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Clamjuice #2

Clamjuice #2

by Dexter Cockburn and Carrie Q. Contrary

Published by Comix Company

5.5"x7.25" (perfect for stickin’ in yer copy of Ms.!), 32p, color cover, b+w inside


Carrie Q. Contrary teams up with The Comix Company's Dexter Cockburn for Clamjuice #2, a sex-soaked romp chock full o' fun comix! Carrie's libido runs wild with her ALL NEW story, "The Kitty Sisters" - a naught tale of furry roleplay, while Dexter weighs in with a brand new 'Adventure Club' story in which our young heroes find themselves lost at sea with nothing to do - well, almost nothing! ;) This issue is presented in '69' format - a la Zap Comix #3 - with the front cover by Carrie & the back cover by Dexter. Remember, kids... ADULTS ONLY!!


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