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Wanderings at Deadline

Wanderings at Deadline

by Tim Hawkins

76p, b&w, softcover, 6"x9"


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"The poems of Tim Hawkins range widely in geography, tone and style in search of the extraordinary in the things we take for granted, guided always by the mission of the saint and the lunatic to be both in the moment and apart from it at the same time. While expressing admiration for time-honored values like hard work, skill and fidelity to ideals and individuals, they also exhibit a deep appreciation for the irony and absurdity of existence, yet an unwillingness to submit to a cheap affectation of nihilism. In Wanderings at Deadline, Hawkins takes us on a tour of a landscape recognizable as part natural world and part memory and imagination, where we explore human thought, feeling and action at times resigned to hard truths and at times playful, capricious and inexplicable."