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Stop Requested

Stop Requested

by Wyatt Doyle

Published by New Texture


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"Public transportation is a great equalizer. No matter who you are or what circumstances put you there, you're on the bus. And in Los Angeles-a city obsessed with status, image and the car you drive-when you're *on the bus*, you're *really* on the bus. But just because it's no place to meet movie stars doesn't mean there's any shortage of memorable characters among the lost, the delusional, the disenfranchised and the drunk. These aren't merely people who ride the buses, they're people you might never get to meet anywhere else. Wyatt Doyle's naked city stories of the less glamorous side of Tinseltown are shot through with comedy, tragedy, mystery, action, drama-even the occasional musical number. Profusely illustrated with surreal, biting images by Stanley J. Zappa, STOP REQUESTED delivers street-level tales of bizarre encounters, faded dreams, mental illness and heavy traffic."

142p, b&w, 6"x9"