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Sell your swag at Quimby's

Do you want to sell your zine at Quimby's? 
Has a new issue of your minicomic come out?

Have a look at our consignment terms & form (you'll need Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free!) and send us 5 copies of the latest issue of your zine/book/comic along with the completed form.

Make sure to complete both columns! Remember to state the retail price on either the form or your publication! We've gone through the trouble of filling out an example consignment form that demonstrates what should be filled in. Click here to view.

If you do not include your contact information and a retail price, we will assume that your book/comic/zine is free and put it in our free area, where it will surely get lost amid the multitude of shiny nightclub postcards and handbills for discounted tarot readings. Don't let that happen. Your work deserves better.

Oh, and if you're willing to put your zine/manifesto/pamphlet on consignment, there is no need to send us a sample copy ahead of your shipment, but consider including both a review copy and a descriptive blurb with your consignment items so we can better hype it for our magalog or website. Also, please be patient if it takes a while to get your item up on the site and/or a review written. We are but a small and overworked staff.