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Fourth Fog

Fourth Fog

by Chris Daniels

Published by Lilies and Cannonballs Review

250p, b&w, 5"x8"


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"Newlyweds Ben and Tule move to "C" to manage their careers and the makings of a family. But their new home is reeling from recent terror attacks by a group called "The Remove," due to strike again at any moment. Ben gets caught up in living with such a constant threat and can't help but notice small but meaningful signs of mass hysteria all around him. As Tula sinks deeper into her work at a nearby nursing home, Ben withdraws into paranoia and becomes dependent on a mysterious drug known only as "Hal." Meanwhile, the chaos of the outside world is seeping into their home, their haven, and it is not long before Ben and Tula must face an evil far darker than the terrors of man."