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Cryptic Slaughter #25

Cryptic Slaughter #25

by Giovanni


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Review from Microcosm: "It's been a while since the last Cryptic Slaughter (five years!) and this is Giovanni's comeback issue. A contrast to his usual sarcastic, biting wit and criticism, #25 shows Giovanni wandering across the Western Asian expanse locked in nostalgia and self-doubt. Giovanni has been around the world and has a lot to say and what we get are words on Turkish media, zine libraries, travel food, tea-drinking, trains, and much, much more. We also get a stripped-down history of Giovanni's life, from his fallout with the punk scene, to endless world-travels, to his current re-commitment to zine-making. Despite Giovanni's ongoing hatred of quote unquote per-zines, he has made a great one here that is equal parts education, entertainment, and soul-searching. Welcome back, Giovanni. You were most definitely missed..."

24p, b&w, 5.5"x8.5"