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Koshka #1

Koshka #1

by Kaitlin Kostus


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Koshka's a new Chicago-centric arts magazine dedicated to Eastern European culture and traditions in the arts. Interviews with Brilliant Pebbles' Monika Bukowska on her high energy Polish-American culture zupa,  filmmaker Rich Szczepanski, Chicago-based Bosnian print amazer Sanya Glisic, Canadian dream team Tin Can Forest, PetPunk Lab, kus!- the beautybeauty Baltic Comics Anthology,  Burtustype.com, and Jonathon Sánchez-Leos on starting a Russian Club at the south side charter school he gym teachered at. Pysanky-ian fabulosity. -EF

40p, b&w with 2-color cover, 5.5"x8.5"


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