and a few gay words of antiquity. After years of gently prodding Stevie Anntonym (the editor and genius behind this project), the Lesbian Lexicon has been revamped with many new hilarious additions from contributors all over the U.S. 40 page booklet is Risograph.



Velo Vixen #1 by Rachel Krause $4.00

500 Piece Tiger Puzzle by James Chrzan $10.00

Xerography Debt #37 $4.00

Museums Tell Me They Hate Me by James Payne $4.00

We Won’t Move: Tenants Organize In New York City (Just Seeds) $12.00

Chicago Blue Line Harpoon Blues by Coriander Shapiro $8.00

Float A Fluxus Journal $6.00

The A-Zone and a Decade Of Anarchy In Chicago $2.00
Comics & Minis

Spectral Worlds by Lane Milburn $8.00

Cecil #1 by Jonathan Todd $2.00

Sheananigans vol 1 by Shea Brayley $3.00

Legends of Baseball #3 Connie Mack by R. Hendricks $1.00
Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Disillusioned Illusions by Greg Stump (Fantagraphics Underground) $30.00 – When a pair of washed-up silhouettes abandon the optical illusion business to make a graphic novel, they desperately hope the book will rocket them to fame and fortune. They’ll do just about anything to finish their project — anything, that is, except put forth any kind of effort whatsoever. Instead, they enlist a Juilliard-trained actor named Rodney to bear the burden of the work while they bicker, smoke, and relax in the break room. But their ingenious attempts at evading the hard labors of proper storytelling backfire when the three become entangled in a labyrinthine narrative of deception, adoption, and betrayal. Alliances and identities are forged and discarded with the turn of a page as the trio hurtles towards a thrilling courtroom conclusion that threatens to pull back the curtain on closely-guarded secrets and conspiracies.


My Pet Human by Yasmine Surovec $12.99

A whole assortment of graphic novels (and comics too!) from JC Menu and Dominique Goblet in preparation for their event here on Tuesday the 11th at 7pm! Don’t miss it!
Art & Design Books

The Pattern Base: Over 550 Contemporary Textile and Surface Designs by Kristi O’Meara & Audrey Victoria Keiffer $35.00

Parking Tickets: For Those Who’ve Crossed the Line Paperback by Shinebox Print $7.95

Mammoth Book Of Diesel Punk by Sean Wallace (Running Press) $14.95

Guild Of Saint Cooper by Shya Scanlon (Dzanc) $14.95

Black Hole: A Novel by Bucky Sinister (Soft Skull Press) $15.95

Swords of Steel by various $10.00 – Short stories by musicians in metal bands.

Alice: Beware the Claws that Catch by Christina Henry $15.00 – A contemporary Alice in a run down metropolis getting revenge against violent men.

Music & Film Books

Hope For Film: From the Frontline of the Independent Cinema Revolutions by Ted Hope (Soft Skull Press) $15.95

Elvis Is King: Costello’s My Aim Is True by Richard Crouse (ECW Press) $12.95

Alice in Chains: The Untold Story by David De Sola $27.99 – Finally.

Morrissey FAQ – All That’s Left To Know About This Charming Man (Backbeat Books) $24.99

Sub Pop USA: The Subterranean Pop Music Anthology 1980-1988 by Bruce Pavitt (Bazillion Points) $34.95

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Street Poison: The Biography of Iceberg Slim by Justin Gifford $25.95

Yurei: The Japanese Ghost by Zack Davisson (Chin Music) $22.95 – Zack Davisson writes about his personal experiences with Japan’s vengeful spirit ghosts, or yurei, launching an investigation into the origin, popularization, and continued existence of yurei in Japan.


Gun, Needle, Spoon Paperback by Patrick O’Neil (Dzanc) $14.95 – During punk rock’s heyday, Patrick O’Neil worked at the San Francisco’s legendary Mabuhay Gardens. He went on to become the road manager for the Dead Kennedys, Flipper, T.S.O.L. and the Subhumans. This is the story of his his slide into drug abuse and life as an armed robber.

