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Gay Genius

Gay Genius

by Annie Murphy

Published by Sparkplug Comics

144p, full color, 7.5"x9"


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Wow, after a long hard journey, Gay Genius has finally come out, and it's a complete force. It's a queer comics anthology I feel totally honored to be part of and have been raving about to anyone who will listen. Completely QUILTBAG, humming around the theme of history, these comics are as visually lush as they are diverse in style and perspective. It's a vision of queer legacy that both honors and complicates ancestry, identity, community and family, not to mention that the work here also challenges the traditional boundaries of what  (and who) constitutes "comics". Xeric-winning editor Annie Murphy has created a lovely and conversational  rhythm between the direct and abstract narratives of the book. Visual wonders from tons of folks: Kubb E Bear, Harmony Bianca, Sarah Sass Biscarra Dilley, Pam Cameron Snyder, Jackie Davis, Mat Defiler, Samantha Jane Dorsett, uh-me, Sailor Holladay, Elisha Lim, Annie Murphy, Leroi Newbold, Lee Relvas, Adee Roberson, Matt Runkle, Ellery Russian, Clio Reese Sady and Silky Shoemaker. -EF