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Blindspot #1

Blindspot #1

by Joseph Remnant


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This is the first I've seen of Joseph Remnant's comics, and they remind me A LOT of one of my very favorite cartoonists ever, Dori Seda. The drawing is in this similar Crumb-y hatched sketchbook realizzm, the farce is over-the-top misanthropic, there's even a busting-outta-the-panel meta comic on the back cover. Of course, Joseph doesn't work at Last Gasp or insinuate that he's fucking his pet dog, and he doesn't seem prone to ramdages of wildness, but he's got other stuff going for him and his Pekarian existence in L.A., so trust me with this, okay? -EF 32p, b&w with color cover, 6.5"x10.5"

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