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Cabinet #43 Forensics

Cabinet #43 Forensics

112p, color, 8"x10"


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  • Leftovers / Arm
    John Baldwin
    The return of Uncle Bud
  • Colors / Umber
    Yara Flores
    Only the shadow knows
  • Ingestion / Alone on Floor with Pile of Buttons
    Mary Cappello
    Chevalier Jackson’s swallowed souvenirs
  • Legend / Cat on Edge
    Wayne Koestenbaum
    The culture of perpetual threshold


  • Blow Up
    Brian Dillon
    Explosive adventures in the air’s uncharted ways
  • Artist Project / Roundabout Vancouver
  • Pale Sun of the Night
    Bernd Brunner
    By the light of the silvery moon
  • Artist Project / Zugunruhe
    Rachel Berwick
  • Our Aesthetic Categories: An Interview with Sianne Ngai
    Adam Jasper and Sianne Ngai
    The cute, the interesting, and the zany
  • Artist Project / Untitled
    Amie Siegel
  • The Hands That Made the Nation
    Yoshikuni Igarashi
    The builders of Japanese industry
  • The Great Cabinet Office Triathlon
    Our winner Alice Tai and her splendid cat, Po


  • Mengele’s Skull
    Thomas Keenan and Eyal Weizman
    From witness to object
  • Osteobiography: An Interview with Clyde Snow
    Eyal Weizman and Clyde Snow
    Forensic anthropology and the law
  • Forensic Machinery
    Alain Pottage
    Not so patently obvious
  • The Freedom of Speech Itself
    Lawrence Abu Hamdan
    A contemporary chronology of forensic listening
  • Tape 342
    Susan Schuppli
    That dangerous supplement
  • Dead Commodities
    Godofredo Pereira
    The trouble with Simón
  • The Similitude of the Wound
    Greg Siegel
    Framing the victim
  • Murky Evidence
    Paulo Tavares
    Environmental forensics in the age of the Anthropocene


  • Postcard / The Smith & Wesson Chest Plates
  • Bookmark / Absorption Spectra of Blood Samples