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Vacation from Reality

Vacation from Reality

by Anthony Ausgang

Published by 9MM


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“Anthony Ausgang's artwork covers a wide range of expression, from painting on smashed muscle cars to invading other people's paintings with his Toon Existentialism. Ausgang's crew of hopped-up action characters live in a parallel universe where cats are descended from humans and cartoons are documentaries. But sometimes the hand that feeds gets bitten; Ausgang isn't entirely in charge. Morphing toons drive rat rods down an infinite dragstrip while a cat and a landscape switch places. In his world the impossibilities are endless. This book covers two decades of Ausgang's psychedelically influenced Low Brow art. His paintings are included in definitive art collections and have been used as cover art by a wide range of musicians. Shown extensively around the world, Ausgang's art is your ticket to a Vacation From Reality. Softbound, color.”