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Goddess of War

Goddess of War

by Lauren Weinstein

Published by Picturebox Inc


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“Lauren Weinstein’s follow up to her critically critically and commercially successful graphic novel, Girl Stories. Goddess of War traces the life of the title character, from her majestic beginnings as the best Valkyrie and the great granddaughter of Thor, to her present position as the Goddess. But she’s bored of determining the outcome for all wars on earth. So she leaves her isolated planet of vampires, wolves and volcanoes to visit Earth, where she quits her job being a Goddess to be with her lover, the Apache Chief. This angers her boss, the king of the Gods, and he decides to exact vengeance upon them. Will he succeed in punishing them or will the lovers escape the hand of fate? Goddess of War is based on the character that Weinstein plays in her rock band, Flaming Fire. The story will be told in deluxe, oversized format with both pen and ink and etchings. This is volume one of the continuing adventures of Valkyrie.”