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Lovers and Neighbors

Lovers and Neighbors

by SB Gamble

perfect-bound soft cover book


In the ugliest building in Chicago’s hottest neighborhood, and the last apartments with affordable rent, the inhabitants are young and struggling to figure out their lives.


Hank is naïve and newly single when he moves into Apartment 3B and finds himself opening up to a mysterious and potentially dangerous woman. One floor above him, Jones's unexpected attraction to her new hot boss leaves her questioning whether salvaging her crumbling relationship with her boyfriend (and his struggling business) is really worth it.


And while Noah in 4A is falling for kind-hearted Isabelle in 3A, his playboy past has other plans and could threaten any chance of true happiness the couple has.


What happens when bricks, plaster, and wood aren’t enough to keep these men and women apart?


What happens when friends become enemies, bosses become conquests, and neighbors become lovers?


In Lovers and Neighbors, their rent is cheap, but the price they pay might just be too high.



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