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by JonOne and Mai Lucas

Published by Drago


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Maï/JonOne, the 16th book of the "36 Chambers" collection by DRAGO, was put together by the creative couple JonOne and Maï Lucas. In this book the artist, a old school graphic designer, was only allowed to work in black and white and one other color, choosing inspiration from the photographs of his wife, Maï Lucas. She instead choose to photograph the Afro American and hispanic youth that live life following and creating the style and the hip hop culture in all of its natural vitality. The book is a new "West Side Story".  It is the New York of Maï Lucas.
JonOne grew up in Washington Heights, New York and is today a central artistic figure on the streets of Paris and around the world. In June and July alone JonOne has exhibitions in Shanghai and in Paris, at the Fondation di Cartier, as well as two exhibitions in New York. JonOne’s style is an innovation for street art. He is famous for working outside conventions and not following the “rules” of graffiti. Evolving from his early days tagging the streets of New York his style now goes beyond the traditional codes of graffiti and finds its roots in American abstract expressionism.
His wife Maï Lucas grew up in Paris where she began her career as a photographer. Her exciting and multi-dimensional photos of urban culture capture the unique and glamorous attitude of the streets. It was in New York that JonOne met Maï and since then they have been living and working between New York and Paris and influencing and inspiring each other and their work.