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Other Side of Town #1 and #2 collected

Other Side of Town #1 and #2 collected

by Alex Delaney



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Other Side of Town is a gritty, sleazy noir story about prostitutes, pimps, henchmen, and a killer. Follow our main character, Rhonda through the back streets of the bad part of town. There is danger lurking around every corner; be it the henchmen of trans pimp Ms. Marion or a new menace, an unknown killer, who fancies himself an abstract artist. This is a comic that revels in its dark atmosphere, with plenty of gruesome moments, sassy mouthed gals, and a vein of black humor running through it. OSOT is very much in the tradition of the independent comics of the 1980's. Take a trip down the dark streets and see what you find. If you're a fan of Grindhouse movies, American Psycho, Maniac, & Sin City you'll feel right at home with this one. This collected edition features an amazing pinup by Benjamin Marra and is 60 pages of raw energy ground into the pulp of print.


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