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Crooked Teeth #5

Crooked Teeth #5

by Nate Doyle


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This latest issue of Crooked Teeth sees the series binding its energy to narrative structures tighter than ever before. Nate splits the issue between his sword-and-sorcery fantasy serial "Bowl of Flies" and a new piece "Miriam and Everett". Bowl of Flies is starting to gather some steam here and the drawings have this hairy, inky, pouty, antsy energy - like if you put them in a rock tumbler for a few hours they'd come out with a Paul Pope spit shine- but I like the house-show rawness that they have as they are, and in this piece the roughness means something. Raw vibrancy is definately part of the impulse behind "Miriam and Everett" which takes some Los Bros. flavored elements - Miriam is a delinquent punk from Mexico and Everett is a scrawny mechanic with a Black Flag shirt - and gives us glimmers of a grand story arc to come. -EF

16p, b&w, 5.5"x8.5"