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Eye of the Majestic Creature TPB

Eye of the Majestic Creature TPB

by Leslie Stein

Published by Fantagraphics Books


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OOTS HA-HOOTS! One of the world's greatest minicomics has finally been collected into a book! Stein's Eye of the Majestic Creature is a world that knows how to go on permanent vacation- it's full of super stoney good ideas, hairbrained schemes, drinking pals that know how to be funny and a super cute and clowny supporting cast of anthropomorphic instruments. It never indulges in total whimsy though: Stein's comic suffers through the hangovers and heartbreaks, and rolls through the dissappointments of the real world. That EotMC is able to be introspective and serious without wallowing or losing it's playfulness is one of the book's triumphs and something not often seen in comics in general. Also, everybody has good names like LarryBear, Marshmallow and Seashell. Stein's characters are true to themselves and each other, their affiinities and absurdities and funky friendships. It's hard to describe why it all works so well- it does, and it's a great comic about being alive. -EF




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