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Sten & Lex

Sten & Lex

by Sam McPheeters and Mike Taylor

Published by Drago

42p, color throughout, hardcover, 9.25"x12"


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"Sten & Lex has been published for the occasion of the first official solo show of the two Roman street artists, Sten & Lex. The book and the exhibition represent the official debut of the artists in a traditional gallery setting. The show demonstrates works of the two artists, which focuses attention on their new and innovative approach to the their vision and use of the stencil technique. For Sten & Lex the technique develops in three fundamental ways: the first as a reintroduction of stencil, a method of which Sten, creator of the Hole School, was one of the Italian innovators; the second as applied technically like poster or wheat paste, the preferred medium of Lex; and the third as synthesized with the practice of decollage in the style of Jacques Villegle or Mimmo Rotella. Once the glue dries the final work comes to life, distinguishable by their timeworn appearance and original hand. Together with these new works the book is a collection of photographs of the best works from the couple working in their natural habitat, the street. The street is what characterizes and distinguishes the art of Sten & Lex, it is for this that this book is to be considered a revolution in street art representations. The intention of the book is to maintain a strong connection with the street and with the context that their art was created and in which it lives."



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