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Art Schooled by Jamie Coe (Nobrow) $22.95 - Daniel Stope is a small-town guy who dreams of becoming an artist. His enrollment at art school and consequent move to the city opens up a world of exciting possibiles. Unsurprisingly, Daniel struggles with his newfound independence – the difficulties of dating and making new friends in the big smoke. Jamie Coe delivers his first full length graphic novel; an observational narrative on his own experience at art school. Coe critiques the extremes of his environment whilst  painting a funny and a colourful portrait of a pivotal time in a young artists’ life. Art Schooled is an incisive and warm graphic novel that  is resolutely contemporary.

Serial Killers Unite #17 $3.00
Eyesore vol 5 by $3.00
Maximum Tremolo #1 & #2 $2.00 each
Cab Calloway's Hepsters Dictionary $1.00
Bizarrism #13 by Chris Mikul $8.00

Comics & Minis
Moth Invasion by Carolyn Picard (Green Lantern Press) $2.00
(Psychopathetic Freakazoid Presents) Beb and Peanut in Caught by Will Wisniewski $2.00
Cold Crew Halloween Special 2014 by Patrick Dean $7.95

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Zombre #3 by Anais Purins $20.00
Speculative Relationships: A Science Fiction Romance Comics Anthology by Tyrell Cannon and friends $15.00

Peripheral by William Gibson $28.95
Young Woman In a Garden by Delia Sherman (Small Beer Press) $16.00

Tween Hobo: Off the Rails by Alena Smith and Kate Harmer $17.99
The Dead Wrestler Elegies by W. Todd Kaneko (Curbside Splendor) $14.95

Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit (Haymarket) $15.95 - For only a few bucks more than the previous soft cover, you get this nice hardcover updated edition with two new essays.

Artdesk #3 $10.00
Super Market #4 Artist Run Art Magazine $14.00
Skeptical Inquirer vol 38 #6 Nov Dec 14 $4.95
True Crime Oct 14 $8.99
Another Man #19 Fall Win 14 $14.99
Mass Appeal #55 $9.99
Jocks And Nerds Fall 14 $18.99
Maximumrocknroll #378 Nov 14 $4.99
Gay and Lesbian Review Nov Dec 14 $5.95
In These Times Nov 14 $3.50
Harpers Magazine Nov 14 $6.99

Lit Mags & Journals
Normal School vol 7 #2 $7.00
Story #1 1A 1B $8.00
Prelude #1 $14.95
Catamaran Literary Reader vol 2 #3 Sum 14 $10.00
Make #15 Fall 14 Misfits $12.00 - Pieces that that illuminate the misfit: the unconventionally lovable; the lonely prick; the light-hearted rebel; and the refused.


Kids Books
Behold the Dinosaurs and Numerous Non Dinosaurian Contemporaries by Dustin Harbin (Nobrow) $24.95

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New Stuff This Week

Noise in My Head: Voices from the Ugly Australian Underground by Jimi Kritzler (Hozac Books) $55.95 - The Ugly Australian Underground documents the music, songwriting, aesthetics and struggles of fifty of Australia’s most innovative and significant bands and artists currently at the creative peak of their careers. The book is complimented by previously unpublished photographs of all bands interviewed. The Australian underground scene in the last five years has been heralded not only in …

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New Stuff This Week

What Nerve!: Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present by Dan Nadel, Dominic Molon, Roger Brown and Robert Cozzolino (RISD Museum of Art/D.A.P) $40.00 - What Nerve! reveals a hidden history of American figurative painting, sculpture and popular imagery. It documents and/or restages four installations, spaces or happenings, in Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and Providence, which were crucial to the development of figurative art in the United States. Several of the better-known …

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New Stuff This Week

Unicornhole by Kate Lacour $4.00 - Yes, it's exactly what you think. That is, if you think of unicorn horns are sexy.   SLINGSHOTS ARE HERE! 2015 Organizers from the Slingshot Collective in Berkeley, CA are here. Variety of colors, radical history notes for every day, infoshop/radical contact list, suggested radical reading lists, address book/phone number section for all your anarchist friends and even some blank pages for notes.  Pocket size is $6.00, and the large is …

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