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After Hours #15 Summer 2007

After Hours #15 Summer 2007

Published by After Hours Press


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A bi-annual journal of Chicago writing and art. This issue: Thomas Patrick Huston, Warhol — Mary-Terese Cozzola, Containers — Patricia McMillen, Morning on Mars, October — Janina Ciezadlo Voices Came to Me in the Storm — Larry Janowski, Public Transportation, Illinois Brood #XIII Hatches — P. Hertel, Live Bait — Ron Offen, Turtle Lake: May, Turtle Lake: July — Steven Schroeder, The missing Gospel — Donna Pucciani, Manhattan Revisited — Charles Rossiter, At the Inaugural Meeting of the We Don’t Need No Stinking Books Book Group — Mary Blinn, How It Goes, Sad as Juliet — Michelle Niemann, St. Boniface Cemetery, Clark St. and Lawrence Ave — Janina Ciezadlo, Skokie River — Andrew Byrne: After Hours Featured Writer - The Forgiveness of Sin — P. Hertel, Staircase, Bog — Anna West, Balseros — Michelle Niemann, Bike Path, Chicago Lakefront, April 7, A. M. — Elizabeth Marino, Parallel Lives — Vojta Saman, untitled — Danny diCrispino, Mehndi Ceremony: To Ensure a Marriage of Fertility — Cherie Caswell Dost, Agora — Paul Freidinger, It’s a Fact — Emily Calvo, Empty Nest — Albert DeGenova, Weathering, The Cold Towing — Steven Hammond, Slasher — Albert DeGenova, Orphaned — Maureen Tolman Flannery, Necromancer — Kristin LaTour, Columbarium — Susan Elbe, The Body’s Mercator — P. Hertel, Hollyhock — Susan Elbe, Laudamus

66 pp, b&w.