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Future Tense

Future Tense

Published by Pegacorn Press

48p, red and blue inks, 7"x8.5"


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Caroline Paquita has fired up her Risographs for the debut releases from her new Pegacorn Press - her 2012 calendar and this hotttt international comics anthology ominously about """""THE FUTURE"""" or something like it!

Cwazy comics mayhems from Anna Haifischs and James Turek, mythinformation from Al Burian, bird brains from Jo Dery, troubled times from Roby Newton and Mike Taylor, glowing roaches from Kasey Henneman, youtopian visions from Sy Wagon, Paquita's womanimalistic tendancies, bumfuck adventures from Josh Bayer and also a comic I did about a pissy snake at the dollar store. You can't have "Friend Times" without "End Times!"-EF