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Inspired Zine Package

Inspired Zine Package

Published by Mark Murphy Design


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Multiple zines and what not in one package, from a "fantastic four" of Mark Todd, Joel Nakamura, Mark Murphy and Tim Mantaoni. This package includes  three NEW 24 page mini zines that are sure to inspire your inner artist. These handsome volumes are shipped as a complete collector's set, printed on heavy cover stock, full color printing and measure 4 1/4" x 6."

Mark Todd pays homage to the comic books that inspire him most. Mark's paintings are widely collected and his "zine" celebrates an iconic view about the mythic superhero. Mark Todd and his wife Esther Pearl Watson co-produced and wrote a book about zines entitled, "Whatcha mean, What's a Zine?" Needless to say, Mark's comic book inspired artwork continues to grow in scope and size.

Mark Murphy delivers  "Tax Me," a colorful explosion of monster scribbles that define the current state of economic affairs. Of course, he really does not want more tax but feels the need to express deep concern for the current state of the US economy with pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic. This zine comes complete with an original drawing on the back cover.   

Joel Nakamura is a gifted painter who loves pursuing his homeland's most valued treasures-Godzilla, Ultraman, Johnny Socko and all of their foes.

Tim Mantoani is currently working on a huge collection of photographer portraits with his "Behind Photographs Project."

Several artists collaborate to deliver, "Ultra." This unique assembly of photography and fine art looks to celebrate heroes from Japan including: Ultraman, Johnny Socko and friends.