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City Hunter Magazine #1

City Hunter Magazine #1

by CF

Published by Picturebox Inc


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Have you played City Connection for NES? In it, you are a sports car that has to drive every inch of a three layer road in 10 different cities, while avoiding the cops. City Hunter Magazine #1 is similar. It's a comic/zine in 8-bit form, a linear journey leaping off its grid. Main Dice moves through the city full of all the weird details and clues of an old school arcade game, pixels softened out by pencil, like the kid comics included in Brian Chippendale's Ninja. Some things have uses. Some uses are unknown. Some things are useless, but they are still there anyway. The imagined edge of chance and violence gets breached by implication. "Editorials" use a stilted language to conjure urban roughness with no poetic names. It's LA, it's Phoenix, it's Jersey City, it's Providence, it's White Sands, it's a newspaper from New York in the '79. -EF  

30p, b&w with 8p of full color, 5.5"x8.5"