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Comics Journal #301

Comics Journal #301

Published by Fantagraphics Books

624p, b&w with color, 7"x8.5"


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For those of you who think there aren't any men out there making fantastic comics, this sooper-special "Men In Comics" issue of TCJ is here to prove you wrong! In over 600 pages of interviews, portfolios and critical thought TCJ#301 gives a great picture of how men are shaping the contemporary landscape of comics. Examinations and illuminations on/with/from: R.Crumb, Joe Sacco, Al Jaffee, Michael Kupperman, Jim Woodring, Tim Hensley, Stephen Dixon, Brian Chippendale, Yoshiro Tatsumi, Eddie Campbell and David Sim. Also an article on the history and impact of racist caricatures in cartoons and comics. -EF