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False Flag

False Flag

by Jonas Delabord and Hendrik Hegray

Published by Picturebox Inc


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The fresh toxic ink fumes coming off this beefyfrenchburger art 'thology are quite possibly getting me high. The work here is not half bad either: the representational stuff breaking down into surreal and/or abstract spacescapes and the abstractions harnessing themselves onto trippy physicality. I mean, maybe I'm just seeing shit, but that's what it seems like. Good work from all these folks: Hendrik Hegray, Jonas Delaborde, James Ferraro, Roope Eronen, Antoine Marquis, Dennis Tyfus, Robert Beatty, King Terry, Massimiliano Bomba, C.F., Dewar & Gicquel, Andres Ramirez and Stéphane Prigent...is that a boy's club or what?

88p, b&w with 16p glossy duotone King Terry zine insert, 8"x12"