Mammoth Book Of Weird Records by Jim Theobald (Running Press) $14.95

The FBI Handbook Of Crime Scene Forensics: The Authoritative Guide To Navigating Crime Scenes $12.99
Politics, Revolution, Current Events

The Voice of Witness Reader: Ten Years of Amplifying Unheard Voices ed. by Dave Eggers (Raincoast Books) $20.00

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate by Naomi Klein $16.99 – Now in soft cover.
Food & Drugs Books

Slice Harvester: A Memoir In Pizza by Colin Atrophy Hagendorf $23.00 – The story of a punk rock slacker eating his way through NYC, a pizza slice at a time.


Hot Damn & Hell Yeah: Recipes for Hungry Banditos, 10th Anniversary Edition by Ryan Splint (Microcosm Publishing) $10.95

Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth About the World’s Most Popular Weed by Kevin P. Hill $14.95
DIY Culture

Back To the Wild: A Practical Manual For Uncivilized Times (Process) $24.95
Body Modification Books

The World Atlas Of Tattoo by Anna Felicity Friedman (Yale University Press) $35.00 – Over 700 color illustrations! This volume considers historical and contemporary tattoo practices in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Fascinating text by tattoo experts exploring history and traditions as well as current styles and trends.

Parking Tickets For Those Who’ve Crossed the Line by Shinebox Print (Ulysses Press) $7.95 – To leave for the assholes. My favorite: “Is your name Katrina? Because this parking job’s a disaster.” -LM
Sexy Books

Mammoth Book Of Uniform Erotica Sex and Seduction In 40 Erotic Encounters by Barbara Cardy $14.95

Juxtapoz #176 Sep 15 $6.99

AdBusters Sep Oct 15 $12.95

The Pitchfork Review #7 $19.96


High Times Oct 15 $5.99

Mojo #261 Aug 15 The Who $10.50

Creative Nonfiction #56 Sum 15 $10.00
Chap Books

Anchored Disorder Poetry by Jon Dambacher $3.00
Kids Books

Hungry Roscoe by David J. Plant (Flying Eye Books) $17.95

New Stuff This Week

dime storiesDime Stories by Tony Fitzpatrick $29.95

Junk Drawer #8 Sampler of Slightly Fabulous Productsny Eric Bartholomew $2.50
Funeral A Short Story by Forrest Wasko $1.00
Sheriff Nottinghams Holiday Herald vol 1 #3 Bastille Day $10.00
Zisk #26 Sum 15 $2.00
My Dad Went To See Some Weird Music and All I Got Was This Lousy Zine by Mike Faloon $1.00
Dreams Catalog by Ryan Oskin $7.00
73s From The Evergreen State CB Radio QSL Cards From Washington $7.00
Wednesday Night by Bucket Siler $2.00
The Match #114 Sum 15 by Fred Woodworth $3.00
Witches in the Weird World #3 by Alice Aster $3.00

Comics & Minis
Cyber Realm by Wren McDonald $5.95
Midwestrn Cuban Comics #9 by Odin Cabal $5.00
Konehedz Part 1 by Mike Velard $3.50
Life Sucks by Valadez $6.66
A La Vey Verbum Obscurum #8 by Max Farber $2.00
Rattletrap #3 by Jerry Smith $5.00
Cookie Crumbs vols 1 & 2 by Alex Nall $1.00/$2.00 – Collection of portraits doodles cartoons at the Two Cookie Minimum reading series.
Elsewhere #1 by Lindsay Mathers $5.00
Breeds of Kitty Ladies by Olivia Rogers $3.00
Slurricane #8 by Will Laren $10.00
Esoteric Dialogue #2 $10.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Mythology of S Clay Wilson vol 2 Demons and Angels by Patrick Rosencranz $34.99

Beautiful You SC by Chuck Palahniuk $14.95
Cure For Suicide by Jesse Ball $24.00
Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley $26.00
Agents of the Internet Apocalypse: A Novel by Wayne Gladstone $24.99
New American Stories edited by Ben Marcus $16.95
Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero $15.95
Last Stories and Other Stories by William T. Vollmann $22.00
Little Boy Needs Ride by Chris Bower $14.95
The Remarkable Courtship of General Tom Thumb by Nicholas Rinaldi $16.00

