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Upping The Anti #21 Journal of Theory and Action

Upping The Anti #21 Journal of Theory and Action

5.5"x8.5", 174p, perfect-bound soft cover


Says the publisher: We publish theoretical and critical articles, interviews, and roundtables. Upping the Anti also includes a book review section where activists assess new writing on the Left. “Upping the Anti” refers to our interest in assessing the interwoven tendencies that define the politics of today’s radical left: anti-capitalism, anti-oppression, and anti-imperialism. Although inexact in their proclamations, these positions point toward a radical politics outside of the “party building” exercises of the sectarian left and the dead-end of social democracy. We are interested in stories that reflect these concerns. We publish pieces that actively engage with and intervene in contemporary movement debates. The journal is aimed at people who already define themselves as activists or revolutionaries. Our primary goal is to elaborate and clarify the political strengths and weaknesses of the contemporary politics of anti-capitalism, anti-oppression, and anti-imperialism. We avoid specialist language and academic jargon. We will not publish your school paper.



This issue:



Revolution Postponed

100 Years after the Winnipeg General Strike



Against the Mythologies of the 1969 Criminal Code Reform

An Interview with Gary Kinsman

Ryan Conrad

Visualizing Resistance

The Politics of Art in Radical Anti-Fascist and Indigenous Movements, An Interview with Gord Hill

Devin Clancy



Insurgent Planning and the Rooster Town Blockade

Zachary Dark

The Ground Beneath Our Feet

Commoning In, Against, and Beyond the Mechanisms of Urban Accumulation

Melissa Harrison

Mining Makes This World Possible

Merle Davis Matthews



“The Long Memory is the Most Radical Idea”

Reflections of Organizing from Anti-Globalization to the Climate Crisis

Strike and Reclamation

Building Power in the Fight Against the Corporate University



Rupturing Settler Myths

Review of Andrew Crosby and Jeffrey Monaghan’s Policing Indigenous Movements

Alie Hermanutz

Organizing for Power in a Stolen City

Review of Owen Toews’ book Stolen City

Scott Price

Arcane Activists and Psychical Politics

Review of Erica Lagalisse' Occult Features of Anarchism

Amelia Spedaliere