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by Bret Koontz

54p, b&w, 8.5"x11"


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Nighttimes is certainly one of my favorite comics of the past year. Bret's finally done a reprint, this time with a deluxurious three-color silkscreen cover and at last I can rave about it here. The bulk of the main story "Nighttimes" is a long walk with two far-out freaks on the hunt down for more danger drugs n' love in a bombin' post-apocalypso. The sister story "Born in 2002" is a demonic future flavor that can rival any underground mayhem you could pit it against. It's all rampant mutant youths amuck, certainly with some CF-styled plot features, but decidedly authored with a homebrew brushstroke and extrapolated wih incredible fermented thrift store accessorizing.

I should also note that if you get the chance, it is very much worth flying your jet into town to catch Koontz' live musical stage plays of these very comics. They have been some of the most delightful theater experiences of my life. Always a pleasure, always a thrill. Get this. -EF