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Artist Music Journals

Artist Music Journals

by Jason Yates

Published by Soundscreen Design


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Artist Music Journals - Edition 01 Jason Yates

Jason Yates is an LA-based artist whose work involves individually handmade rock posters, latch hook rugs, novelty stickers, and controlled substances. Yates’ broad range of aesthetic expression allowed him to create a truly original and inspiring Artist Music Journal. Known for his Fast Friends Inc. body of work, Yates is currently showing at Circus Gallery in LA.

- This release is very limited, only 1,000 copies pressed.

- 24 page, saddle-stitched art ‘zine representing the artist’s connection to music.

- Printed on thick stock and encased in a 10″ record jacket.

- Letter-pressed sticker featuring the artist’s signature enclosing the jacket.

- Each sticker hand-numbered