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Magic Hours

Magic Hours

by Tom Bissell

Published by Believer Books

304p, b&w, softcover, 5.5"x8.25"


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"In Magic Hours, award-winning essayist Tom Bissell plumbs the depths and scales the heights of the creative process. From the set of The Big Bang Theory to one of David Foster Wallace's last works; from the otherworldly universe of Werner Herzog's films to Tommy Wiseau's simply alien cult film The Room; from Iraq war documentaries to video-game character voices, Bissell asks why people choose to make the things they do and he shows us how they do it with startling insight and biting humor.

What are sitcoms for exactly? Can art be both bad and genius? Why do some books survive and others vanish? Bissell's exploration of these questions makes for gripping, unforgettable reading."