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Mould Map #1

Mould Map #1

Published by Landfill Editions


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This oversize anthology of flourescent risograph duotone onepagers (what does that mean again?) was one of my favorite books that I picked up at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest this winter. Landfill is putting out some exceptional stuff- here we've got comics from Jonathan Chandler, Massimiliano Bomba, Daniel Brereton, Matthew Thurber, C.F., Brenna Murphy, Colin Henderson, Matthew Lock, Jason Traeger, Drew Beckmeyer, Stéphane Prigent, Kitty Clark, Lando, Aidan Koch & Leon Sadler with beautiful cover paintings from Jason Traeger. The one-page stories sometimes leave me hungry for more, but it all adds up to a cohesive whole from another dimension. -EF

16p, duotone: flourescent orange-pink and navy blue, 12"x16", numbered edition of 1000

It's big, so depending on your order, we may need to charge you extra postage, 'kay?