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Souvlaki Circus

Souvlaki Circus

by Michelangelo Setola and Amanda Vahamaki


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Finnish artist Amanda Vähämäki and Italian artist Michelangelo Setola have created the enigmatic Souvlaki Circus, a series of pencil drawings that weave a patchwork narrative of metaphoric truths about humans and nature. These two very different artists have created a seamless work of art, though their only discussion during this blind collaboration was to agree on a theme of animals. Vähämäki and Setola have tapped into deep and often unsettling imagery to forge a nighttime world that vividly illustrates how the differences between human and beast are often as thin as the artists’ delicate pencil strokes.

80pp. 5 1/4 x 6 1/4 in. B&W, Cloth flexi-bound.