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Interiorae #1

Interiorae #1

by Gabriella Giandelli

Published by Fantagraphics Books


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A high-rise apartment building in an unnamed European city. Its inhabitants come and go, meet each other, talk, dream, regret, hope... in short, live. A ghostly, shape-shifting anthropomorphic white rabbit roams from apartment to apartment, surveying and keeping track of all this humanity... and at the end of every night, he floats down to the basement where he delivers his report to the "great dark one." Lushly delineated in penciled sepia halftones, this debut "Ignatz" by Gabriella Giandelli offers a hauntingly unique vision and a tantalizingly open-ended beginning to an ongoing series.

32-page 2-color saddlestitched 8 1/2? x 11", with jacket