Politics & Revolution
Feminism Unfinished: A Short Surprising History of American Womens Movements by Linda Gordon $15.95 – Now in soft cover.
Pro Reclaiming Abortion Rights by Katha Pollitt $16.00
2 Noam Chomsky Books from Haymarket: Powers and Prospects: Reflections on Nature and the Social Order, Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs

Magazines & Lit Journals
Bust Aug Sep 15 Fall Preview $5.99
Harpers Magazine Aug 15 $6.99
Flaunt #142 The Summer Camp Issue $15.95
Dazed & Confused vol 4 Sum 15 $10.99
Rad Dad 2015 Transformation Issue $6.95
ASR #64 Sum 15 Anarcho Syndicalist Review $5.00
Maximumrocknroll #387 Aug 2015 $4.99
Shindig #48 $12.99
Ghetto Blaster #41 $4.50
She Shreds #8 Magazine Dedicated to Women Guitarists $8.00
True Crime Jul 15 $8.99
Razorcake #87 $4.00
Exhibist Magazine: Contemporary Art From Turkey, various issues $10.00 each
Lady Churchills Rosebud Wristlet #33 $5.00
Kimchi #1 Sum 15 Soytit $5.00
Make vol 46 $9.99
Wire #377 Jul 15 $9.99

Essays & That Sort of Thing
Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells by Helen Scales $27.00

Other Stuff
Fucking Awesome Temporary Tattoos $12.95

New Stuff & Restocks

new stuff 072215

Miss our “New Stuff This Week” posts? It’s because we got a new system to track all of our items and ring people up. It made everything grind to a halt and now we’re picking up the pieces. And guess what’s back? Our weekly New Stuff Posts! You’re welcome. P.S. This is merely a sample of what came in for the past few weeks! Not everything is listed.

Zines & Zine-Related Books

Book of Instructions by Dan Gleason $3.00

Zines from Ashley Ronning, various prices: Tiny Friends, Satsuma-Imo, DIY Bookbinding, etc.

KerBloom #114 by Artnoose $2.00

Shotgun Seamstress #8 Apr 15 $5.50 – Wizard Apprentice, Chicago Black & Brown Punk Shows, Geretta Geretta, “Okada Boys” & more.

Why I Love Nic Cage and You Should Too Activity and Fun Book & Pages of Cages Activity and Fun Book II $5.00 each

What Is The Purpose Of Your Journey, Travel, Trip, Visit, All of the Above, Other: An Immigrant Artists Guide to Nowhere $7.00

Saysome #8 $4.00

Parents Money by Jay Hyun $2.20

Not Like You by Mike Delia, various issues, various prices

Mend My Dress #13 by Neely Bat Chestnut $2.00

I’m Supposed To Be Me But I’m Not by Ashlee Prewitt $2.00

Ghost vol 0 by Oscar Arriola $2.00

Black Cloud: A Morrissey Fanzine by Missy Kulik $5.00

Alley Connoisseur #3 Horizons by Raf & Sam $3.00

Comfort Food Zine $15.00

Works #1 by Brad Rohloff $12.00 – 24 Drawings 24 Stickers.

Satan is My Father by Allison Felus $3.00 – A Zine about Forgotten Misremembered and Nonexistent Bands.

