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Little White Lies #87

Little White Lies #87

7.75"x9.5", 98p, perfectbound, full color,


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Inside the issue

A review of David Fincher’s Mank: Hannah Woodhead verbally spars with this sumptuous evocation of classic-era Hollywood.

 It’s All True: A Conversation with David Fincher: David Jenkins talks to the master filmmaker about realising a passion project after a 30-year wait.

 The Heroine: Caitlin Quinlan profiles one of our favourite actors working today, Tuppence Middleton.

 F For Fake: On the magic tricks behind selecting costumes to show up on black-and-white film.

The Dreamers: Adam Woodward scours the credits of Citizen Kane for the lost masters of cinema.

Touch of Evil: Charles Bramesco revisits the little-known 1973 TV movie filmed on the MGM lot as it was being bulldozed.

Too Much Johnson: A complete timeline of how we came to collectively worship certain movies in the West, by Lillian Crawford.

The Other Side of the Wind:Matt Thrift celebrates the preservation and curation work done by the UK’s boutique Blu-ray labels.

Threads: The Majorette costume: Christina Newland picks apart the screen iconography of cheerleader garb in all its guises.