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Orc Stain TPB vol 1

Orc Stain TPB vol 1

by James Stokoe

Published by Image Comics

168p, sick full color, 6.5"x10"


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This series is FUCKED-UP AMAZING.

Stokoe's Orc Stain is sort of like seeing Vaughn Bode do a Cheech Wizard Lord of the Rings comic - ONLY BETTER. It's a totally pustulating, pulsating, festering, fermenting landscape riddled with furious phallicidal orcs, infected wound color gradients, filthy, veiny critter-technology and bodacious 420 babes. The setting of total orc mayhem is built on a bloody, bawdy and perverse economy of chopped n' dried wieners and the constant bloodthirsty upheaval of horde psychology. Stokoe's protagonist orc, One Eye, is a badass safe-cracking renegade whose cavalier ethics and surly genius are the perfect vehicle to pilot into the shitstorm. It's really top notch world-building fantasy, full of indulgent excess and warty detail with brilliantly intoxicating storytelling to match. -EF