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Sleep of Reason

Sleep of Reason

by Ken Dahl and britt c. h and Savannah Horrocks and Carla Speed McNeil and Randal Milholland and Gabby Schulz

Published by Iron Circus

368p, b&w, 10.1"x6.6"


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The Sleep of Reason is a 368-page black-and-white anthology of horror comics, inspired by likes of Taboo, Uzumaki and Black Hole, that attempts to eschew the well-worn genre tropes and cliche gross-out graphics in favor of newer, fresher nightmare territory. Artists were banned from submitting work about vampires, zombies, and traditional monsters; the results are hit-or-miss, frequently icky, sometimes even emetic (in a good way). There are no garden-variety monsters, but fans of slime-slathered entrails and fungal parasites will not leave disappointed.