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The American Express propaganda machine tells us it's Small Business Saturday. Why not spend it on Gym Boys: Gay Erotic Stories?


How Many Fingers Cover

How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up by Andy Slater $3.00 - Thanks to everybody that came out for this event last week! Andy Slater (below) told it like it is! Slater’s Chick Tract-inspired comic chronicles his experiences as a blind pedestrian enduring harassment from aggressive ableists and the unwanted “help” from busy-body gawkers. The book doubles as a DOs & DON’Ts guide on assisting blind folks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 1.07.35 PM

Romantic Story by Heather Benjamin $15.00 - Heather Benjamin’s new book Romantic Story is comprised of 24 gorgeous new drawings. Her drawings are detailed, elegant and provocative. Seemingly an homage to vintage romance novel cover art intertwined with her own fantastic imagined world. A must have. -CH. Full color gloss cover and b/w newsprint interior, plastic sleeve with sticker!

iTunes Terms and Conditions Part C & D The Unabridged Graphic Adaptation by R. Sikoryak $10.00

Solarium by Kaitlin Kostus $6.00

Spinadoodles: The Sixth Year (Being Myself Is My Treasure) by Sam Spina (Birdcage Bottom) $6.00

Left Empty Book 1 by Alan King & J Vayda $5.00

Ikebana by Yumi Sakugawa (Retrofit) $5.00

Falling, A Dandelion, Upside Down by Victor Edison (Big Ugly Robot) $5.00

Bangs and Beard Diary by Aaaron Whitaker and Melinda Boyce (Birdcage Bottom) $5.00

Magic Whistle vol 3 #1 Jan 16 by Sam Henderson $5.99

Witch's Wager #1 by Jason Young & Nate McDonough $2.00

Crosshatch 34 Cartoonists A Very Simple Game to Drive You Insane by Nate McDonough $1.00 - Lose your mind fully and match the artist to their respective field of crosshatching in the new half size 16 page mini!

Rejected Hammer Thesis by Eric Myers #1 $4.00 & #2 $2.00

Taddle Creek #36 $5.95

Saltwater Snow by Kurt Ankeny $8.00

Blimpakind comics by Talya Modlin $11.00 each: Circling the Pomeroy Abyss, Drinking Buddies, Isles of Amos

Comics by Alexis Cooke: How to Explain Gender Binary ($3.00) How to Feed Depression ($6.00), Brain Weather #1 ($12.00)

FIGHT CLUB 2 #7 by Chuck Palahnuik and Cameron Stewart (Dark Horse) $3.99


What's Your Sign: Girl Cartoonists Talk about Their Sun Signs by Robert Kirby & friends (Ninth Art Press) $10.95

Days: Comics 2011-2012 by Simon Moreton (Avery Hill Publishing) $18.00

Irene vol 6 by Dakota McFadzean (Hic & Hoc) $15.00

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vol 2 Squirrel You Know Its True by Ryan North & Erica Henderson $14.99

Sub by Alexis Cooke $20.00


White Nationalist Skinhead Movement UK and USA 1979-1993 by Robert Forbes & Eddie Stampton (Feral House) $34.95


Century of Progress: A Photographic Tour of the 1933-1934 Chicago Worlds Fair (Midway) $24.95


Expedition: A New Vinyl Audiobook Prequel to Fight Club by Chuck Palahnuik (Rare Bird Books) $30.00

See You In the Morning by Maired Case (Featherproof Books) $13.95

Second Life by Paul Griner (Soft Skull Press) $15.95

Reflections of a Project Girl by Shontay Luna $7.99


Big Book of Kink by Alison Tyler (Cleis Press) $15.95


Girl In a Band by Kim Gordon $14.99 - Now in soft cover!

Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography by Tom Jones (Blue Rider Press) $26.95

Sound Man: A Life Recording Hits with the Rolling Stones by Glyn Johns $16.00


Luke Skywalker Can't Read and Other Geeky Truths by Ryan Britt $16.00

Sadie, Wolf, and Friends by Lisa Carver $14.95 - Hilarious conversations between Lisa Carver and her children. Wolf is a very sweet, Christian, mystical, autistic artist who loves rocks and sheep and being faithful. Sadie is a spitfire cheerleader wealth-plotting new teen who loves math because there's only right or wrong and hates social studies because it's an excuse for other students to say their opinions forever pretending it's a question.


mega dank fractals

Mystery School In Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT by Graham St John, with a foreward by Dennis McKenna (Evolver Editions) $19.95


Cuter Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo $13.95 - How to make 38 new felty funny projects such as Long Torso Mufflers, appliqués & more.


Kinfolk col 18 The Design Issue $18.00

AdBusters #123 vol 24 #1 Jan Feb 16 Aesthetic Terror $12.95

Mojo #265 Dec 15 Elvis Costello $10.99

Paper Win 15 Fandemonium $10.00

True Crime Nov 15 $9.99

Smith Journal #16 $17.99

Vive Le Rock #30 Damned $10.99

Tapas #6 Fall Winter 15 Yummy Yummy Magazine $19.99


Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye vol 1 by Tania Del Rio & Will Staehle $16.95


Cards Against Humanity Third Expansion Pack $10.00

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2015 Holiday Season Hours & Mail Order Info

Quimby's Holiday Hours Wed, Nov 25th, noon-5pm Thurs, Nov 26th CLOSED Thurs, Dec 24th noon-5pm Fri, Dec 25th CLOSED Thurs, Dec 31st, noon-5pm Fri, Jan 1st, 2016 CLOSED Note! For U.S. domestic mail orders, to have your items delivered by 12/24/15, orders must be placed by …

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New Stuff This Week

PPP Zines of Paper Rad: Selections from the Collection of Paul Bright $50.00 Zines Collections of Expression $5.00 We Will Become Strangers $4.00 You Must Always Have a Secret Plan #5 $3.00 Graphic Novels & Comics & Minis Lumberjanes to the MAX $39.99 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen NEMO Trilogy Slipcase (Top Shelf) $39.99 Butter and Blood by Steven Weissman $13.00 Our Expanding Universe by A Robinson (Top Shelf) $19.99 How Many Fingers Am I Holding …

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New Stuff This Week

Found After Dark #1 Addicted to Infidelity $14.99 - This special edition of FOUND Magazine is made in the collage style of the original and jam-packed with finds discovered in dumpsters, left at bus stations, and peeled off of sidewalks from around the world. Finds include desperate and hilarious pleas for hook-ups, sexy to-do lists, and “romantic” notes. More raw than Dirty FOUND, Found After Dark also features delightful illustrations by the infamous Tony Millionaire, the talented …

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New Stuff This Week

New table. #quimbys A photo posted by Quimbys Bookstore (@quimbysbookstore) on Nov 7, 2015 at 11:34am PST *ZINES* Srviv #3 by Jonas Cannon $3.00 Reclaiming Resilience by Veronika Boundless $6.00 Bad Anime vol 8 Why the Board is Very Wrong Issue by Vanessa Barros Andrade $6.00 Records #1 by Ian McDuffie $2.00 Garbage People #1 $2.00 New #zines + #comics at #quimbys A photo posted by Quimbys Bookstore (@quimbysbookstore) on Nov 7, 2015 at 11:43am …

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