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Mail Order Monsters

Mail Order Monsters

by Kathy Grayson (ed)

Published by Picturebox Inc


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This spectacular exploration of new trends in "fucked-up figuration" is the unconventional exhibition catalogue for Mail Order Monsters, the international traveling show put together by Kathy Grayson of New York's Deitch Projects. Bound in a wrap-around portfolio printed with artwork by Taylor McKimens and Ben Jones, it collects 20 frame-ready prints by McKimens, Jones, Mat Brinkman, Ry Fyan, Tomoo Gokita, Joe Grillo, Evan Gruzis, Eddie Martinez, Dan McCarthy, Takeshi Murata, Aurel Schmidt, Francine Spiegel and Dennis Tyfus, as well as a 26-page bound booklet with essay (and riveting source images) by Grayson, who writes, "Every generation has its unique take on the figure and the freshest figurative art right now seems to portray the figure this way: broken, exploded, uncanny and monstrous! While the art world at large is experiencing a festival of "fractured figures," this exhibition focuses on the younger generation of monsters bred out of our strange and unique, culturally dysphoric, fucked-up NOW."