My Snow Globe Life #1 by Johnnie B. Baker $1.00

zines from Bucket Siler (various titles)

I Belong Here by Kristin Stadium $1.00

Apricot vol 1 by Christopher Garcia $8.00

Who Will Police the Police On The Murder of Walter Scott $8.00

Pizza Eaters Present Hilarious coloring/activity books by such pop culture topics as: Lost, Horror Movies, Dexter, Buffy, X Files, Twin Peaks,The Wire, all $4.00 each

Acid Man, various issues, $4.00 each

Witches in the Weird World, various issues
Comics & Minis

BERLIN #19 by Jason Lutes (D&Q) $5.95

CRICKETS #4 by Sammy Markham $8.00

Collection Of Romantic Heartbreaks Major and Minor, Imagined and Actual by Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Press) $5.00

Half Asleep vol 4 by Beth Hetland $8.00

Jessa Lee Rempel Comics and Illustration #1 $1.00

You Were Swell #3 by Sophie McMahon $6.00

Vibration Infection by Otto Splotch $3.00

Tofu Baby Collection of Favorites by Missy Kulik $2.00

River North Gold Coast Lyfe by Todd McCafrey $5.00

Marrs Brothers and the Castle in Kansas #1 by Patrick Collins $3.99

Linger by Timothy Kozul $3.00

Laskimooses #23 by Raukeava Liekki $7.00

IT WILL ALL HURT #2 by Farel Dalrymple $8.00

Humonculus by Paul Walker $3.00

Hey Kid Can You Spare a Dream $2.00

Garden Of Mine #1 by Thais Beltrame $5.00

Darling Sleeper by Keiler Roberts $8.00

Dogdream by Scott Roberts $6.00

Cyber Me by Ivy Atoms $3.00

CHEER UP ONE SHOT by Noah Van Sciver $5.00

Vacationland Travel Stories $7.00

Rat Learns To Be Assertive $7.00

Collection of Feels by Ian McDuffie $8.00

A whole bunch of Retrofit titles, including but not limited to: Piggy by Niv Bavarsky, Nature of Nature the Earth Is Square Like You by Disa Wallander and more!

ISLAND #1 by Brandon Graham $7.99

Why the Fuck are You Still in Chicago by Ryan Ehresman $2.00

Breeds of Kitty Ladies $3.00

various comics from Rebecca Mir Grady, including various issues of She Is Restless.
Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

ROBERT CRUMB SEX OBSESSIONS (Taschen) $29.99 – Includes the strips My Troubles With Women, If I Were a King, A Bitchin’ Bod, and How To Have Fun With a Strong Girl, as well as 60 single page drawings.

POETRY IS USELESS by Anders Nilsen (Fantagraphics) $29.95

STROPPY by Marc Bell (D&Q) $21.95 – Mishaps and hilarity ensue and Stroppy is forced to go deep into the heart of Schnauzer territory to rescue his poet friend. Stroppy is Marc Bell’s triumphant return to comics; it’s also his first full-length graphic novella, one that thrums with jokes, hashtags, and made-up song lyrics.

Miseryland by Keilor Roberts $10.00

Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell by Sophie Goldstein & Jenn Jordan $25.00

Rollerdog by Simon Z. Krimms $13.00

Lower Style by Andy Burkholder $20.00

HAUNTER by Sam Alden $15.00

Welcome To The Wind by Abe Lampert $15.00

Mythology of S Clay Wilson vol 2 Demons and Angels (Fantagraphics) $34.99
Art & Design Books

Punishment Pig by Jack Lunenfeld $10.00

Don’t Come Up for Air by Josh Raab $10.00

Music Books

Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records by Bob Suren (Microcosm) $14.95

Next Next Level: A Story of Rap Friendship and Almost Giving Up by Leon Neyfakh $16.95 – This book is sort of about Milwaukee rapper Juiceboxxx, sort of about the author, alongside meditations on taste, media consumption, and so on. Really though, it’s a case study in personal growth, and it’s almost like Juiceboxxx is incidental. This book has totally earned the comparisons being made to Chuck Klosterman or Carl Wilson’s Let’s Talk About Love. -LM


A whole mess o’awesome stuff from CCLAP (Chicago Center for Literature and Photography), including but limited to:

New York Stories: Three Volumes in One Collection by Ben Tanzer $14.99

Love Songs of the Revolution by Bronwyn Mauldin $14.99

Wounding Time by Hussein Osman $14.99

Chicago After Dark: A City All Star Student Anthology $14.99

Workers Write: Tales from the Coliseum (Blue Cubicle Press) $10.00 – contains stories and poems from workers in the sports industry, by Marjorie Maddox, Daniel Browne, Matthew Wilson, Bruce Harris & more!

