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These Yams Are Delcious

These Yams Are Delcious

by Sam Sharpe


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Sam is really good at making really funny comics. His collections of one-panel gags Poo, Poop and Boobs are irreverent and snappy. These Yams Are Delicious is a longer comedy that still sets off the Laff-O-Meter while doing some subtler stuff. The mini is built around skewering self-indulgent reflection: Sharpe has lined up a steady steam of non-sequitors to crash his pity party. The end result is funny, honest and thwarts the doldrums - instead of totally discrediting and dismissing contemplation, the gags make it a viable stage to talk about ego, success and rapid cultural change. Nice. -EF

26p, b&w, 6.75"x8.5