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new stuff 082215


When the Crash Meets Something Solid #13 And I Had to Start Somewhere So I Started Right Here by Gabrielle Congrave $3.00

Hardcore Architecture Photo Zine $8.00

Hardcore Architecture Les Evans Cryptic Slaughter $5.00

Hardcore Architecture Bill Daniel $5.00

KerBloom #115 Jul Aug 15 by Artnoose $2.00


Comics & Minis

32 Drawings by Dylan Jones $7.00

Molasses vols 1 & 2 The Worlds Finest Funny Animal Anthology $5.95 each

Laid To the Bone by Mike Burridge $10.00

Son Of a Glitch by Guillaume Artis $5.00

Time to Decorate Your Squat by Mary Lucile Miller $10.00

Comics Machine #1 by Gene Kannenberg Jr. $3.00


Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

My Wife, the Tinder Spam-bot by Alec Robbins $6.00

So Buttons: Man of Like A Dozen Faces by JOnathan Baylis $20.00



All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews (McSweeneys) $16.00

Anglerfish Comedy Troupe Stories From the Abyss by Colin Fleming (Dzanc Books) $15.95

Rising Stories by Don LePan (Broadview Press) $16.95


Politics & Revolution

Trouble In Paradise by Slavoj Žižek (Melville House) $24.95


Music Books

Underground the Subterranean Culture Of DIY Punk Shows by Daniel Makagon (Microcosm Publishing) $14.95 - Don't miss author Daniel Makagon here at Quimby's on Tues, September 15th at 7pm with Photographers Patrick Houdek and Craig Kamrath!
Smiths FAQ All Thats Left To Know About The Most Important Band of the 1980s by John D. Luerrsen (Backbeat Books) $24.99


DIY Culture

Pedal Zombies: Thirteen Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories by Elly Blue (Microcosm Publishing) $9.95



Naked At Lunch: A Reluctant Nudist’s Adventures In the Clothing-Optional World by Mark Haskell Smith (Grove Press) $25.00



Homegrown Marijuana: Create a Hydroponic Growing System In Your Own Home by Joshua Sheets $24.99

Sex Guides, Culture, Erotica

Bondage Bites 69 Super Short Stories Of Lust and BDSM by Alison Tyler (Cleis) $15.95


Politics & Revolution

Because We Say So by Noam Chomsky (Open City Books) $15.95



The Point #10 Sum 15 What is Travel For $12.00

Harpers Magazine Sep 15 $6.99

Little White Lies #60 Truth and Movies $12.99

Majestic Disorder #5 $18.99

Kinfolk vol 17 Family Issue $18.00

Chap Books, Lit Journals & Poetry

Overtime Hour 37 Something LA by R Dean Johnson (Blue Cubicle Press) $2.00

Rattling Wall #5 $18.95



Other Stuff

TOPPS 2015 30TH Anniversary GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Packs $2.95 each

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New Stuff This Week

The Technological Singularity by Murray Shanahan (MIT Press) $15.95 - The machines are taking over! You best be downloading kung-fu to fight 'em off!   Zines Sub/Verse #1 by Chloe $5.00 Selfish Magazine #2 Just One More $22.00 - Don't miss Selfish #2 release event here at Quimby's on Sept 3rd with publisher Taylor Yates! The Vellum Underground #3 $3.00 - Featuring Quimby's and more! Paramnesia $5.00 Serio #4 Social Justice Zine Based In Chicago by Luz Magdaleno …

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Daniel Makagon Reads From Underground: The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows With Photographers Patrick Houdek and Craig Kamrath 9/15

In Daniel Makagon’s new book Underground: The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows (Microcosm), he writes about DIY punk shows in the USA. The book focuses on the development of a DIY punk touring network, the emergence of punk house shows, and the establishment of volunteer-run community punk show spaces. Makagon describes how DIY punk shows provide opportunities for punks to form communities and enact social and economic alternatives to top down mainstream music industry practices. …

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New Stuff This Week

25 Lives by Lisa Carver $14.95 - 25 of the most unusual people Lisa Carver (Drugs Are Nice, Rollerderby) could find to talk to. A murderess, a serial killer escapee, a millionaire, a nillionaire, an underwater man, a happily untreated schizophrenic, a woman who is like a doll, a tiny man with one eye and hearing aides who finally got treated like a human being only when he crossdressed and more. Zines Lesbian Lexicon 3rd Edition (Pegacorn Press) $5.00 - The Lesbian Lexicon documents words …

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Taylor Yates Reads from and Discusses Issue Two of Selfish 9/3

Selfish is a biannual, mostly memoir magazine that encourages women to share true stories through unabashedly creative means. Issue two, "Just One More," explores the ways in which women grapple with the countless moments that chip away at our innocence, the fluidity of identity, and the sweet futility of resisting change. Featuring the work of 30 contributors, “Just One More” takes readers through experiences of bewilderment, expansion, self-discovery, and more.  “A publication …

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