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Pictures of You

Pictures of You

by Damen Hurd

Published by Alternative Comics


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Pictures of You is the follow up to acclaimed writer Damon Hurd and laureate artist Tatiana Gills graphic novella of teenage alienation, kinship, and romance A Strange Day. In this prequel, both Miles and Anna experience the changes that shape them into the two misfits who skipped school looking for the latest Cure album, and found what was missing for them both. One year before their chance encounter, Miles and Anna lived parallel lives only a few miles apart. Miles is both jealous and overprotective when Sarah, his best friend since junior high, starts spending more time with her new boyfriend. Annas family is ending in divorce, her only solace is with the boy next door Ethan, a college bound musician who is growing apart from his younger sidekick leaving Annas romantic feelings for him unrequited.