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If N Oof

If N Oof

by Brian Chippendale

Published by Picturebox Inc


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Picturebox is the Prime Suspect in the case of my missing paycheck, implicated by dropping, like, a million amazing new books on Quimby's simultaneously this week. Shit seriously needs to stop, cause I still gotta pay the rent. Enough whinging about my problems, though, that's really not the point. The point is really that Brian Chippendale has a beautiful, brilliant new 800-page brick of a graphic novel out, this time shedding the winding snakeys for a panel-a-page wheels-within-wheels sci-fi storyboard. Scrapper friends If and Oof go outward and onward through a scintillating, labyrinthian landscape/psychic tangle/war that's prettier than Logan's Run and more crazier than the Illuminatus Trilogy. Actually, It's sorta like the comics equivalent of Pihkal. -EF

800p, b&w, 5.5"x7"