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INSIDE Artzine #12

INSIDE Artzine #12


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More artscum from the black hole. Paintings, (digital) collages, sculptures, stories, interviews, reviews from Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Brasila, Hong Kong.... Art from Chris Mars (USA), Alessandro Bavari (ITA), Monobrain (NL), Chet Zar (USA), Kris Kuksi (USA), John Joseph C. Merrick (GER)..... further info at www.inside-artzine.de.

"The art it displays is downright creepy. Most of it is apocalytic and morphic in theme. All of the artwork makes me want to look away, but I can't. I'm intrigued. This magazine is a must-have for anyone interested in dark, daring political artwork" —PROFANE EXISTENCE

"Without question the best issue of Inside yet. It's stunning, inspiring and thought-provoking work, and the world needs more of it."—PANISCUS REVUE