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Sauce #1

Sauce #1

48p, b&w, silkscreen cover, 5.5"x6"


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Viscous Styles from a spread of Chicago-New York-Beyond uppencummers....perfect zine to slather on top of your copy of Sammiches!


Multitude condiments from Ben Bertin, Thomas Toye, Ben Marcus, Alison Dubois, Sam Sharpe, Paul Nudd, Grant Reynolds, Krystal DiFronzo, Gabriel Slavitt, Cory Pappalardo, Laura Perez Harris, Simon Allen, Claire Donner, Harris Smith, Austin English, Jo Dery, Ian McDuffie, Krysta Bayer, Kevin Budnik, Clare O'Sullivan, Nick Williams, KJ Martinet, Marlene Frontera and Leah Wishnia.