In the Sky by Octave Mirabeau $10.00

Remarkable Courtship of General Tom Thumb SC $16.00

Talk by Linda Rosenkranz $14.95

Symmetry Teacher by Andrei Bitov $15.00

The Unnoticeables by Robert Brockway $24.99

Small Backs of Children by Lidia Yuknavitch $24.99

Love and Other Wounds by Jordan Harper $15.99

Speak: A Novel by Louisa Hall $27.99

Pop Culture-y Books Books

WE DONT NEED ROADS MAKING OF BACK TO FUTURE TRILOGY by Caseen Gaines $17.00 – Don’t miss the author here at Quimby’s on 8/1!

“As If” – The Oral History of Clueless As Told By Amy Heckerling the Cast and the Crew $16.99

Sick In the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy by Judd Apatow $27.00

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari $28.95 – This much-loved comedian, actor and writer worked with a sociologist and collected mass amounts of field data about dating in the modern age in different countries, especially a world filled with social networking technology. Thoughtful and super hilarious, like if school were fun. -LM

Mozos: A Decade Running With the Bulls Of Spain by Bill Hillmann $15.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Feminism Unfinished: A Short Surprising History of American Womens Movements (soft cover edition) by Dorothy Sue Cobble and friends $15.95

Psychoanalysis and Transversality Texts and Interviews 1955-1971 by Felix Guattari etc. (Semiotext[e]) $18.95

The Pitchfork Review #6 Spr 15 $19.96

Monocle vol 9 #85 Jul Aug 15 $12.00

Escapist #2 from the Monocle Special Edition 2015 $18.00

Fool #6 The Fusion Issue $18.00


The Baffler #28 $12.00

Uppercase #26 A Magazine for the Creative and Curious $18.00

Fader #98 Jun Jul 15 $5.99

Wax Poetics #62 $11.99

2600 the Hacker Quarterly vol 32 #2 Sum 15 $6.95

Mass Appeal #56 $9.99

Ugly Things #39 $9.95

Maximumrocknroll #386 Jul 2015 $4.99

Juxtapoz #175 Aug 15 $6.99

Off Grid #8 $8.99

Wire #377 Jul 15 $9.99

Make vol 46 $9.99

Tom Tom Magazine #22 Sum 15 $6.00

Tape Op #108 Jul Aug 15 $4.95

Sneaker Freaker #33 $12.95

Greenfield #1 $8.00

Four Two Nine #5 $12.99

RFD #162 Sum 15 Out for Hire $9.95

Mojo #260 Jul 15 $10.50

Modern Farmer #8 Sum 15 $7.99

Hypebeast #10 $12.00

Skeptical Inquirer vol 39 #4 Jul Aug 15 $5.99

Rolling Thunder #12 Anarchist Journal of Living Dangerously $8.00

Pollen #1 The Idea of Natural History $15.00

Horror Hound #54 Jul Aug 15 $6.99

High Times Sep 15 $5.99

Dissent Sum 15 $10.00

True Crime Special Sum 15 20 All True Murder Cases $11.99
Lit Journals

Lady Churchills Rosebud Wristlet #33 $5.00

Six by Six #32 Out of Cardboard $6.00

Midwestern Gothic #18 Sum 15 $12.00
Kids Books

Fantasy Sports by Sam Bosma (Nobrow Press) $19.95

One Day On Our Blue Planet…In the Savannah by Ella Bailey (Flying Eye) $16.95
Other Stuff

2016 Moleskine planners are here! Some start in 2016, some start now and go through the end of 2016. Various sizes and colors.

Wurlington Bros Build Your Own Chicago/New York/SF/DC Postcards! A restock of old and some new ones too! Plus Memo Books!!! $4.95 each: Rookery Building Blank Memo Book & John Hancock Center Blank Memo Book

TOPPS 2015 WACKY PACKAGES Single Packs for $2.95

More Cards Against Humanity $25.00 – For in-store purchase only.