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Goat Girl #1

Goat Girl #1

by Archangelo Crelencia, Ernest J Ramon and Leda Zawacki

Published by ELK Press


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The three stories in Goat Girl take you some bizarro places...from miniature Hitlers who love to fuck each other, to a sci-fi space mouse epic drawn with the gusto of Milk n' Cheese, to a girl gang of Red Riding Hoodlums. One of the most interesting pieces is Zawacki's Tales-From-Da-Crypt style horror comic "Monster in the Mansion" which pairs unbelievably pulpy prose with a Barcelona-street-art drawing aesthetic. Her one-pager "Underwear Archeologist" is my favoite part of the issue - it's got a nice snappy cuteness, sorta like what Dame Darcy pulls off. Weird stuff. -EF

32p, b&w with color cover, 6.5"x10.5"