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Secret Hideaway Coloring Book

Secret Hideaway Coloring Book

by Nathan Hiemstra

8.5"x11", 30p, inside b+w, perfect-bound,


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Publisher says: These secret hideaways are cozy places of delight, fun, relaxation, and wonder.The hideaways are of cabins, treehouses, and boats. They are nestled in woods, near streams and lakes and are furnished with unexpected objects of wonder like parachuting treasures, water slides coming out of trees, and pet clouds. The objects are drawn simply, like I did as a kid.The Story Behind the Drawings: As a kid, I wanted to hide-away from my stepdad. His explosive, unpredictable anger was a cinder block, always above my head. For years, I had recurring dreams of running endlessly or hiding inside walls. These hideaways are places where he could never find me.I draw what I needed as a kid. The cabins, tree houses, woods, shade, and water give me comfort. The parachuting treasures, pet clouds, and other curious objects swell my sense of wonder.The drawings started when I drew my grandparent's house from memory on a whim. It filled me with love and comfort. When I asked myself what else would give me this feeling, I found myself drawing a cabin and dog house in the woods. Because of recovery work, I recognized I was having a conversation with my inner child, whose unrequited needs have often come out sideways. It's healing to acknowledge those needs and provide nurturing, which in this case means listening and responding with drawings. This became the method for creating the secret hideaways. "Okay, it's just you and me. I'm going to draw anything you want. What would give you comfort to see next to this dog house?"When I reach deep into the feelings of that kid, responses are unlocked that I never would have come up with otherwise. "A path going into the woods." "Okay, done. What else?" "Put a door in that tree.""And what's at the top of the tree?""Another door that comes out to a platform. With a hammock. And snacks. And a paper airplane flying by. Towing a cloud." I draw everything he suggests, item by item. There is no plan. I intentionally let this get me into trouble compositionally and thematically. When I forget about where the drawing is going and commit to each item as an authentic resident of this world, it actually makes it easier to find ways out of trouble. In fact, in the middle of trouble is when the most magical suggestions appear.